Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Breaking News!

If you have read me long, you know that I began this blog journey at the encouragement (or arm-twisting) of my my daughter, Kristen. She introduced me to Diane, who calls herself Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals. Diane and I soon became soul mates through cyberspace because of shared experiences with our prodigal sons. Simultaneously, and with God's timing, our prodigal was returning from Teen Challenge as a changed, redeemed, delivered being by God's grace and power. Diane threw a big "Welcome Home" party and my love affair with blogging began with a bang, with new friendships all over the world, with women I will never meet who pray together and rejoice together.

I haven't spoken in specifics about Kevin's situation, because I didn't feel it was my place to do so. You just know that we have have some hard times. Kristen and I shared our struggle with her anorexia a couple of weeks ago. Now Kevin is going to share his journey through, and I emphasize THROUGH, heroine addiction. I am so thrilled to be able to share this with all of you, and pray that it will reach the right eyes. He will be guest blogging from his wife's site. I will then counter with my version of the story.

Please join us for this journey. He will probably post once a week, and I'll keep you updated on when. Please let anyone know about this who is struggling with addiction, and is willing to read someone's story of struggle and victory. Please pray that Kevin and I will say the right words at the right time.

Thank you.


PEA said...

I certainly do look forward to reading both your versions...it's so wonderful to know that after all he's been through, he's still with us to be able to share his experience! Hugs xox

Kristen said...

Looking forward to reading his account. And yours.

Morning Glory said...

I'm sure his story will touch the heart of someone who needs it.

Susie said...

I'm looking forward to this story Dawn. I know that it will touch so many of your readers.

kpjara said...

What an incredible event. I can't wait to read about HIS version of his victory in this battle.

I know these stories are often catalysts for others walking through the same or similar situations.

BTW...How was the change at work? day two?

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Isn't God amazing!


Barb said...

He's off to a wonderful start, Dawn. And what a nice looking young man he is. They're a beautiful couple.

I imagine there were times when you thought you were in the very pits of hell as your children were going through these struggles. Look at them now. I can't begin to imagine how very proud of them you must be.

As parents, we'd give anything to keep our children from having to suffer like they did. But in spite of all the sorrow you all experienced, look at them now. Stronger than ever!

Linda said...

I know that sharing your's and Kristen's story was - and will continue to be - an encouragement to many. I'm looking forward to Kevin's story. You are so gracious to share what had to have been such terribly difficult times. Knowing the "rest of the story" - that the Lord delivered Kevin makes it so exciting.
My packed boxes are still sitting in the sunroom and the vacant kitchen of what used to be my parent's apartment. I hesitate to unpack, although a friend said that if I did we'd probably get a buyer. I'm not sure it's worth taking the chance :) I'm getting pretty tired of this bare naked house though.

Danielle said...

Dawn - I love the way you are allowing God to use you. Thank you thank you from one mother of a son to another for posting your TRUTH. God's TRUTH.

Praises to Him for you and Diane. And for your son Kevin and for our Great Redeemer!

Anonymous said...

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