Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Testimonial, a Guessing Game, and a Bit of Trivia

EDIT: Yes, spring is here - Rocky Mountain Style! We're having a bit more of the slushy wet white stuff again this morning. When I say "spring seems to be here" I always mean the sunny kind! Oh, well, as we always say, "We need the moisture!" This is why I prefer autumn and Indian Summer in the Rockies.

Spring seems to be here - at least for a few days.


What do you think this necklace is made out of? Give me a guess, if you have one. I will share the story about it on Friday for Show and Tell.


If you'd like to have a fun blast from the past, go over to Kristen's place and read her latest post. She's finally getting back into the groove, and her writing skill hasn't gone away!

And now - the testimonial. This is an unpaid advertisement.

Adorable, Utilitarian, Versatile

Great for all the normal, well-known uses - keeping your clothes from always having a bit of recycled milk on the left shoulder, useful for cleaning little tiny faces after a little spit-up incident.

But -- they have unexpected uses --

For instance, suppose you don't have a bib handy, or you forgot it at home:

It makes a GREAT substitute, temporary bib.

I know, I know, experts will tell us not to prop the bottle. But - when you have 4 little girls 5 and under that you're caring for, you either need lots more hands, or you need to improvise. These burp cloths serve yet another purpose:


Folded just so, they work very well as bottle proppers!

Diane of Diane's Place
told me that she on occasion has used the burp cloth as an emergency diaper - after all, that's what they started out as!

So -- all of you who need burp cloths, know somebody who needs burp cloths, or know somebody that may someday need burp clothes, rush over to
Barb's place, Chelsea Morning and place your order. Barb's starting her own on-line store, and the burp cloths are just the beginning.

On a more serious note, please keep up-to-date with
Cynthia as she and her family deal with the aftermath of Ladybug's kidnapping. So many times, when there is a disaster, we hear a lot about it for awhile, then we kind of forget about it when some time has passed. Ladybug is home, but their life is far from normal. Please keep praying for this sweet family.

One more thing - Thank you so much for so many pledges of prayer for my friend, Ruth. She's having an implant that is supposed to suppress the pain in her spine and down her leg. Next Monday, April 14, will be the first part of the process. She and her husband have to remain in Denver for the entire week until the second part of the process, which will be the following Monday, April 21. They are supposed to be able to come home on the 22nd. She was so happy this morning when I told her that so many of you would be holding her up in prayer.


Jungle Mom said...

I have been following the ladybug incident. I am praying for them all but I can not imagine the pain they are dealing with.

Susie said...

Your flowers look springy and lovely!
I can well imagine that you need several sets of hands when caring for the girls..
Glad you've found another use for the cute burp cloths.
You necklace looks like it's perhaps made of a shell of some sort. Just a guess..

Nadine said...

It's good that ladybug is home and I join you in pray for her and her family.

I pray your friend's surgery goes well and she recovers quickly.

The twins...adorable.

Lovely first flowers.


Becky said...

I have no guess on the necklace but it is unique.

Your burp cloths are great. Barb does a nice job for sure.

And lovely flowers. I love spring flowers! They are so hopeful.

Needled Mom said...

Great plug for Barb's burp cloths. Mine are in the mail.

The flowers look so pretty but I heard there is more snow in the rockies today.

My prayers continue for Ruth and Ladybug.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Burp cloths are the best!

Continuing to pray...


Karen said...

Cute burp cloths!

We had to prop Jack's bottle more often than we would have liked, too. What can you do when there is only one grown-up?

Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers!
Congratulations, by grandchildren ... They are very beautiful!

: D

nannykim said...

Wow--how do you ever find time to blog!! I have trouble and I don't have twins as grandbabies and I don't work outside the home!! I can't guess what the necklace is made of--give a reallllllly close up picture of it, but it probably wouldn't help me guess. Yes ladybug--thanks for reminding us to continue in prayer. Your daughter of course should always be on that list too. And your daughter-in-laws parents

Maine Mom said...

Beautiful flowers. My kids are outside enjoying this sunny afternoon and two of them just ran in to tell me they spotted a flower. Very exciting!

The necklace must be made out of something an egg shell? I really have no idea, but felt I needed to give an out of the ordinary guess. I look forward to hearing about it!

PEA said...

Hello Dawn:-)

How wonderful to have Spring flowers in bloom...if you saw my pictures this morning, mine are only starting to come out of the ground! lol It's pouring rain as I'm typing this so that will help to melt the rest of our snow. Just hope it doesn't start snowing again!!

My first thought when I looked at the necklace was that it reminded me of the shell of a bug or something like that. Can't wait to hear the story about it:-)

Loved seeing new pictures of the very adorable! Barb's burp cloths are so wonderful and look at all the uses you can make out of them:-) Now that I'm going to become a grandma, I should order some from her too! hehe

Such a relief that Ladybug was finally found but one can't imagine how the emotional aftermath of being kidnapped is affecting all of their lives. My prayers continue for them.

My prayers are also with your friend Ruth, may her surgery go well and eventually take the pain away!!

Take care of YOU!! xoxo

Fresh Girl said...

Oooo, those flowers are so beautiful! What are the ones in the first photo?

Nancy said...

I'm back! Thanks for checking on me. You have been such a great blogging friend and that is a blessing indeed.

Your twins are growing. I know all about the feeding troubles but I just deal with them one day a week. There just aren't enough hands.

I'm so glad that you finally have some signs of SPRING! ENJOY!

Sharon Lynne said...

I enjoyed Kristen's post! So funny!

Glad you are enjoying Spring!

Prayed for Ruth tonight.

Sharon Lynne said...

oh..I heard from the publisher again about my article. It's on my post.

Chris said...

Lovely flowers..... spring has sprung.
Necklace...not a clue
Babies are growing and look very, very healthy. Yeah, I did the bottle prop also.

RainyD's said...

beautiful flowers -

I dont' blame you for propping

Ipray for Ladybug and her mum and family daily - I am so glad that Ladybug was returned - I pray for her emotional healing as well as her mum's.

The necklace - I am going to guess that it is made of a beatle exoskeleton -

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
The flowers are just beautiful. We had a nice warm Spring day here yesterday. I even had to turn the A/C on. The heat is back on this morning tho. LOL. More rain is back in the forecast for later this evening and going possibly thru Friday morning. The necklace is beautiful. I'm going to say the part that goes around your neck is made out of some kind of leather. I have a name on the tip of my tongue, but for the life of me, can't think of it right now. LOL. The pendant part looks like a Mother of Pearl of some sort. Barb makes some nice Burp Cloths. Hey, a person has to improvise when they have to. I haven't been visiting like I normally do lately, but will have to go and visit Cynthia and I still keep her and her Family in my prayers. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Mimi said...

beginning with the springy look of the flowers...all the way through the ramble of different friends and prayer needs..I listened and took heed...I still have the needs listed in my prayer journal...
Loved your rambling post today

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Wow, the twins are growing each day! I was amazed at being about to see Christi grow like that. The burp cloths seem a wonderful idea. When Christi was born we used the diapers from my birth (I weighed about 2 pounds at birth in 1942 and was declared dead by the dr...and here I am today). These were tiny diapers, but just right for Christi.

Love the flowers of spring.

Ruth is in my prayers.

Mary said...


I love all of your beautiful flowers, especially the crocus. I'm waiting for some blooms in my garden. And the necklace, I'm not sure what it's made of - possibly soapstone.

Love the burp cloths. They're adorable.

There's a little something for you on today's (Tuesday)post. Hope you enjoy it.


Barb said...

I see you discovered all the different ways to use my burp cloths, Dawn. I use them for exactly the same things AND they're also great to lay under the baby when you're changing a diaper. Krissy always has them in her diaper bag - they really come in handy if you're changing a diaper in a store bathroom somewhere.

Thank you for the plug - it's fun seeing the ones I sent you in your photos. There'd better not be anything wrong with propping a bottle from time to time - I do it too.

Your spring flowers are so, so pretty. You take the best photos!

Sherry said...

I love the pictures of the girls. So cute once again...

I didn't know Ruth was having such a big surgery. Bless her heart! I'll be thinking of them!

Michelle said...

I have 2 boys, 12 months apart. I propped bottles, and they are both fine! Sometimes you just have to do it!