Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Didja Ever Feel Like Runnin' Away from Home??

Kristen was a feisty little kid - she's getting alot of pay-back now. I found this picture recently and found it much more amusing now than I did when she was not quite 5 and was so upset with me for some reason that she packed her little brown dolly suitcase, carried a few more things that didn't fit (I can identify her robe that I had made her), and headed out the door. Thank goodness she didn't leave the cul de sac. You can double click to see more detail - it's pretty old and grainy! Don't you just love how her hair is so light that it blends in with the sidewalk?? (Notice that it was garbage day?)

This week I'm kind of feeling like she did that day - like I want to pack up, take off, and leave no forwarding address. Mind if a whine a bit?

Nothing serious - just incredibly annoying.

1. The light/fan above the table - the fan wouldn't turn off - and it wasn't warm enough to need the fan.

2. The light under the cupboards that I have had for close to 30 years started flashing off and on. It is not a simple matter of changing the bulb. I REALLY miss it.

3. Both light bulbs in my little office burned out the same day - I know, nothing in the grand scheme of things, but just ridiculous.

4. My cell phone is acting very weird - I keep having to mess with the SIM card and the battery to make it work.

5. My tires on my car are shot .

6. The amount I was quoted for the surgery turned out to be only for the surgery center - it doesn't count the original doctor's visit, the surgeon's bill, the anesthesiologist - I hope that's all.

7. I finally got to the dentist, after working with insurance for months - turns out there's some serious work ahead after years of clear check-ups. Changing dentists is traumatic without the new one finding much more stuff than the previous one.

8. Our grandfather clock has not worked for awhile. We finally got a clock expert who attends our church to come over and take the works for an overhaul - much more expensive than I dreamed.

9. My dishwasher is full of clean dishes that I can't get out - the door latch broke as I tried to open it Sunday morning. Now I'm doing dishes by hand with this left arm I'm not supposed to get wet. I have a fix-it man (also from church) coming over tomorrow to see if he has to order parts and how long it might be before it is usable again.

Good grief! I'm glad none of this is more important than it is, but it's the accumulation, you know?

The good news - only 3 more days till the stitches come out. YAY!!

Recently I went back and read some old posts and discovered something about myself. I used to do more writing. Now I do more picture-showing. My blog has become a journal/diary of my daily life. I sometimes wish I had more cogent thoughts in my brain to put down here, for your inspiration. Maybe I should take a blogging break and let some thoughts develop. But I don't think I will. Hope you don't mind!

The holiday week-end was enjoyable, even if very soggy and gray. We had our annual picnic at my folks' place, though inside this year. My youngest brother (the really tall one), my SIL, and West Point cadet nephew always come for the Bolder Boulder on Monday. David, the cadet, turned out to be just as great with the girls as his younger brother was during the big birthday event.

He is so incredibly strong and fit that he was able to do push-ups with both big girls on his back.

Just a couple more fun pictures - Feisty was getting dressed the other day and was wearing these cute little tiny Levis. She pointed out the leather patch on the back waistband and said, "I like wearing these jeans because they make me feel like a grown-up."

Katie is finally walking more - she was really showing off at the get-together on Sunday. She was so proud of herself. What is really fun is that she and Emma clap for each other whenever they do anything to be proud of. Emma was pushing this toy around the family room the other day - she found one of Kev's shoes that was with a bunch of stuff I'm sending him - she pushed it around all over the room - so cute.

It won't be long until they'll both be running us more ragged than they are now!

Tomorrow is Care Bear's field day at school - it's fun to watch her run like the wind with her hair flying behind. She's very athletic. Feisty's last day of preschool is Thursday. Then - YIKES!

My parents are flying to Ohio today to visit my dad's youngest brother, who is going to be heading to heaven soon after so many years of suffering. We totally understand their reasoning for going, but are concerned about Dad's ability to handle the trip physically. At least he was finally convinced not to drive and take a long side trip on the way back. Please pray for their health and safe travel. Thanks again.

To end on a really positive note, I found this great quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson in my devotions one day this week.

"You cannot do a kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon it will be too late."

Good food for thought.

Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

True to the forecast, it didn't get much above 50 degrees today, and will be cooler tomorrow. What a crazy place!

It's rather difficult to type at my usual speed with this rig on my wrist. But I am very happy to say that I have not had any need for pain meds from the procedure. I will have stitches removed in another week. Let's hope that's the last of the nasty cyst. The surgeon said it was unusually large. Apparently there was an artery that had become entwined in the cyst, which required quite a bit more work, and ended up with it being severed and tied off. I of course was unable to hear this explanation to DC by the surgeon, so am anxious to talk to him about it when I go back for the follow-up.

I was a bit concerned about carrying the girlies and changing diapers, but I was able to manage it today. I have to say that Miss Katie Bug is becoming quite the goofball. Their personalities are just blossoming lately.

I could hear Emma saying "STUCK!"

They even do things exactly alike when they're sleeping.

Last Saturday we celebrated Feisty's 5th birthday at the zoo. It turned out to be a beautiful day and the littles were so good. As were the big girls. I found this picture taken a year ago when we went - the babes were only a bit over 3 months old.

What a difference a year makes!

The girls' other grandpa got to come with us - he pulled the big girls in a wagon, and he took lots of pictures.

He and Kristen took the train ride.

The fun part of going to the zoo in the early spring is that there are cute little babies besides ours!

Come on down, you can do it!

The beautifully colored tucan --

and the gorgeous peacock ---

and the purely pink flamingos --

and the very unattractive vulture!

We didn't make it to the lions, orangatans, tigers this year - we ran out of energy and time. But my favorite thing this year was taking note of the oddities that God created - what a great sense of humor and variety He has!

And this guy, who looks like he got in on the tail end of the zebra line and only got partly done.

I am so thankful that Kristen was able to go and enjoy herself. She is doing so much better. Thanks again for your prayers.

Remember when I told you about DC's quartet making a CD? Tomorrow they will spend most of the day finishing up the recording. It has been quite a long process, but we're really excited to have the completed product.

Have a wonderful week-end!

Monday, May 18, 2009

God Does Green the Best!

EDIT: just a little one-handed message to let you know i'm okay. they were way behind when i got there at 300, then it took longer because, as usual my case was unusually challenging. didn't get home till 830 - still kinda woozy. more tomorrow.

Today it was 93 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon - crazy! The weatherman says it will be warmer tomorrow, a bit cooler on Wednesday, then considerably cooler on Thursday and Friday, with maybe a bit of rain. He said, "So just pick one of those days that you like best and enjoy it to the fullest." I thought that was a clever line.

In this world where we keep hearing about "being green," I have been so aware lately that God is the ultimate in "greenness." Long before it was PC. I have been enjoying God's green earth this last week as I drive around town. The variety of greens is totally amazing. The range of color - from the lightest, palest, yellow green of the new aspen leaves to the deep green of the spruce, with a few red maples mixed in - God gave us this beauty to notice and enjoy. How often do we take it for granted and not even notice it?
But He doesn't stop with green - he made the rainbow and has blessed us with all of those colors all over the place. The spring flowers are waning, but it is not the end of the story. The cycle of life goes on, and the cycle of beauty continues.

We don't plant a lot of summer annuals, because we have such a shady yard. We don't have a lot of roses. But there are some perennials that just get better and better each year.

The primroses are so dainty and lacy, with such a variety of colors.

Among the primroses are some Johnny Jump Ups, ferns, and a tiny little white flower that I can't name.

Here's one that DC doesn't even remember - does anyone know what it is?

The first iris variety has bloomed without my notice - on the other side of the garage where I don't often go.

Remember the song, "He's the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star, He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul?" They have been spreading like weeds, but are so lovely and the aroma is lovely.

Columbine is the state flower of Colorado. There are so many varieties besides the official one. We have some of those, but they're not out yet. Here is the first one to show its face.

For my newer readers, the saga of the ganglion cyst has been ongoing for quite awhile. Here is a picture taken the day after it was aspirated. It had been around off and on for years, but I finally decided to have it drained.

Three months later, it is back with a vengeance. I will have it surgically removed tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:30. If you get this in time, please just whisper a prayer for me. I'm not nervous, but surgery is never something to take lightly. There are lots of nerves and veins/arteries in that area of the hand. Thanks!

Thank you also for your prayer for Kristen - she is doing much better. I hope she doesn't try to do too much, though, now that she feels better. She was even able to be out in her yard today, and got a lot of homework done. What a blessing!

Next up: More variety that God has given us to enjoy - at the zoo.