Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Show and Tell

Today is #3 in the series I have entitled "I Used To . . . " It has been fun to go back and see how creative and energetic I used to be. Many have indicated to me that you think I'll get this creative energy back upon retirement. The problem is - neither my hands nor my eyes are up to this kind of close and detailed work any more - sadly. I can't even thread a needle! Pathetic, I know.

When Kristen was 4, my youngest brother was getting married. They asked Kristen to be their flower girl. My sister-in-law-to-be asked me if I could create a dress for Kristen that would somewhat match the bridesmaids' dresses. She showed me the pattern for the big girls, and I realized that one of the patterns I had could be adjusted to resemble theirs very closely. It was a fun challenge.

The dresses were a very pale green, and the color doesn't show up very well in the whole group picture. (I think you can see more detail if you double click on the picture to enlarge).


The ring bearer was six, and ever so much more mature than Kristen!

Fast forward 28 years - Care Bear was 4. The flower basket has been living on Kristen's closet shelf all these years, believe it or not (pretty dusty!). The dress was in a box, waiting for its resurrection.

She is funny, she is zany, she is busy, she has asthma. Groovy Old Lady is one of our blog friends. She and her husband, fondly known as Mulletman, are riding their bikes for THREE DAYS out there in Maine to benefit the American Lung Association - one week from today! She needs about $75 more to be able to ride. It would be a shame if she wasn't able to ride after all the training she has done.

I feel guilty that I have read her pleas for weeks and haven't responded. Today I did, and it was incredibly easy. She is passionate about this cause, and I hope you can go over to her place and pledge, even just $5 will help! Go to, click on the link on her left sidebar, and help Groovy ride!! I can't imagine doing this, but I admire her spunk!

For more Friday Show and Tell stories, stop by Kelli's blog, There Is No Place Like Home.


Penless Thoughts said...

Just saw your comment on my blog today. Yes, I agree. Sometimes we can't "share" all that is going on around us, because of the privacy issue of others, but we can still be real about ourselves, our feelings, our joys, our sorrows, etc. This is how I view it at least.

Going to Groovy's now to help!

Simply Heart And Home said...

You are cordially invited to take part in my June giveaway. Have you heard of Elsie Dinsmore? I’m giving away Book 1. I’d love to see you.

Nadine said...

You are so very sweet to help a friend. Be blessed today Dawn.

Nadine said...

She is so very cute and Care Bear looks like her mom.

Anonymous said...

AWW,great photos.

I hope that you had a great day today.That's my story and I;m stricking to it.

Tammy said...

Dawn, I loved seeing your little girl (when she was a little girl!) as a flower girl...what a cutie she is standing by the ring bearer!
And how talented you are to make her dress!!!

Amazingly, for Show and Tell tonight I posted a similar'll see what I mean when you read it.

And you are so sweet to help our Groovy! :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwwww, the flower girl photo just melts my heart. Love this Show N Tell

A Hint of Home said...

You did a great job on the dress and it blended with the other girls very well.

Timalee said...

Those pictures are too cute! Your granddaughter looks so much like your daughter. My daughter was the flowergirl in my brothers wedding this past March, and my mom made her dress too! But just between you and me, I like your green one better, my brothers wedding colors were Black & Orange!!
Have a great weekend!

LBP said...

What a pretty little dress. So cool that carebear can wear it now.


groovyoldlady said...

Aw Dawn, thanks for the plug!

You are such a peach!

That dress was absolutely perfect. How cool that Care Bear can wear it now. It's just so much fun to reuse special clothes and items.

Constance said...

How absolutely wonderful! I love how creative you are and what wonderful memories your children have of you growing up! I have to say your "baby" brother sure is tall! Ha ha!

AMANDA said...

Cute! I love second generation clothing. My mom saved several of my dresses- and it is really fun to see Ella in them!

Needled Mom said...

Have no fear, Dawn. You will be amazed at what works once you are retired!!!! I still love to create even though the eyes and all do not work like they used to.

The dress is darling on Kristen and how nice to have saved it for the next generation to enjoy.

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm enjoying you "what I use to do" series!!! No, you probably will not do them in retirement for the very reasons of eyesight and dexterity you spoke about. BUT, trust me you will find more than enough new and interesting things to fill your life and days with that will bless you and others.

Lala's world said...

care bear looks so much like her mom! love that she kept the dress...I kept the flower girl dresses from my sisters wedding!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thank you for sharing. My Mother could look at a dress and make one like it.
I have to use a needle treader when I hand sew. My new machine has a self-threader. I just have to learn to use it. Ha!
Mama Bear

Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
I have a lot of those "I used to do" things too! You did a great job on the dress and I loved seeing Care Bear wear it again. She and Kristin look so much alike.
My prayers continue for your family.

Kathleen Marie said...

What great photos! Once again you are so busy! I LOVE Columbines and you got to meet another blogger...LUCKY YOU! I can't wait until you come this way again... ☺

Have a great day...Off to Groovy's!

Barbara H. said...

What a little doll both girls were/are! You did a great job on the dress.

I'm 50 and just now getting back into some craft-related things. I don't have too much trouble sewing except for threading the needle, but with cross stitch I have to put on my reading glasses plus one of those magnifiers that hangs around my neck -- and even then it's still a strain sometimes! I am enjoying it, but the days on stitching on the smaller fabrics is over.

I have a small magnifying glass on my counter that I have to whip out more and more often. It used to be just for small print...but there's a lot more small print than there used to be!! :-)

Simply Heart And Home said...


That dress is so precious. You are quite the seamstress! Thank you for sharing your memories and your pictures!


Mary said...


A great Show & Tell. I love seeing old photos like this. I'm sure you treasure it. I always enjoy your photos of your family.

Yes, the apartment was a pig sty for sure. It is going to look worse before it gets better. We are gutting the bathroom and did a lot of work on it today. The vanity fell apart pretty much and we disconnected the tub and the sink and pulled some of the walls out. We still have more to do and have to entirely gut it. So far, so good. No mold or mildew in sight.

Enjoy your weekend. You won't even recognize that bathroom when we are through with it. Please pray that all will go well.


Kelli said...

What sweet pictures, Dawn! The dress you made is beautiful!

Mimi said...

Beautiful, Beautiful dress (you are so talented) and I think it is so neat that your little Kristen..and her little Care Bear could both enjoy the same dress so many years apart...
don't worry about threading the needle when you are ready to start with new handiworks...Care Bare will learn how to thread it for you very soon...
have a blessed weekend...

Jewelgirl said...

I don't know why but your pics
are not coming up. But I wanted
to stop by and say Hi and give
kisses & hugs to the twins! Have
a nice weekend Dawn! :)

Emily said...

You did an amazing job on the dress!! I enjoyed your blog!

Join me every weekend for "Weekend Decorating" on my blog: if you would like to. Hope to see you there!

Have a great night!!

Nancy said...

Your precious little Kristen was so cute in her flower girl dress and how neat that you kept it all these years so her daughter could wear it too! That is a blessing indeed!