Friday, May 15, 2009

A Week in the Life of Grandma Dawn

I have spoken a lot here this spring about the crazy ups and downs of the weather. The week-end of Easter, the week-end of Mom's birthday, and many other week-ends and many week days have been cold this spring. But sprinkled here and there have been some beautiful days. Wednesday was one of those days - the girls were running through their new very special sprinkler from Great Grandma. The next day it was back to cool weather and jackets.

Kristen has had her ups and down this week as well. She'll have a good day, then not so good the next. The girls have been home several nights, and I have kept them some nights as well. Please pray for complete recovery for her. Thank the Lord her professors made the decision to give her Incomplete grades so that she can complete her courses as soon as she physically and mentally is able.

The twins are getting to be more and more fun - and the amount of oversight required is more and more intense. Katie can walk, if she wants to. She prefers to walk on her knees - not crawling, but upright on her knees. Emma isn't interested in walking yet, but she is climbing up on everything in sight. I have to watch her every minute!

They love to remove tissues from the boxes, and crayons are a favorite thing to throw around. (Don't worry - I took care of that hanging cord immediately!)

When we got outside to play, I put them on the grass, but they immediately head for the patio or the rocks - go figure! They end up with camel's knees - ouch!

They are learning to eat with a spoon.

Feisty's birthday was Tuesday - she is now 5. Hard to believe! We had a little family party at our house Sunday afternoon. Care Bear sat down at her little table and immediately took on her role of Event Planner.

Unfortunately, she forgot the first rule of event planning - sit down with the party giver and see what she wants to have at her party. It caused a bit of consternation on the part of Care Bear, but she finally got over her tiff and joined in the fun.

Aunt G brought something fun to make as the festivities began.

The best part - opening the gifts!

The little ones got in on the fun.

The second best part - blowing out the candles and eating the cake - (Care Bear made the cake and decorated it.)

AND the ice cream ---

Tomorrow (Saturday) we're heading for the zoo for another celebration.


Christa said...

What fun, what great pictures and the handwriting by the event planner is great. I will pray for Kristen.

Morning Glory said...

Wow, I think the twins have changed in just the two weeks since we were there. They're so cute.

grammy said...

Oh boy zoo! Love the kiddo pictures ansd the party plan note... so something my first grader would do. I only do 'real paid for' daycare two days with 4 kids. I invite the 2 of mine that are not in school or preschool on those days too.. Why do you have your grands so much.. I missed that info.. do they live with you? Take care (o:

Jess said...

Praying for Kristen...

I loved catching up with you!

Hope all is well and that you have more pretty days to come soon! And us too...all we have seen is rain!

Hope to be visiting more soon.
Have a great week ahead

Susan said...

Happy, fun times!! What is Kristen majoring in?

Mary said...


Beautiful photos. It sure looks like you all had a great time and I'm sure you had a great day at the zoo.

I'm glad Kristen is feeling better and am hoping that she will soon be back on her feet. Praying continues.


Susie said...

You can sure see the joy in that sprinkler pic. Simple pleasures! I can't recall what you said Kristen had. Was it the flu? Must be a really bad bug whatever it is to last so long. As you say, thankfully they gave her incompletes instead of failure.
I've said a prayer that she'll be on the mend soon. I know it has to be exhausting for you to keep up with the little ones.
Hope you can have a bit more restful week coming up.

Becky said...

That sure looked like a fun celebration. And your little event planner has quite a career ahead of her. That was great!!

Laurie in Ca. said...

I just love these kids Dawn. And Care Bears party list is just precious. Such a planner she is. The twins are all over the place aren't they? You have your hands full. Love you friend and praying for Kristen to feel better too.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

nancygrayce said...

Well, I think we know what miss Care Bear may be when she grows up! Quite good at it too! She meant to keep everyone busy and things moving right along!

I'm praying for Kristen and hope she feels better soon and can finish her courses!

Linda said...

You are an amazing Grandma, and they are all getting cuter by the minute. The twins are just growing right before our very eyes. Precious miracles.
Hope you had a fun day at the zoo.
Praying for Kristen.

Sharon Lynne said...

I will be praying for Kristen. May the Lord renew her strength.

Care Bear's list is so cute. Wow-everyone would be exhausted if they actually accomplished all that!

Your yard looks so green and beautiful with the blooming flowers and the girls playing.

Sammy said...

The birthday party pictures are so sweet. Looks like adorable Feisty had a terrific time. And Care Bear's itinerary is amazing. She clearly spent a lot of time thinking about the events of a good party! (Her writing is excellent, which I'm sure you all already know!)

I really hope Kristen is feeling better. I'm so glad and relieved to hear that her professors are being understanding of her situation.

Have a great week, Dawn!

Amy said...

Looks like y'all had a fun day!