Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday Trivia

I got up this morning and discovered that it was 51 degrees F - warmer than it was all day yesterday. A Chinook wind blew in during the night, and it was 68 degrees this afternoon. Crazy! Tomorrow a different kind of wind will blow in a different kind of day -- it will only get to about 30 - a bit more of a Christmasy feeling!

The day after Thanksgiving we had a new refrigerator delivered - we are replacing all of our old appliances as we can. I was very excited -- and very disappointed when I came home from an errand to find that it wasn't there - turns out it was too big for our space. We thought we had measured correctly. We are planning to move a cupboard down a bit so the one we like will fit. But that's going to take some time and money. Good news - the old fridge was empty, so I got it all spiffed up before I filled it up again. The blessing in disguise - when you take all of the magnets and the "stuff" they hold off your refrigerator doors, your kitchen looks bigger!

DC has been singing in a quartet at church for at least the last 20 years. These guys are not pros - they don't memorize their music. But everyone loves to hear them sing, and they do sound good. Last night after work they headed for the mountains above Denver for a great adventure. They spent hours working on the beginnings of a professional CD - he didn't get home until about 12:30, and had to get up at 5:30 for work. It won't be on the market - it is being made for our church people. This could be the start of something big - just kidding! He said it's really hard work!

I put all of my fall and Thanksgiving stuff on the dining room table - it's not nearly as much as others have, but I add a few things each year.

I spent the evening working on my decorations - while taking care of the little ones, who were rolling around on the floor. I spent Saturday doing this tree --

I took this picture with all the house lights off.

I love this shot! Kate scooted herself under the tree and Emma is perusing an ornament that she plucked from a low branch.

I kept working on the family room until midnight, when I gave up on DC ever getting home. I'll share more pictures next time. Today I worked on the upstairs tree. Why do I do this to myself??

Today was garbage day, and since DC usually does the dirty work, and he wasn't home, I decided to get it ready to be put out this morning. The bag was so heavy that when he took it out this morning, it broke - he came back in to tell me he was running late, so I'd have to take care of the mess. What a mess it was!! You can imagine - all of the garbage from Thanksgiving dinner! I don't put potato peelings in the garbage disposal any more - not since the day we needed a plumber on Thanksgiving Day because everything was backing up into both sinks. EWWWW!! Then there's the giblets - nobody likes them in my group, so in the garbage they went. Then there were some bad potatoes that I tossed in there. That bag must have weighed a half a ton! So there it was - potato peelings and all matter of gross stuff, all over the street in front of the driveway. What a great way to start the day! At least it was warm.

A year ago right now we were getting ready for our trip to Hawaii. How could the time possibly go so fast?? Soon (next Monday) we'll be celebrating both Kristen's and Sema's birthdays. I like to think about Kristen's 4th birthday, when our future DIL was born in Mombassa, Kenya, Africa. What are the odds on that one? I have some surprises planned, but won't reveal them, since they may be reading this. I'll tell you after the fact.

Then we have Care Bear's school program on the 11th (we'll miss the company party this year). On the 13th, our 4x4 group from church will be here for dinner. The following Saturay, the 20th, we've invited our SS class over for our annual party. I hope not everybody comes - it could be a crowd, but lots of fun.

After Christmas with DC's family, which I mentioned a couple of posts ago, it will be our anniversary. We'll be heading for our favorite cabin in Estes Park for a couple of days. Lots to look forward to! And lots to do!

Well, that's enough rambling for tonight - I just have one more comment on a totally different subject. I've been trying hard to figure out how two people can bash each other for months and months. Then when one of the two wins the presidency, he names the other one, whom he appeared to despise, to the position that would make them work more closely together than any other cabinet position. I just don't get it!!

On a more positive note, in my reading this week, I'm in I Corinthians. I love these verses in chapter 7, from The Message, the words of Paul: "I do want to point out, friends, that time is of the essence. There is no time to waste, so don't complicate your lives unnecessarily. Keep it simple - in marriage, grief, joy, whatever. Even in ordinary things - your daily routines of shopping, and so on. Deal as sparingly as possible with the things the world thrusts on youl This world as you see it is on its way out."

If you have a few minutes, go over to Kristen's place and see some cute pictures - my favorite is Care Bear's fancy letter to Santa. She tells a secret, too!

Catch ya later!


PEA said...

It's 28F here right now and the wind is blowing in another snowstorm! We're supposed to get another few inches overnight. We've got more snow now than we did all last winter!!

What a shame about the new refrigerator being too big...have you ordered a smaller one now?

I just love your Christmas tree and how pretty it looks all lit up! I see that Santa put two little girls underneath your tree this year! hehe Such precious pictures.

Ewwww yuck...I just hate it when a garbage bag breaks like that. I don't envy you having to start your day by cleaning up that mess.

Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you...well you're always busy, so I should say BUSIER! lol xoxo

Mary said...


You are a very busy lady. I enjoyed the photos, especially the one of the girlies at the Christmas tree. That is so cute.

Don't get so busy that you forget to take some time for you. Have a great week, my friend.


Nancy said...

You really do have a lot to look forward to this holiday season. I love your tree with the twins just rolling around under it. They look so happy to be able to move from one place to the other.

I read Kristen's post. She seems to be doing better now... an answer to prayer. I love the letter to Santa with the real names... too cute!

I remember DC talking about the CD when you were in NC. How exciting... I wish it could be available- I would love to hear it!

I hope you have a great week!

Maine Mom said...

I love your Christmas blog look!

The warm weather sounds nice. Your weather sounds a lot like ours...if you don't like the weather just wait because it will change soon!

I bet the people at your church will love the CD of the quartet group. What a neat experience for DC!

The picture of one of the twins under the tree is so cute! It made me chuckle. :-)

I can't believe it was a year ago that you went to Hawaii! Time does fly by!

Enjoy the Christmas season.

Needled Mom said...

Such a fun and interesting post, Dawn.

I love the picture of the twins at the tree. I cannot tell you how many trees were tied to the wall when the kids were small. All the breakable ornaments were up high and the soft ones down low. Now it is back to the same situation with the grandchildren.

It was just about a year ago the wee ones were born as well. You must have a lot of birthdays and fun celebrations this month.

That trash disaster sounded awful! I hate to pick up spilled trash to begin with, but all that turkey stuff must have been horrid.

We did the same thing once with a fridge. The space was fine (which I had measured) but the access up the stairs which took a bend would not work. They took the doors off and still no go. But, you are right, it does make a difference without all the stuff on the front. Mine is stainless (big mistake) and no magnets will stick to it so it stays neat looking.

I know you will have a wonderful time in Estes Park. It is one of our favorite places to visit.

Kathleen Marie said...

I love that picture with the little ones under the tree...So precious. My cats are always bothering my tree but I wonder what Alexys will do when she arrives again on Saturday?! 'o' It will be interesting to be sure.

Wow, a year ago you were heading off to Hawaii...Time does just runaway with a person doesn't it.

And you have been BUSY~ Love the tree! We had our lit up last night but I have a few more things to do around the house today.


Christa said...

My daughter lives in Colorado and mentioned the winds.
I love the pictures of the children in their costumes, they are great. I missed our Thanksgiving at school this year because of wedding preperations, but heard they were good.

The twin under the tree, did she scoot herself there. That is a wonderful picture.
Have a Great Day

Tammy said...

Wow, that was a huge jump in temp!
Our weather has been drizzly but this week pretty balmy, too...almost 60, I think.

I love, love that picture where the babies are exploring the tree! But it makes me just a bit nervous! LOL

It also reminds me of when our oldest was a baby...her first Christmas she was nearly six months old and my husband and I were talking about something important, though I can't remember what. I just remember we were across the room from each other (small room) and our baby was on the floor. We were so deep in conversation when I suddenly looked down and noticed she had scooted all the way across the floor to the tree! It was was her first major scoot so I never forgot it...and we thought, "look out, she's officially mobile!"

The passage you quoted is wonderful and so thought provoking.
In fact, the post I just now wrote is all about this, too, and how it pertains to the Christmas season!

Have a great rest of the week, Dawn...

Hootin' Anni said...

I simply adore the last photo of the little ones under and near the tree!!! Don'tcha just LOVE the wee ones this time of year? [well, ALL year, but you know what I mean.]

Happy Thursday.
Believe it or not tho the temp is probably quite cold on the front range for you, it's actually bitter cold here with the fierce winds. It's low 40s and the chill factor is probably near freezing...glad I brought in my plants off the patio last night. They said on the weather channel we were gonna get hit with a cold blast from the north...right on.


Midlife Mom said...

My goodness girl, you are one busy lady! So much going on and so many upcoming things to do! That picture of the twinies by and under the Christmas tree is priceless! Sooooo cute! Your tree looks so pretty, mine is up but not decorated yet. The grands are going to be here for the weekend so they will help me decorate I'm sure.
That is so neat that hubby sings in a quartet! I love a mens quartet, right now we don't have one at our church and I miss it. That will be so neat to have the cd!
Oh don't I hate spilled garbage! Yuck! At our place at the lake we are the last one for trash pick up and people beyond us would put their trash in front of our place. Of course the wild animals would get into it and spread it around and I would have to get my rubber gloves on and clean it up! I finally called the town office and put a sign up in front of our place that said NO TRASH! It worked, hasn't been any there since! yea!
Yes, I got over to Kristen's last night. She sure has a lot on her plate but so wonderful the support system that she has with you and hubby!

Take care and don't get over tired!!!!

groovyoldlady said...

Sounds like a busy month for you, so HEED those words in 1 Cor!

I know we are. Project no-more-buying-gifts-because-we're-supposed-to has been implemented here in groovydom with great success. We are only buying 1 gift for the girlies (plus some stocking goodies) and small gifts for our grandchildren. No gifts for the adults and only cookies for the grown kids. The rest of our energy is then being applied to ministering both financially and physically to "the least of these".

It. is. SO. Freeing!

A Hint of Home said...

Hey Dawn,

It is a busy time for you. Your decorations look like they are coming along well.
The twins are just precious. Such a cute picture.

Robin said...

Such a nice newsy post! How fun for your husband to make a CD with his friends. Even if they don't become famous - they will have the CD for many years to come.
That picture of your little twins by the tree is so adorable! You might be in for some fun times - keeping them away from all the "pretties"!
I haven't even started decorating yet - maybe this weekend.

Nadine said...

The Christmas blog looks is very pretty. I don't remember if I said that already because so many people have changed it up for Christmas.

You tree looks lovely. I especially like the "presents" under the tree.

Linda said...

It was fun catching up with you Dawn. The days have gotten rather full and it's hard to find time at the computer!
The tree looks beautiful. I think the girls approve too.
Oh - I can just imagine the mess. When faced with something like that what I really want to do is just climb into bed and pull the covers over my head. That rarely gets the job take care of though:-)
I am excited about the CD. I wish Steve had a group like that to sing with. All the music people in our church much prefer the more modern praise and worship music (which we love too - but we do miss the hymns and gospel music). I'm sure it's going to be wonderful.
Have a blessed weekend - if I don't get back to visit before then.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Eww! I hate having to clean up garbage so I invest in the pricier bags. It's worth every penny extra not to have to clean up nasty trash.

Too bad about your fridge. Hope it's not too much of a hassle to make room for it.

Sounds like your December is pretty much booked. It's a busy time of year for everyone.

I'll drop by to visit Kristin after I post this.

Have a good Friday and weekend!

Love and hugs,


Robin in New Jersey said...

Those babies under the tree is too cute!

I can't get to Kristin's blog. It's blocked. How's she doing?

I feel the same way about Obama appointing Hilary. Weird.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again, Dawn! Thanks for popping over to my blog entry today. Just wanted to answer your question. Yes, yes...I do try and get back to Colorado often....but it's been a while since my health went down hill for a while...I have a sister in Montrose, and a brother in Greeley...a brother in Denver and a lot of friends in Fort Collins where I went to CSU for a while....way back when.

Happy weekend to you.

Coe said...

Daniel has a blog at http://deflamed.blogspot.com/. You will see pictures of Korea.