Saturday, January 13, 2007

Random Ramblings #5

It is Monday, the 25th - national holiday for MLK. It is politically incorrect to say so, but I would much prefer celebrating President's Day. Now before you send me off to those who would thrash me, there is a very practical reason, aside from the fact that we don't celebrate Lincoln and Washington any more. I'll say no more on that topic. The practicality is that we have just had quite a few days off for Christmas (winter holiday, excuse me!), and now we have today again (when I am so far behind from "winter holiday" and so many snow days), and we don't get another day off until Memorial Day! I am planning to go up there today to work on grade point averages, because I am so very, very behind. There was a deadline that happened during the snow days, so I am buried in file folders. I have to figure grade point averages on each and every file - this involves computing the average of every college they attended, then averaging them all together. Very time consuming. Don't tell me to get a computer program - I would still have to input every grade, so might as well do it the old fashioned way. But -- right now I feel like staying home in my robe and slippers, because it started out the day at -4F.

The snow is not pretty any more - but at least the piles that have been plowed and are all over parking lots and sides of streets, turning gray and ugly, are now covered again with the new accumulation that we got yesterday - just a beautiful, dusty snow all day. There was so much snow that they had to haul it off in dump trucks - I don't know where they put it all. DC said I should have taken the kids on an adventure and followed the trucks to see where they were going. My suggestion would have been to throw it in the lake in the middle of our town - we could always use more water in there when it thaws!

I desperately need to get to the gym, I want to go to Wal-Mart and exchange a gift (better late than never), I want to check out a great luggage sale at Kohl's, and I'm thinking of getting my ears pierced again - I gave up several years ago because I kept getting infections in my ears. The left piercing wasn't good, and I always had to struggle to get the earring through. It ceased to be enjoyable! But I chopped my hair off the other day and went back to "the wedge," so now am feeling like I want to have something on my ears again. But mostly today I would like to stay in my robe and slippers and catch up on my reading - cyber and book.

As you see, I've finally posted my first weight loss record, as I promised. So far, so good! But unlike Morning Glory (my SIL), it hasn't started showing up on my clothes yet. But it will!!

MG also mentioned the evolution of her blog throughout the last year. I was rather dragged kicking and screaming into this world. I didn't like the word "blog" (still think it's kinda weird). But Kristen told me I HAD to meet Diane at Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals, because our lives had run on a parallel plane to some extent. I read her, loved what I read, commented off line, heard back from her, and suddenly Kristen had created a blog for me - she called me one day and told me I was set up. DC has begun to notice how much time I spend in this little room compared to before June, and wonders if it's a good thing. I tell him I have more friends than I've ever had, we pray for each other, great things happen. I wonder if we'd like each other as much in person. I think we would! Our hearts and souls are going out there into cyberspace every day or so. I can hardly wait to read what you have to say, and wish I had much more time to do so.

I'm approaching my 100th post. It's taken me 7 months. I know some of you have done 200 in the same length of time. For someone who was known as "Mouth of Third South" in college, I haven't kept up with the amount of words. But working and taking care of the kiddoes does limit my time - I could skip sleeping, but I don't think that's a good idea!

I have so many post ideas in my head and written down on scraps of paper all over my house - I really need to get a folder going, don't I? The other day when I was looking for pictures of Kristen's journey through anorexia, I found at least 10,000 pictures in a box in a closet. I knew they were there, but just not HOW MANY! I need to retire so I can put together albums before it's too late.

Thank you all so much for following the series Kristen and I just finished on our journey through her anorexia battle. It turned out to be a very positive experience for both of us. Right now, she's at home working on a new post in which she will show you a picture of what happened on Saturday when I had the kids during Praise Band practice. They were playing so nicely and quietly, so I checked a few messages. When I left, they were playing with the petals of my dying poinsettia plant - they have wonderful imaginations. Care Bear decided to make me a picture, gluing petals and leaves on a piece of paper. When she got the glue stick out of the drawer, she found something else. Go to Kristen's site here and see what it was!

Our choir song from last week continues to go through my head. I'm going to close today with the words to that song. It was such a good one for heading into the new year.

Darkness around me, sorrow surrounds me,
And though there be trials, still I can sing.
For I have this treasure, my God reigns within me.
And I am determined to live for the King.

Hell’s gates are trembling from saints’ prayers ascending.
Darkness is crumbling from praises we sing.
Our Sovereign victorious is marching before us.
And we are determined to live for the King.

I am determined to be invincible
‘Til He has finished His purpose in me.
And nothing shall shake me, for He’ll never forsake me.
I am determined to live for the King.

When I am weary I’ll look to His face,
When I am tempted I’ll trust in His grace.

I am determined to be invincible
‘Til He has finished His purpose in me.
And nothing shall shake me, For He’ll never forsake me.
I am determined to live for the King.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

I can just picture the choir singing that song. Way to go with the weight loss. The stress of kids being sick is working for me (weight loss wise) so far...other than that, it's not good for much else.

Anonymous said...

You're thinking of getting your ears pierced again? I'm thinking of getting my belly button pierced again. Now that I'm (hopefully) done having kids. We could go together. You could hold my hand because it HURTS to get the belly button pierced.

Dawn said...

No, I won't go with you to get your belly pierced again! I'd rather keep the memory of the first time when we did it together when you were 12 and you had that terrible doctor's appt. that day.

Morning Glory said...

I know what you mean about writing that is still rattling around in your head. I've found that if I get it into the blog posting site and save it as a draft, I can add to and continue. Then I don't have to worry about forgetting or stopping to write on paper. Then when I'm ready to really post it, I adjust the date and time and click on the posting button.

Good words to the song.

Anonymous said...

I was kidding, mom. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

You are doing great with the weight loss!
I just went and looked at "what happened at Grandma's"
I'm glad I got my ears pierced at 18. Really I don't want to have it done again!!
I also put my posts in draft (like MG), but I keep a little notebook beside the computer for jotting down info I want to remember if it's not a whole post..

kpjara said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You'll get least based on what I've read of you here.

I always had trouble with pierced ears as well...but I justify the clip-ons by saying they are retro and for some reason I find tons of them at garage sales in the summer.

I can't imagine having to do all that 'figurin' of GPA's...NIGHTMARE!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a testimony! You two need to write a book together. We had a heat wave today. It hit 18*! Whoohoo! I was still chilled and stayed in my pj's all day. Joey was home from school and I caught up on camp work (booking/marketing....).

When I hit the big 50 I got another hole in my ear. A second piercing. Not sure why but I like it. When I first got my ears pierced at 16 everyone thought I was rather radical! ha!

Linda said...

I'm sure glad you decided to start a blog Dawn. I love reading your posts. Wish I could help with some of that work. I know how you are longing to just stay at home.
That song is beautiful. Music just blesses my spirit.
I wish I had lots of ideas of what to write. I am just a total blank these days. So I'm just reading and hoping something will inspire me by tomorrow.
Take care.

Pamela said...

Dawn, you and Kristen remind me so much of my daughter Chrystal and I. lol Love the words to the song very cute! lol

Looney Mom said...

Oh the snow is a mess here too. Piles of ugly dirty snow everywhere. I hope it goes away soon!

PEA said...

I'm a real chicken chit when it comes to piercings...I've never had my ears pierced even! lol Congratulations on the weight won't be long and you'll start noticing the difference in your clothes. I'm so proud of MG for how well she's doing too! Oh dear, I read Kristen's post about the scissors I told her, though, not too many children DON'T attempt that! lol Like you, I also have notes all over my desk for blog fun fun! lol Hugs xox

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Well, I am so glad that you are blogging! You never cease to amaze me! While I am still feeling a certain sadness that your series with Kristen has ended--I am so looking forward to your future blog matter how random they are!

Can't wait for the mother/daughter belly piercing!

I discovered long ago that it is medical necessity to buy good jewelry. That is G.O.O.D. jewelery. Costume jewelry always causes under medical advisement--stick with the gold!

I hope you have caught up a bit at work--I imagine with the Holidays and your winter snowstorms...things are a little crazy at work. Take care.

Talk soon.


Maine Mom said...

Yay on your weight loss! I was thinking earlier about losing weight after I have this's much more fun to gain weight :-)