Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grandma-ing With the Twins

It's been quite awhile since I've done an update on the littles. They will be two soon - can you believe it? They are very busy little people and, as I've probably said before, caring for them is somewhat like herding cats!

They're still little for their age, but are as healthy as can be. Their vocabulary is increasing daily - we can even understand some of it! They definitely have their own language with each other.

We're thinking it would be a good time to start potty training. I bought a potty chair the other day so that we'd have one at each house. I decided, watching them, that having fun with the equipment was a good start - hopefully we'll make some progress soon.

I love watching everything they do, everything they learn. I love how young kids catch on to the technology of our world with such ease. The girls love cell phones - real, toy, or even a calculator can suffice.

I love that they can make a toy out of anything that catches their fancy - even an empty plastic bottle from the bathtub.

They have fun with anything - I heard giggling and found them in my suitcase, which I had not finished emptying after the trips.

They love to "help" with the dishes - and the laundry, though I didn't get a picture of that.

They're trying to start learning to dress themselves --

Their latest passion is shoes - and their favorite word. I caught all of these in a couple of days at my house.

We love to go to the library. Miss Lolly has so many fun things to do every week.

Ball time --

Learning to pick up is an important part --

Putting Humpty on the wall every week --

A new game this week - something with rubber duckies, fishies, froggies --

Big fuzzy friends --

And, the finale - bubble time!

Coming up next - Grandma-ing with the Big Girls!


PEA said...

Gosh, yes it is hard to believe they'll soon be 2 years old! They're both really doing so well and I so enjoyed seeing all these wonderful pictures of them at play:-) Sure, they love to help with the dishes and laundry now but wait until they realize it's WORK! hehe They are so darling and no doubt there is never a dull moment when they're around!! I hope Kristen is doing well? Thank you so much for the update on these two little cuties:-) xoxo

groovyoldlady said...

All Grandkids are awesome, but yours are extra special! :-)

Sammy said...

Oh boy, are they cute!!! It is so hard to believe they are almost 2 years old! Where did the time go??

Great update on the Littles! And isn't it fun how excited they get over things that aren't toys? Khai LOVES an empty bottle!

Did I mention how cute they are?? :-)

nancygrayce said...

They are so cute!!! Growing so fast, and becoming real girls with their love of shoes! :)

Midlife Mom said...

Wonderful pics of your little girlies! It seems like we were all just waiting for them to be born and praying for their safe delivery and now it's almost two years later. Where does the time go? What is it about shoes that is so fascinating to little ones? lol! I just love those pictures the most!

I recognized each and every one of the Maine pictures that you put in your last post!!!!! I have been right there many times. To think you were only 25 miles from my house! We go down that route through Ellsworth many times each summer and also the route where the big bridge is to go to the Lobster Pound. Oh well, maybe July!

Hootin' Anni said...

Just darling! Every bit of this post. But, you know me,.....I hafta, just hafta pick out a phavorite photo!....LOL And mine this time is the 2nd one down in the 'cellphone/technology' section. precious is that?

Hope your weekend is a good one. Getting snow? We here are going to get into the 30s this week. Ugh!!

Linda said...

It all looks like great fun Dawn. They really are growing so quickly. You are such a special Grandma.

Mary said...


It is hard to believe they will be 2. It seems like yesterday that I was praying for their safe arrival. They are doing so well and growing up quickly.

Do you take Vitamin D? I know I was feeling so dragged out last year and Michelle suggested I take Vitamin D. She is a pharmacy tech and lo and behold, I'm seldom fatigued and don't require daily naps anymore.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

grammy said...

What fun pics. They are getting big. I love that age too. You have so much fun with them and you are a good Grammy. Are you all set for the next Holiday? Is all your traveling all over for now?

Susie said...

Loved seeing how much they've grown. How fun that they are loving shoes (a great habit for girlies) :)
Also read your last post on your visit with Kev in Maine. What beautiful scenery and I'm so envious that you got to meet Louise. I know
you must have both enjoyed it so much.

Becky said...

They certainly keep you on your toes I can see.

What a busy time with them. They look great!! And you eat them up which is exactly how it should be.

Needled Mom said...

No, I cannot believe they will soon be two. Doesn't the time fly?

It's funny how early the female types start off with a shoe fetish, isn't it.

They are growing up so quickly and won't it be nice when there are no more diapers to deal with?

Those were all great pics and I can't wait to see the big girls.

Sharon Lynne said...

They are so darling!
I'm glad their learning to pick-up! That will come in handy the next time they play "shoes".

Judith said...

How so adorable!!! Didn't realize how much they have grown. I love how they take right to different shoes, without worrying whether they fit. We could probably learn from that, don't you think.

Now if we would just hold on to the wonderment of life they are so enjoying.

Maine Mom said...

You posted so many cute pictures of the twins!

I wish we had a fun story time like you have. My kids just sit and listen to stories. The librarian isn't fun and energetic. We could travel 30 minutes for a more active story time, but it's just so much easier to go to the library in town.

nannykim said...

Its funny how little kids often love the same things--ie clumping around in big shoes.!! They are cuties.

Gigi said...

Sweet babies!!!