Friday, September 01, 2006

Random conversations with the kiddoes

The other day when the girls and I walked with the double stroller to pick Anakin up from school, he immediately noticed the miniature pink Care Bears in their hands. The ensuing conversation:

A: Where did you get those??
CB: We got them at Burger King.
A: You went to Burger King without me?? That's not fair!
Me: Well,. A, you're in school at lunch time.
A: You shouldn't go without me.
CB: We went to Sean's this morning to play!
A, with fingers in ears: Don't tell me fun things you do without me!
Me: Do you expect us to stay home and twiddle our thumbs all day because you're in school?
A: Yes. There's nothing fun at school.
Me: Well, A., that's your job now, to go to school and learn lots of stuff.

Growing up can be the pits!

Care Bear after her bath this morning: I'm freezing cold!
Me: That's why we wipe off your skin with a towel, because wet skin makes you feel cold.
CB: No, that's not the way it goes - I read about it in a big book!
Me: Well, let's put on your clothes and you'll feel warmer.
CB: No, not those. I need jeans and long sleeves!

Summer has gone and fall has come very quickly. I went and got the gift I was going to give her tomorrow. She's so excited - she says the pants look like cotton candy!

Feisty is just being feisty - nothing profound today, just every day conversation with a bit of screeching mixed in. I did call her "Scooter Wooter," and she corrected me with her real name (which I can't say!)

Ooops, I spoke to soon - she just hollered down here to me, "I'm too little for this!" I decided I'd better check to see what that meant. She had dragged out the box of 48 granola bars from Sam's that I hadn't opened yet and was trying to get one to eat. They're quite independent today! Earlier they got the Goldfish crackers from the high cupboard, with the help of a chair.

In the tub CB asked me: Grandma, when were you little?
Me: Well, CB, 55 years ago I was your age! ( See previous post celebrating her 4th birthday)

Yikes! Reality check there.

They've admired their combed hair in the mirror and now we're off to the library for story time - we'll be late if I don't hush. Have a great long week-end!


Kristen said...

Aren't my kids great?!

Nikkie said...

Conversations with kids can be so amusing! I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Kathleen Marie said...

It sounds like you keep very busy. My granddaughter is just a wee babe but I sure look forward to more fascinating conversations. Nowadays we just coo back and forth to each other but she understands everything I say -- coocoo or not!

Barb said...

And this is exactly why when a grownup shows up on my scene and I can have an adult conversation, I'm so happy I slobber all over them!

Cameron hasn't said his first word yet but I have to admit I can't wait for him to start talking just so we can have conversations like the ones you had today. We're very blessed to be surrounded with these little people we love so much. You're a little more blessed than me right now though. :-)

Pamela said...

Oh Dawn, how precious, that little CB is just so cute..."you shouldn't do fun things without me" *smile* Grandkids are just priceless, a true gift from God. I love having my new little grand baby Ben and now Renee is due again in Feb. :)

Tammy said...

What a fun post! Those conversations sounded so much like the ones I hear all the time!

I scrolled down and saw the picture...that is so precious!

Grafted Branch said...

I think kid conversations are among my favorite posts to read...thanks for remembering those adorable dialogs.

Now, will you please feel those poor children?! They are clearly starving to death.

MugwumpMom said...

Aaahhh. I love reading dialogue between kids and adults..they say the cutest things. Not like's more like "yo, ma" or "grunt"
Have a wonderful holiday weekend

MugwumpMom said...

Good morning Dawn,
Thank you...again...for your encouraging words.
My testimony is in a blog called You can get to it from my links...go to MyHealingPages and into begins in May 2006 with a post called Eirene Means Peaces and ends in June with a post called Today. took me about a month to post it..I did it daily. So, happy reading!!
I would recommend everyone start a separate testimony blog. Everyone has a God glorifying story to tell!!

Linda said...

Sounds like fun Dawn. Both of my daughters-in-law are stay at home Moms so I don't do a whole lot of babysitting. But it is fun when I do. Somehow the things that were such a big deal when my own children were little just aren't any more. I am so much more relaxed. You are being a wonderful grandmother. Stars in your crown!
Have a fun weekend.

Danielle said...

Kids are so cute! You sound like a wonderful grandma! Thank you, by the way, for continuing to read my blog. I hope you will post when the folks from Rwanda visit your church. What a blessing! Thank you and God Bless, Dawn!

Maggie Ann said...

Dawn, you sound like a wonderful Grandma! How much fun you must have....=)

lori said...

I have three grandchildren of my own. I so enjoy each one of them.