Tuesday, January 23, 2007

100th Post Becomes 103rd - #41-60

I feel like I need to finish what I started, but it's getting long! I hope you're not getting bored. If so, please let me know and I'll stop this "all about me" series. It's been fun for me to go back down memory lane, and it's definitely bringing up some ideas for future posts.

41. An addendum to my fear of heights - for some reason on a trip to Six Flags Elitch's in Denver, I decided to face my height fear head on. I looked up at the Tower of Doom and decided to prove to myself that I could survive it. Probably one of the worst possible rides ever invented. But I did it! My kids could NOT believe it. Neither could I.

42. I also said that my dad "left the ministry for two years." He supplied in pulpits around Minnesota for at least 50 of those 200 Sundays and we got to go with him many of those week-ends and meet many new and fun people.

43. I took a typing class during these two years. I learned that it was something I was really good at. Another girl and I became rivals and each reached 72 words per minute on old-fashioned upright manual typewriters.

44. I type in my head all the time. It enabled me to keep up my speed, even though I didn't type much in the years I stayed home with my kids. I typed 90 wpm on a computer when I tested for a job after years of not working - even though it is an annoying habit, it was good for something!

45. I also add and subtract numbers on license plates. I know, I'm weird! But it also keeps up my math skills.

46. The typing came in handy in college. I didn't really enjoy babysitting for spending money, so I typed papers for guys. I also made a lot of good friends that way.

47. It was during this period that I didn't care how tall I was - I wore 3 inch spikes most Sundays, which made me 6 feet tall and about ruined my feet.

48. I also liked to wear hats - I had one bowler hat for Easter, which caused the young boys to called me Abraham Lincoln.

49. I also had a green coat and was called "Jolly Green Giant."

50. For some reason I didn't let these things bother me. I thought I should have a complex, though, so I read a book called For Tall Girls Only. One suggestion - when someone asks you "how's the weather up there?" just spit in their face and say, "It's raining." That just cracked me up. I never really tried it.

51. We moved to Nebraska the summer before my junior year. I have blogged about my time there as editor of the school newspaper and all of the great experiences that provided.

52. We had a great youth group in this church.

53. My brother became the director of the youth choir. We had fun going to smaller churches and singing.

54. We planned our own lessons for youth group and planned our own banquets. That was before youth pastors.

55. My sister and I discovered we were two of only 4 girls in the whole high school who didn't belong to pep club.

56. We couldn't afford it that year, but we went to every game anyway.

57. We won the state tournament in basketball and had to sit with our parents!

58. We figured out a way to belong the next year, and it was great fun.

59. I was only there for junior and senior years, yet I am still in close contact with 2 of my friends from that time - I talked to both of them today.

60. Even though I loved this high school, I could hardly wait to get to college.



Pamela said...

Dawn, just loved reading and learning new bits and pieces about you. It is not boring at all. I was laughing so hard about your joke and learning to spit on people when they ask "how is the weather up there" It's raining! lol

Your family sounded wonderful, very close and always enduring what may have fallen before your path with love and determination.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my word, I think Blogger's finally going to let me comment! I was just about to give up and email you my comments. I've been having trouble commenting on some blogs again. Dratted Demon Blogger!

I for one am having a blast reading your 100 things. When you get them all done you should paste them into one post and then put a link in your sidebar to it.

I've been doing some blogkeeping and rearranging. I finally got a new post up but I was beginning to wonder. Blogger was running so slow (or my computer was!) that I just saved it as a draft and shut down my computer then restarted it. It's running faster now, for the timebeing anyway.

Carry on with the rest of your 100 things, Dawn. I'm looking forward to the next installment. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dawn! You never bore us! Keep 'em coming!

#50 cracked me up!

Wish I could wear hats-my face is to big to cover up my hair! Not a hat person here...but wish I could wear them.

You add and subtract license plates? WOW! With the typing you do in your head AND the formulating of license plates...when do you relax! ;)

I love these 100 things about you--don't stop!

Now--I have to post this anonymously--as Blogger isn't allowing me to post in with my account since I changed over to the new blogger. GRR!!! I keep trying though. Maybe one day! A girl can dream--can't she?!?!?


Anonymous said...

I started laughing so hard when I read #50 that Bill came in to see what that was about. I don't have to tell you how much I related to the spike heels, the hat, and the "Jolly Green Giant" !
I loved the "spit in their face thing", but I (like you ) would never have tried this!
Too funny!!
Waiting for your next installment!

Anonymous said...

I am not getting tired of it! I just really enjoy it so much. What a wonderful way to learn about someone! Hugs!

Anonymous said...


I never let shortness bother me, and I too used to wear the uncomfortable very tall shoes...so I could look over the high teller windows at the bank...I still stand on my tippie toes.

Tall is cool too so why shouldn't you flaunt your height...take it from a shortie...I sure would

Anonymous said...

I'm short, you are tall
I used to wear tall heels...you used to wear tall heels
I used to wear hats...you used to wear hats

Short or tall...no matter...someone always has something to say...giant for you, munchkin for me...no bother

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed reading about you! It's been fun!

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you remember who your Mineral Wells friends were.

PEA said...

LOL I'm still laughing out loud at the "How's the weather up there" suggested answer!! hehe Too funny! Oh no, this is not boring me at all, it's fun to find out so many neat things about you:-) I'm 5'3" and always wanted to be much taller but I guess no matter what height, someone would think up a name to call you! Sigh!

Maine Mom said...

These posts are not boring at all!
LOL on the advice to spit on someone asking about the weather. I couldn't picture you actually doing that.

Tammy said...

This is so much fun, Dawn! I love these facinating facts!
I agree with Pamela...your family sounds like they were so close-knit and caring.
And I think that's wonderful that you still have two close friends from high school. Those kinds of friends are so special!
Oh- and thank you for the sweet birthday wishes! :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Nice to meet you.
I saw your comment on another blogs' comment section and wanted to drop by for a visit to see whatcha all had.

I can't believe another Coloradoan!! I was raised in Colorado, lived there for over 40 years; hubby was born in the Springs....we retired to AZ and got bored with the dry arid desert and relocated to the Coast of Texas now--- I still have family in Arvada, Montrose and Greeley and Windsor --went to CSU

Wow, someone from Colorado. How fun for me.

Okay, now that I'm done gabbing, I wanna continue perusing your blog if you don't mind...

Happy Thursday

Anonymous said...

The Tower of Doom, in my opinion, is much worse than any roller coaster...and to this day I can't believe you did that.

I've never seen you in a hat; never knew you liked them. And you in spiked heels? I'd love to see that.

Dawn said...

I have pictures which I will scan and post in the future - especially the red bowler hat with blue band, navy and white dress, and red/white/blue spikes - which led to my being dubbed Abe Lincoln.

Linda said...

You are doing a great job with this Dawn. I love it all. I'm proud of you for not worrying about what other people said!! It's funny - everything is relative. I always used to feel like a giant (at my tallest I was 5'4" - I am now barely 5'3") because my mother and all my aunts are all under five feet tall. I used to tower over all of them and felt so awkward!
Can't wait to read more.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

The "hows the weather up there? raining while spitting in their face" - being 5'10" this cracked me up! Not that I would do it either, but strangers come up to me in the grocery store to ask help with the top shelf items....

Anonymous said...

My fear of heights is awful. At Elitches, yep same place, I made the mistake of getting on one of those gondola things that goes out over the whole park. I don't know what on earth I was thinking but it's a good thing Mandy was with me. I completely panicked and she held my hand until we were on the ground again.

My high school didn't have a pep club at all. So I got together with two friends and we formed one. Eighty girls joined! What fun.