Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year End Ramblings

Yesterday was our anniversary. The above pictures are two of my favorites from that wonderful occasion 37 years ago. Our plan this year was simple - just go up the mountain to Estes Park to a favorite restaurant for dinner. Fortunately, we called first, only to learn that they are closed on Mondays. So we went to Panera for a lovely sandwich and soup beside the fireplace, followed by the movie "The Blind Side." I'm not a movie-goer or even a very often movie-renter. But I am so glad we went to this one. It was wonderful - I highly recommend it, if you haven't seen it yet. We did get up to Estes tonight and enjoyed a delicious meal and peaceful time together.

Christmas was great. We had Christmas Eve with DC's family - a simple meal, good fellowship, fun gifts, ending with a great treasure hunt for the big girls.

Christmas morning we had our traditional brunch at my house with my family. I had set the kids' table for the 4 girls. Katie decided she wanted to sit in her usual seat, though it was on the floor instead of on a chair. She dragged it out and sat down. I put the tray on, and Emma proceeded to start feeding her. It was priceless.

A few minutes later, they were under the table, "reading" several days' worth of the Denver Post.

Sema brought their dog, Calli. She is a very short-haired bull terrier who does not like the cold. She has a coat and boots, and gladly wears them.

The twins received Cabbage Patch twins - Katie is the very maternal one.

Twins are so interesting so watch and listen to. They definitely have their own language. We're trying hard to understand it, and I know they wish we did. They have more and more understandable vocabulary, but I know they're tired of hearing us say, "Yes, I know! Uh-huh!"

They play together, of course, and what one doesn't think of, the other does. Their latest game is sitting in the bathroom cabinet and shutting the door as far as they can - and then giggling and giggling. (Katie has the most amazing bedhead in the mornings!)

So now it's on to 2010. I just got used to writing 2009! As I've mentioned often, my word for the year, "flexibility" really got a workout. On the way down from Estes Park tonight, we were listening to the Gaither Vocal Band. One of my favorites on the album is "Not Gonna Worry." Here is a very informal rendition, with the words above.

I'm not gonna worry, I'm not gonna fret.
I'm not gonna speculate or contemplate on how it might have been.
I'm not gonna worry, He's got the whole things in his hands.
I won't let it haunt me, I won't let it win.
I'm not gonna ruminate or meditate on how it might have been.
I'm gonna release it, He's got the whole thing in His hands.
Maybe lately I started to resign,
But here it goes, God only knows
It might just ease my mind.
I'm not gonna worry, I'm not gonna fret,
I'm just gonna wait and see and in between give thanks for what I get.
I'm not gonna worry, He's got the whole thing in His hands.
Maybe lately I started to resign.
But here it goes, God only knows
It might just ease my mind.
I'm not gonna worry, I'm not gonna fret,
I'm not gonna speculate or contemplate what hasn't happened yet.
I'm not gonna worry, He's got the whole thing in His hands.
He's got the whole thing in His hands.

Easier said than done, I know, but it's something to strive for!

In these days of uncertainty and confusion, we are told 365 times in scripture to "not be afraid." Once for each day of the year! I am asking God to help me TRUST this year more than ever before. I am going to trust Him to . . .

  • bring Kevin into total deliverance from drug addiction
  • give Kevin peace and joy about his future, and a plan for that future
  • give Sema peace and strength as she "holds down the fort" while Kev is away
  • provide a position for Kristen when she finishes school, one that will give her the ability to provide for her family and give her satisfaction
  • continue providing strength and health for DC and me as we care for the girls while Kristen goes to school and work
  • give me strength I need to do what I need to do to be my best physically, mentally, and spiritually
Happy New Year!


Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas for all of you. The girls are really getting so big and I love the picture of Emma feeding Katie. Too cute!

Your wedding pictures are wonderful. Don't they bring back such fond memories? I am glad that you made it to Estes Park finally. At least you managed to get two meals out with the deal!!!

Poor doggy with needing to wear a coat and boots. I know that I would be the same way myself. Brrr.

Yes, MM and myself will be together in the FL Keys in February. Wish you could join us. It is so much fun to get together once a year.

I so wish that I could make myself stop worrying about things. It is a constant job trying. It is so hard to let go and trust so completely, but it is a great goal for the new year.

No feeling in my fingertips is a bit bothersome, but it is so minor compared to what could have been. It has taken getting used to and avoiding burning myself when I cook. Can you tell that I know that experience firsthand????

Enjoy this delightfully quiet time of the Christmas season. xox

Jess said...

This was a well needed uplifting post for me.

So glad you had happy holidays...
and I thank you for your visits and comments...and support.

Love you lots

Sammy said...

God bless you, Dawn. You and your lovely family. Your list is truly admirable. As I read it I immediately noticed that you're only thinking of others and I truly respect you for that. It's just amazing.

Great photos! I adore the one of Emma feeding Katie. Incredibly sweet. And then the next one of them reading the newspaper--LOVE it!! They are just too cute for words!

I'm glad you had a nice holiday. I will keep you and your list in my prayers.

Maine Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures you shared of your wedding day.

I think my mom and I need to go see "The Blind Side" when it hits the $1 theater.

Thanks for sharing so many sweet pictures! I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.

Trusting in the Lord is a great goal for 2010. :-)

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. The girls are all getting so big!

Hope you have a wonderful 2010

grammy said...

That was a nice long post full of pictures. Fun (o:
Looks like Christmas was great. Happy Anniversary too. I wonder how my daughter will like having her anniv. so close to Christmas??? Mines is two days after Valentines day. It is to easy for hubby to lump them all together.
I love the Gaithers too. Thanks for the song and words and reminder.

Robin said...

I enjoyed your post! That is so sweet that you took the time during such busy-ness to celebrate your anniversary. I know lots of folks would let it go because of everything else going on. I'm glad you got to get away - with your busy life you needed it!
I also liked your "trust" list. I should make one of those so I can keep reminding myself. One of the dear saints in our church always says, "Don't tell me worrying doesn't work. Half the things I worry about never happen!"

Midlife Mom said...

What sweet pictures of your wedding day! Hasn't the time gone by quickly?! Glad you got a chance to get away for a nice meal.

R and I love the Gaithers and have listened to them for years. That song I wasn't familiar with but the words certainly are powerful. Be anxious for nothing, oh how I wish I could obey that commandment better! It is one I struggle with in this day and age with so much going on. Especially with young grandchildren growing up in this world, what's it going to be like when they are our age? See, here I go, I have to stop doing that and put my trust in His hands!!!

Great pictures of the girls, love the one of them in the cupboard! My two used to do that when they were that age.

Yes, it's been very cold and windy here. We got snow a couple days ago and the possibility of a blizzard this weekend. Hopefully it will go out to sea as we have to go to New Hampshire on Monday and I just won't travel with a horse if it's storming. Just too dangerous for him. He really needs to get this operation done so I pray that we get to go. It's not something that can be put off until spring.

I wish you could join me and NM in Florida!! Wouldn't that be fun?!

I'm not a movie goer or renter either so haven't heard of that movie but will watch for it when it comes on the telelvision. I may take T and D to see the new Disney movie tomorrow I think it's the Frog and the Princess. That's about the only kind of movie I go to. :o)

Sema's dog looks so cute in her coat and boots! She would hate it here if she hates the cold! Some of the dogs here just love it and jump and roll in it and have a blast but of course they are used to it.

Heres's praying for a happy new year for you and your family from our house to yours! xoxoxo

nancygrayce said...

What a wonderful Christmas! And Anniversary! I love the wedding picture of you two looking out the back window! I remember they used to take those....now the pictures have to be so different!

The dog wearing the coat cracked me up but the boots had me really laughing!

My prayers for 2010 are so much like yours....

Much, much love!

Nancy said...

I love the twins under the table...they are already avid readers! Our twins got the cabbage patch twins for Christmas too and just love them. Your "fearless" remarks reminded me of Max Lucadoo's latest book. Have you read it? I'm all most finished and as always...it is fantastic. Love...love...love... his books! Happy New Year! I pray that God will bless you and your family richly in 2010!

Hootin' Anni said...

Long time no see Dawn!! I'm following along to play a bit of catching up on the dear bloggin' friends [by the way....you WON'T believe this-------one of the iris you sent me, is getting read to BLOOM!! Yessiree. I'll have to get out in the 'swamp' and trudge through the muddy mass of grass to get a picture of it...after Erik leaves] Anyway...love the photos....the girls reading the Denver Post is a riot!! And in the cupboard...what a hoot. Ohhhhhhhhhh, and let's not forget to mention the dog in the classy outfit with matching boots....lordy. That made me spew out my o. j. this morning.

Happy, happy belated anniversary. I bet Estes was beautiful this time of year...of course, it's a quaint, beautiful town all year long if you want my opinion.

Have a blessed, happy 2010!!

Sharon Lynne said...

The pictures of the girls were so cute, as always. I just love the Christmas picture on the top of your blog! What a bundle of blessing!

May God hear your prayers and may you be able to trust him with each and every request on your list.

Gigi said...

LOVE the wedding pictures!! And those babies are just too cute! The bedhead - LOL!!

Dawn, I stand in prayer with you for all the needs you mentioned...and together we will TRUST that those blessings will be yours in 2010.

PEA said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Dawn! I do hope that 2010 brings you nothing but the best:-) I've finally got all my Christmas decorations put away so now I have time for the computer again. I really missed blogging and visiting during the holidays but now I'm back!!!

I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of the girls at Christmas time. That one of Emma feeding Katie is precious indeed.

Sema's dog really wouldn't do well in my part of the world..it's -4F right now! I went out earlier and didn't think the car would start, even though it was plugged in!!

Love the words to that song...as you said, easier said than done about not worrying, though! lol

Happy belated Anniversary to you and DC!! Glad you were able to go out and celebrate. xoxo

Mary said...


I absolutely LOVE all the photos. The girls with the newspaper and in the cupboard is delightful. I'm glad you allow them to have fun and explore their world.

What a wonderful list for the New Year. It is difficult for us not to worry in certain situations. I know I have a few things going on here with Michelle and the boys and the way things are going in their home.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings. Please say hi to Kristen for me.


Linda said...

I'm so glad you had a nice anniversary celebration (I loved that movie too!). The pictures are so sweet.
Christmas looked wonderful. The little girls are just precious. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.
I'm with you on trust. It is a daily lesson for me - just letting go and letting God. I can be the worst of worriers if I let myself.
Have a blessed week Dawn. I'm off to Jury Duty first thing in the morning. Please don't pick me - too many things to do this week!

Becky said...

TRUST is a great word. It will be fun to see how God brings that to life for each of us.