Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Mom

Mom was born on May Day in 1929. My grandparents farmed in Minnesota. She was the only child until she was 13, and I think she had a rather lonely life. I don't know a lot of details about her young life because she hasn't talked much about it. I don't think she was unhappy, but I think her home was rather quiet and subdued, at least until they moved into town.

I do know that Mom was very smart and was passed from first to third grade. This is the only picture I have of her as a child.

Dad had to stay home from school for a year to help his dad on the farm, after it was destroyed by a tornado. Consequently, though they were 3 years apart in age, Mom and Dad graduated one year apart. They met when they were 14 and 17 and dated for 3 years. This picture was taken during that junior high period of her life. I just can't believe she's only 13 or 14 here!

Mom graduated from high school at age 17.

This was her yearbook graduation picture.

Three months later she and Dad were married. Dad was 20.

They had a short honeymoon in northern Minnesota. Dad was in the Navy and didn't have much time off.

Dad was stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas, at that time. Here's a picture of her first lovely kitchen - good thing she was so tiny in those years - and she was all of 18 by now. She was pregnant with me in this picture, and went back home to Minnesota to give birth. Dad was being transferred to Memphis.

Dad hitchhiked from Memphis to Minnesota only to miss my birth because I was late. He headed back to base. In this time before cheap phone calls and computers, he didn't know until he got back to Memphis that he had been given an extension by his commanding officer. Unbelievably, the CO let him go back home to see me.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Mom with my sister and me and our dolls. I'm the blonde without the glasses. Don't you just love the walls in this luxury apartment??

I'm not sure when or where this picture was taken, but I think it's a lovely one.

Fast forward many years to the last time we were all together - the first one is Mom and Dad with the five kids. The second one is them with the grandchildren.

We had a great week-end celebrating Mom's 80th birthday. I will be back soon with the stories.

Have a great week!


Susie said...

Loved seeing the pictures of your Mom through the years! You look a lot like her.
Glad you had a good birthday celebration. Eighty years is a true milestone!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh Dawn....Altho I remember the last photos, I am left speechless with all the others. What great, GREAT photo shares. Awwwww, the good ol' days. When life was simple but hard was the best of times. Your parents are awesome.

Perfect blog today.

Hootin' Anni said...

PS.....hope she had a great birthday.

grammy said...

Great story and pictures. My Dad was a sailor too. He was in Pearl Harbor and survived. Thanks for sharing.

groovyoldlady said...

So fun to see the pics and hear the history!

Laurie in Ca. said...

How SWEET is this Dawn?? You did a wonderful job of pictures and memories. I have a big box of pictures like these and will have to post sometime and scan them in. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday with all of you guys. I love you and am praying for your family.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Sammy said...


These pictures are wonderful! And the stories are even better. Thank you for sharing these on your blog. :-)

Christa said...

What a blessing to still have your mom and with such a legacy! Fantastic photos!

A Hint of Home said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. My mom will be 84 this year.
You did a wonderful post about her and you can see that you are her daughter.

Sharon Lynne said...

I loved that journey down memory lane with you! You did a fantastic job. Happy Birthday to your mom!

(I just posted a prayer that might encourage you.)

Linds said...

It is wonderful to still have such lovely photos, Dawn. They were so young! I am looking forward to hearing all about the weekend with the family there to celebrate! A belated Happy Birthday to your Mum!

Needled Mom said...

I see such a strong family resemblance as I looked at the pictures of your mom.

I so enjoyed reading all about her life. Isn't it fun to see all the old photos? I, too, love the one of your mom and sister. I also enjoyed the one of your mom in the kitchen. That was SMALL!!! Could you open an oven door and be in the same room?

I am sure she had a wonderful birthday showered with love from all of you.

Hope you are having a great week. It's busy here, but all is well. xox

Mimi said...

I enjoyed seeing your mom and reading about her early life... you have such a great looking family...
I hope to be back to regular blogging soon...

Barb said...

So your mom and my Mandy share a birthday, separated by 52 years. LOL A belated happy birthday to her. The photos are wonderful, Dawn. You're so lucky to have photos like this of your parents.

kpjara said...

I love the pics from the past!

PEA said...

Such a beautiful post in tribute of your mom's birthday. I so loved seeing pictures of her throughout the years and I agree with the others, you do resemble your mom a LOT!! You're so blessed to still have both your parents with you, treasure each moment:-) xoxo