Monday, May 18, 2009

God Does Green the Best!

EDIT: just a little one-handed message to let you know i'm okay. they were way behind when i got there at 300, then it took longer because, as usual my case was unusually challenging. didn't get home till 830 - still kinda woozy. more tomorrow.

Today it was 93 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon - crazy! The weatherman says it will be warmer tomorrow, a bit cooler on Wednesday, then considerably cooler on Thursday and Friday, with maybe a bit of rain. He said, "So just pick one of those days that you like best and enjoy it to the fullest." I thought that was a clever line.

In this world where we keep hearing about "being green," I have been so aware lately that God is the ultimate in "greenness." Long before it was PC. I have been enjoying God's green earth this last week as I drive around town. The variety of greens is totally amazing. The range of color - from the lightest, palest, yellow green of the new aspen leaves to the deep green of the spruce, with a few red maples mixed in - God gave us this beauty to notice and enjoy. How often do we take it for granted and not even notice it?
But He doesn't stop with green - he made the rainbow and has blessed us with all of those colors all over the place. The spring flowers are waning, but it is not the end of the story. The cycle of life goes on, and the cycle of beauty continues.

We don't plant a lot of summer annuals, because we have such a shady yard. We don't have a lot of roses. But there are some perennials that just get better and better each year.

The primroses are so dainty and lacy, with such a variety of colors.

Among the primroses are some Johnny Jump Ups, ferns, and a tiny little white flower that I can't name.

Here's one that DC doesn't even remember - does anyone know what it is?

The first iris variety has bloomed without my notice - on the other side of the garage where I don't often go.

Remember the song, "He's the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star, He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul?" They have been spreading like weeds, but are so lovely and the aroma is lovely.

Columbine is the state flower of Colorado. There are so many varieties besides the official one. We have some of those, but they're not out yet. Here is the first one to show its face.

For my newer readers, the saga of the ganglion cyst has been ongoing for quite awhile. Here is a picture taken the day after it was aspirated. It had been around off and on for years, but I finally decided to have it drained.

Three months later, it is back with a vengeance. I will have it surgically removed tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:30. If you get this in time, please just whisper a prayer for me. I'm not nervous, but surgery is never something to take lightly. There are lots of nerves and veins/arteries in that area of the hand. Thanks!

Thank you also for your prayer for Kristen - she is doing much better. I hope she doesn't try to do too much, though, now that she feels better. She was even able to be out in her yard today, and got a lot of homework done. What a blessing!

Next up: More variety that God has given us to enjoy - at the zoo.


Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
I enjoyed seeing all the varieties of
flowers you have blooming. So pretty!
Our temps dropped 20ยบ in one day, so we're in mid 70's now. Very pleasant :)
(no rain predicated which we still need)
I've said a prayer for you as you have the cyst removed. Let us know how it goes.
Glad to hear Kristen is feeling better :)

Nancy said...

What an inspirational post and I agree, "God Does Green the Best!" Is the unidentified plant a bleeding heart plant? I will pray for you during your surgery time (it should be about two hours from now)! Keep me posted!

grammy said...

Your yard is looking so beautiful. I said a little prayer for you and your surgery. Hope this takes care of it once and for all.

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Glad to hear your procedure went well. Rest up!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow, you have so many beautiful things in you yard. It's like a secret little garden! I love seeing everything in bloom.

I hope your surgery went well and you are recovering easily. I look forward to hearing how it went. *hugs*

Hootin' Anni said...

First, dear Dawn...I think now I can come visit more often. The chore of painting is done as you know. Yay.

Then, secondly, I am very happy to hear that you had that nasty cyst removed. It really looked like a hindrance if you ask me. Bud had one on his upper arm and had it drained, it never returned tho.

And lastly...the flowers!!! You call the violas, Johnny Jump Ups like my mom...she insisted they were J J Us. No matter what they're called, I love 'em. And your Columbine!! Beautiful!!! [we had them in Arizona believe it or ones...gorgeous]

And again, those iris. I just HAVE to find a place to plant some of those. I love 'em so.

Hope your recovery time is minimal and no after affects at all.

Happy Wednesday.

Mary said...


I'm so glad you decided to have the ganglion removed and am praying that they got the roots of that thing so it can't come back.

So many beautiful blossoms. That tiny wee white flower and the blue ones beside them look like forget me knots, but can't figure out what the one with the verigated leaves is. Such beauty.

A lot of my perennials were dug up in the side garden when the plumbing ran amuck. I literally had to pretty much start over. I have a really dark iris coming into bloom called a Black Knight. It's really purple but is so dark, it looks black. I will post photos when it blooms.

Take care, get lots of rest and enjoy the spring weather. It has finally warmed up here a bit. Still praying for Kristen.


Sammy said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read this until now. I'm glad to hear you're home and well now though. What an ordeal!

Gorgeous photos of your garden! You've given me some good ideas for my garden. I've been thinking of planting Columbine for a while now, and I think I'll do that today!

Hope you're recovering quickly and easily!

nancygrayce said...

What beautiful flowers! I'm glad the surgery went well and sooo glad that Kristen is better. Hope your recovery time is short! Just don't overdo it!

nannykim said...

Well, I hope they cyst doesn't come back!!

I can't believe your hot weather--It was the reverse here in SC. We had a high on Monday of 53!! I had my fire going!! WEIRD.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Our Spring flowers are long gone for the most part. Amazing that yours are still so pretty.

Your mystery flower is a variety of henbit, a very common weed or wildflower depending on how you feel about it. It's a member of the mint family, as you can tell by the square stems. The particular kind you have is variegated and I've never seen it around here, though I have seen it in books.

The mysterious saga of Lamar's eye problems continues. They're now sending us to an infectious disease specialist because they suspect that it's an unusual viral infection that caused the original issues, but they're still not entirely sure. We're just taking it one day at a time. They told us today that his vision loss is almost certainly permanent and it may even get worse.

We've been up since 6 am seeing doctors and going for tests and we're both worn out, both physically and mentally.

Hope you're doing better with your bum wrist and that they did some goo this time. Maybe it won't come back, or at the least maybe it will be a long time before it's an issue again.

Love and hugs,


Needled Mom said...

I am just picking this up, Dawn, so I am hoping that all went well with that beastly ganglion. Hopefully, it will stay gone forever now.

Your flowers are just gorgeous! I have always had a great fondness for the Lily of the Valley, but the tulips are so colorful and happy looking too.

I hope Kristen continues to do well. I know she appreciated all of your help when she was down.

Take care and I hope you are feeling better really soon.

Midlife Mom said...

You sure have lots of pretty flowers in your yard! Johnny Jump Ups and Lily of the Valley are two of my favorites. Yes, I LOVE that song, now I will be humming it all day! :o)

Our weather is crazy too. It's been really cold and now today I just heard that it is going to be close to 90*! And to think I was going to do some gardening, guess I'd better do it this morning!

So glad you have your surgery behind you!!! Keep us posted on your progress! xoxo

Becky said...

Well I am very glad that cyst is gone and you are doing ok. I hope a new one doesn't sprout :)

Beautiful flowers. Just beautiful. We can't grow those varieties here so it is fun to see them there.

groovyoldlady said...

Hi Dawn.

I'm still alive, just very BUSY!!!!!!!

I've a new post up and I'm going to try to post at least once a week over the summer. Maybe more after the Trek.

The flowers are beautiful and that cyst is obnoxious! I hope they rooted it out for good this time! (The cyst, not the flowers)

Robin said...

I'm so glad to hear your surgery went well - what a bother!
Your flower pictures are just so beautiful - I love Columbines and have that very same variety in my flower bed. I also love the pansies and johnny jump ups - so simple and sweet.
I'm also glad to hear Kristen is feeling better - you deserve a much needed break it sounds like!

Christa said...

Beautiful flowers! I pray for a speedy recovery and full use of the wrist soon!

Linda said...

Praying all went well Dawn. I'm rather late - still trying to catch up after vacation and all that's going on here.
I'll be back to check up on you.

A Hint of Home said...

Wow, you are warm there. Your flowers are just gorgeous.
I'm praying your surgery goes well and you'll heal quickly.

Chappyswife said...

Ouch! I bet you are glad to have that gone.

The flowers are so beautiful. I can't look at flowers like that without thinking about God.

Sharon Lynne said...

Beautiful Columbine. We don't have those here (that I know of).

Glad Kristen is feeling stronger. I'm sorry to have missed the whole surgery. But glad to find out it went well. I hope it continues to heal properly and does not come back!