Friday, January 05, 2007

Mathematical Formula for Stress

I am in awe of those of you who have been writing the wonderful reflective devotionals these last few days. I do not seem to have the ability yet to form cohesive thoughts and put them into words. There are several topics I want to write about floating around in my brain, but they haven't reached the spot yet where they can be transformed into something readable.

Begin with a normal Wednesday, with the forecast for a blizzard

+ the fact that the weather forecasters usually get excited about nothing

+ a correct forecast this time

x two feet of snow

+ the beginning of Christmas break for the kids

+ the excitement of Christmas coming and presents under the tree

- an efficient snow removal system in our city (or make that state)

x a bit of thaw, following by lowered temperatures

= wash board streets, probably sending cars to alignment shops and people to chiropractors

+ closure of the uninversity

+ approaching deadline date for application materials to arrive in my office

x extra days off for lack of snow removal on campus

+ ill co-worker

x co-worker stranded in Florida because United pre-emptorily (word?) called off flights before the second possible blizzard closed the airport again)

- said second blizzard turns into a few extra inches of snow, but no blizzard (at least) - co-worker still stuck in Florida (not a bad place to be stuck)

+ first co-worker's ill child

= me in the office all by myself

x 10,000 pieces of mail piling up while university is closed

+ President Ford's funeral delaying delivery yet another day

x phone calls to the front office that I have to answer, though I don't know the answers to their questions, because it's not my department

+ two huge problems with students in the distance ed program

x unanswered phone calls and e-mails


x extra days off for school, so all 3 kids will be here today - because the city and the school district couldn't get it together to get the snow off the streets in front of the schools so the busses could get in and out of the streets

+ yet another 8 inches of snow overnight!

+ no idea of how to keep 3 grandkids occupied for another day at home - especially Anakin, who likes to be a karate expert and is literally kicking and bouncing his way around the house most of the time (making this noise I wish I could replicate here).

= HELP!!

Quote for the day: "Grandma, I think you're addicted to blogs!" Anakin, soon-to-be 9.


Anonymous said...

That does sound like a recipe for stress! Your plate sounds heaped to overfilling, poor dear!
My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Pamela said...

Dawn, I think I know what part of the problem is...too much imput. Push yourself away from that adding machine! hehe! What are you doing watching the front office for anyway. You could always make paper airplanes out of those applications when they finally come in to entertain Anikin. Just playing! Hope it all gets better! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, I don't know what to tell you except step back, take a deep breath and hopefully all these problems will improve. As many blizzards as have hit the eastern slope in the last few years, there's no excuse for the cities and towns not having a plan for cleanup that works. I know exactly the condition of the streets you're describing.

When we lived in Frederick, the city workers scraped snow into long ridges, four feet high, down the middle of the streets and getting out of town was like trying to maneuver through a maze.

I hope this situation improves for you soon. We got snow last night, but by comparison, it's nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that does sounds very stressful. Do you have any games like twister which might keep them a moving busy? I hope it'll work out :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to tell ya friend!!
Hope the math in your life starts adding up to good!!
Tell Anakin, it could be worse, you could be making the noise he does...hehe!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that dear Anakin even knows what blogs are says something right there....considering I always do my blogging from here, so he wouldn't have heard much about it from me....hmmmm......

PEA said...

I really wish I lived nearer so that I could help you out...really!! lol Oh dear, with all that's been going on for you, it's no wonder you're stressed out!! Time for a long holiday just for YOU! Wish it was that easy eh? I can't believe all the snow you've been getting over there...we had a bit of a sprinkle last weekend but it's all gone again and in fact, it's raining right now. Just too weird! I mean, I'm in NORTHERN ONTARIO and we usually have 2 feet of snow by now! lol Hopefully things will calm down for you soooon! xox

Linda said...

Yikes Dawn. I suggest you get on the first plane for Texas and come for a visit. It was nearly 80 degrees here today, the grandkids are all home being homeschooled, and we have very little mail!!!
Praying things get sorted out soon.

Nancy said...

Oh my, I hope things get better. Try sending the snow to the east where we are in the 70's and things are starting to bloom early.

Tammy said...

Dawn, I think it's time for giving yourself a little mini-vacation- ...even if it means a couple hours soaking in a hot tub or reading by yourself by the fire. Doctor's orders...(OK, I'm not a doctor...don't even play one on Tv...but I understand that need for a few hours repreive!) ;)

We've had no real snow yet this year here...but rain? We have it coming down all week in buckets, with a cold wind, to boot. I don't want your blizzard, though...but I sure would love just a little white stuff instead! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my Dad's blog. Because he is legally bling, he will not be commenting, but please continue to stop by from time to is very exciting for him to blog!