Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Trivia

Wow, where has this week gone?? We had another spring-like day today - it is amazing how energizing it is to have sun and warmth in the middle of winter. I was sitting on my patio yesterday afternoon, believe it or not, reading my book. I heard the mournful sound of the coon hound next door, which is not my favorite thing to hear when I'm trying to relax in my yard. I looked over my shoulder, because he sounded closer than usual. Lo and behold, I discovered that two boards had fallen from the fence and that hound dog had his nose sticking through the gap. It made me a bit nervous, thinking of the fact that dogs can squeeze through mighty small spaces if they are of a mind to. So I decided to head back inside - a short reprieve on the patio. DC fixed the fence tonight - thanks, Hon!

Added to the wonderful weather today, I had the day to myself. My sweet daughter, Kristen, has restructured her life to give me Tuesday and Thursday free. Now anyone who reads my posts knows that those little girls are the light of my life. But if you read between the lines, you also know that I'm pretty tired a lot of the time - it takes a lot of energy to keep up with them. And I don't believe in staying home all the time - getting them in and out of the car is a cardio/strength training workout all its own. So - thanks, my dear, for a chance to feel really retired a couple days a week. We'll see how it works out - she'll be burning some midnight oil to make this happen.

My laptop has been acting very weird the last few weeks. I'll be typing along (and I type quite fast) when all of a sudden, the word I'm typing will jump up into a new line and land in the middle of another sentence. Often I'm not even watching my screen, but just typing away and watching t.v. or the kids. Sometimes a whole paragraph will be highlighted and disappear in a flash, before I even have a chance to stop typing. It's been incredibly frustrating and a terrific waste of time. So I took it to the computer doctor yesterday. Imagine my aggravation when the guy called me back to tell me that they had "typed the alphabet 10 times and nothing happened." I'm afraid I wasn't really sweet - I was rather insulted that they would think I dragged the three kids and my computer in just for the fun of it. I went back in there today (by myself!), set it up, prepared to just show them the problem. Of course - it's like when you take your car in and it acts perfectly fine - NOTHING HAPPENED!

Since I got it home, it has done it a couple of times, but I am making a concerted effort to keep my hands off the mouse pad. I cannot figure out why all of a sudden this has happened, considering I've had this computer for over a year and it never did it until the last few weeks. Well, I just have to learn to type with my hands in the proper position, rather than resting on the computer. Life is full of challenges!

In case you're interested in another update - this time about my ganglion cyst. Remember the disgusting "before" photo?

I finally went to see my doctor for his advice. He decided to aspirate it - a simple procedure that works some of the time - it comes back quite often. Not to gross anybody out, but when he had deadened the area and inserted the needle, suddenly the syringe began filling up with blood rather than the goopy stuff that was supposed to be there. I think he was pretty stunned and a bit shook up. He was afraid he had hit a vein, but couldn't figure out how that could have happened - unless there was a vein over the bump instead of underneath it.

He held it tightly to stop the flow, then bandaged it snugly, and told me to come back in a week. I debated not going back, but decided to keep the appointment. He asked me if I would allow him to give it another shot (no pun intended!). He ascertained that there was no pulse on the top of the bulge, assuring him that the vein was not in a weird place. He inserted the needle into a different area and succeeded in getting alot of the "junk" this time. He felt so much better - so did I.

It was still bigger than I hoped. But as time has gone by, it has actually shrunk to this:

I really, really hope it doesn't come back!

I have to share some pictures - just can't resist. Emma and Katie had piggie tails in their hair when I picked them up last Friday. So adorable! As is the norm, Emma doesn't mind hats or things in her hair. Katie gets rid of them as soon as possible. Emma is quite the ham when the camera is around. By the time we got home from the library, the hair was not quite as cute as it was in the morning, but she was standing by my chair, just begging to be photographed. Indulge me, please!

Katie just kept playing with her toys. Eventually, she came over for a close-up.

Thanks for letting me share - and have a wonderful week-end!


Mary said...


It has been quite cold here but it is to warm up quite nicely this Saturday, which will be pleasant. I'm hoping some of the ice melts off the river before spring breakup or we are in for a lot of flooding.

I'm glad the cyst is a lot smaller now and will pray it doesn't come back.

Loved the photos of the girlies. They have grown so much. It seems like yesterday that they were newborns.

To answer your question about Dakota, he will be a medium sized dog. I'm thinking the size of a border collie. I might be wrong, but next to Meeko that will be small. He was very large but loveable and Dakota seems so tiny because Meeko was so big.

You will be able to watch him grow on my blog and before we know it, he will be a year old. Time flies.

Take care. I enjoyed visiting with you.


Hootin' Anni said...

Have you tried to restore your computer's System to an earlier, before it started acting weird? You won't lose any photos or anything, it'll just go back to a different date. If you can, try going back about 3 weeks' or a month. It may be that something got uploaded to your computer without your knowledge.

What browser do you use.

Glad to hear that the cyst was drained. They can be cumbersome. Bud had one on his arm, and when they shot it...not to gross YOU out, but pussy stuff came out....ewwwwww.

Have a super day Dawn.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ps....LOVE the smiles on the darling.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hooray for draining the cyst!! It looks so good already. Your kiddos are just adorable and so identical Dawn. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off too, and yes, we do need a little time out. I totally understand where you are coming from:) I am continuing to pray for all other things for you and I hope your weekend is a wonderful one.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Susie said...

So glad the cyst has gone down in size.
That is the weirdest thing about the computer. I also have trouble on my laptop (I type fast too and sometimes it does some very weird things!)
Those grins and piggy tails are adorable.
Glad you're getting some "days off"
Enjoy them!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi, it's me again. I just read your 2nd comment for me today and now that I know you're using Firefox...I'm going to email you and see if what I did for the same thing [jumping text] will work for you also.

Expect an email from me shortly. :o)

Linda said...

So good to hear from you again Dawn. How wonderful that Kristen has managed to give you a couple of free days. Bless her sweet heart. I know it will do you so much good to have those free days.
Your wrist looks a lot better. That was a scarey experience. It's never a happy time when the doctor looks disconcerted.
What a precious smile on that sweet baby girl. They are both just beautiful.
Praying for all of you always.

Maine Mom said...

Cute pictures! It would be a lot easier for me to tell Emma and Katie apart if one of them has their hair up and one down. :-)

That was nice of Kristen to arrange her schedule, so you can have a few days to yourself. Enjoy!

Nadine said...

I'm glad you cyst is so much smaller.

It's good to have a couple of days free during the week to relax.

I hate when something is acting up and when you go to get it fixed they can't find anything.

Maine Mom said...

Oh yeah, I wanted to answer your question about my kids eating a good dinner after a big snack (like pancakes) after school. The answer is yes and no. Zoe and Emily, who normally eat a good dinner ate good and the younger 3 ate a little, like usual. I think the key is to have them eat until they are full after school and then they can eat again at dinnertime, instead of snacking every 15 minutes! Of course, some days are better than others with this, which is typical with everything, isn't it?

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Bless Kristen's heart for arranging things so you can have some free days. I'm with you - as much as I adore Emmy it sure wears me out when I have her a lot. And that's only 1 kid, not 4 like you have, bless your heart!

My laptop does the same thing with the text but I think it's because of the way I sometimes rest my wrists on the mouse pad. It sure is frustrating at times! Hope you get your problem figured out soon.

My power has been pretty steady for the last several days, but my internet has been off and on every day this week. If it stays on all day today it will be the first time I've had uninterrupted service since the ice storm 10 days ago. I hope to put up a post tonight if my internet cooperates.

It's 65F here but the wind is gusting over 30 mph. Certainly a difference from last week! And we're supposed to get severe storms the first of the week so we'll pay for these Spring-like temps. Ugh!

Hope you have a good weekend, my friend.

Love and hugs,


Kristen said...

Oh, be still my heart, those babies are cute!!!

Judith said...

Oh Dawn, Is that what's meant when it's said we are loved, warts and all?

That charming little person. With tossed about hair and pretty bows. that's about how I looked when I went to doctor's office today. But she looks so much better, and how cool that she lets you know she is there.

Am glad you got some relief from the draining. Hope you'll rest some on your "days off". Of course, having fun and going some place you'd like to, is also good medicine.

When I hear a lot of Grand Mas talk about taking care of little ones, I do not know how I survived six of them so close together before B.C., (birth control. At some times, I had a little help, but it was rare,and not for long. Looking back, I am sure God knows what He's doing, when He gives newborn babies to young Moms.

I'll be checking your blog to see how that problem that needed draining comes along.

Becky said...

The twins are getting so big. Even their smiles are growing :)

You asked about the Esther study and I don't know the answer to that. You'd have to go to the Lifeway site I would imagine, and check it out. There are, of course, DVDs that they may have online so you don't have to purchase them. I'm not sure. Good luck!

PEA said...

Those girls just melt my heart!! I'm always amazed at how fast they're growing and everything they've accomplished in just one short year, especially considering their start!

How wonderful that Kristen was able to arrange it so that you could have 2 free days a week. I'm sure you'll enjoy those! lol When we get to a certain age we just don't have the stamina we once had.

Glad to see that your ganglion has shrunk so much! What a scary first visit to the doctor about it, though!! I'm waiting to see if mine gets any bigger and then I'll have to go see the dr. about it too.

We're actually having a heat wave this weekend, it's 33F today!! That's awesome compared to the -25F we were having just the other day!! Hopefully it will last a few days but I know we still have a lot of Winter weather to deal with yet.

Hope your weekend is going well:-) xoxo

groovyoldlady said...

Re: the cyst story. Ack! GROSS! Eeew! Disgusting! Ugh! Disturbing!

Re: the adorable grandchildren.


Linds said...

I am so glad to see that cyst shrink, Dawn! At least it worked on the second attempt, though I think you were brave to go back!
Weird things happen to these computers all the time. They appear to have minds of their own! And my, how cute are the little ones! Such cheesy grins for the Granny!

Have a wonderful weekend. I will email you your questions tomorrow!

Susan said...

Such cute pig tails!!!

Sharon Lynne said...

I'm so glad your cyst is smaller. It looks really good! So sorry to hear about your computer. How frustrating!
The twins are super-adorable. Did I see two teeth there?

My son came home tonight. (see my latest post)

Hope Kev's doing okay.

Nancy said...

Dawn the twins are just drop dead gorgeous. I love the pig tails... sooooo cute!

Sorry about your computer, I have a weird theory just because this happens to me too. I think it is the mousepad thing you mentioned but maybe the cyst caused a different placement of your hands and made you hit the mouse pad in strange way. Just a thought.

I'm glad you had that cyst worked on... it looks awful and I'm sure it didn't feel too good either! Maybe that's the end of it!

Wonderful news that you have two days to yourself. You haven't had much time since you retired and you really deserve this time. ENJOY!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Dawn.
Happy Monday to you.

Just wanted to stop by again and thank you for the birthday wishes you left in my comments this morning...

Yes, yes...if you come down here, do let me know. And I, if I get to Colorado on the Eastern slope again soon, we'll meet up there. :o)

Mimi said...

I think my comment deleted itself while I was posting...
maybe my computer is acting up also...
anyway I loved the newsy post

Robin said...

Oh I hope you can get your computer problems solved - there is nothing more frustrating.
Those girlies - are just the cutest! Love those grins!
I'm glad you are getting a couple of days off to be "retired". I totally understand how you need that.

Needled Mom said...

I love those first pigtails. They always look so darn cute.

My computer has been doing the same thing. I assumed that it was my problem and was surprised to hear that I am not the only one. Sometimes my mail is just sent in the middle of typing it. Grrr.

Glad that you are going to have some free time to relax and do some fun things for yourself. Little ones can be very exhausting. Good thing we have them when we are young as I would hate to be starting my family now!!!!

I hope that thing does not reappear on your wrist too. That sounds so painful. It does look better now.

Barb said...

I just can't get over how much they've grown, Dawn. You should never apologize for sharing - we all love seeing photos of them.

I just read your "you know you live in Colorado if..." post and laughed my head off, it's all so true. Absolutely no one would eat at Casa Bonita for the food and it's true, adults only go there if they're taking out of town guests for the experience. The food is terrible, but it's a fun place to go, once. LOL

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

My gosh how the girlies have grown! I love the piggie tails too!

Hope your cyst does not come back again too!