Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Rambling

The sun has risen on yet another chapter in our lives - not an easy one - again. I often read II Corinthians 1:3-4 (The Message) "All praise to the God and Father of our Master, Jesus the Messiah! Father of all mercy! God of all healing counsel! He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us." And then I tend to ask God why we have to have so many areas in which we can help someone else!

I do not feel like I can share this latest situation, but would appreciate your prayers for our "unspoken request." You have all prayed us through so much.

When I was living in southeast Kansas, teaching school and very lonely, I found this verse in Philippians and took it as mine, very literally - meaning the "state of Kansas." Yesterday for some reason it came to me again, and I have adopted it as my verse for this chapter of our lives, with the "state" being "state of being."

"Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Philippians 4:11, King James Version.

Perseverance and Resilience

Remember my dahlia that we planted this summer? It was doing well and had its first flower when a gust of wind snapped it off at the base. I was sad, because I had chosen it for its beautiful deep burgundy color. Imagine my delight when I saw it coming back to life. It has taken all summer, but here it is - a bloom and many more to come - I just hope the weather lasts long enough to enjoy more. Such a life lesson!

There is so much on my mind, that rambling is a less than adequate word for this post. I should call it "brain dump," as my good blog friend, Becky, does. Hang on, and I hope I don't lose you part of the way through.

My sister introduced me to a new writer this week and I am so grateful that she did. Her name is Elizabeth Musser and the book I read this week is The Swan House.

This morning I was reading as I exercised on the elliptical at the gym. Then I was wiping tears from my eyes and sniffing as I came to the end of this amazing book. I was also listening to my Ipod, which I purchased so that I could cover up the music they choose and listen to my kind of music (after much difficulty figuring out how it works). Just at that moment, Alan Asbury began to sing "I Need Thee Every Hour." My goodness, I had my own little worship service right there in the gym - wondering if anyone was noticing and what they might be wondering! As I finished the book today, I was wishing it was a series, not a stand-alone. Then I found out - it is! There is at least one more. I can hardly wait to read it.

Hot Times in Colorado

On Labor Day, when we were heading home from our week-end at camp, we saw huge plumes of smoke over the mountains. We hadn't heard any news all week-end (glorious!), but when we got home we learned that there was a raging wildfire south and west of us in the Boulder area. The end result was 166 homes and other buildings were destroyed, plus many many acres of growing things.

Last Sunday when we got home from church, we learned that there was a fire burning just 8 miles west of us. We decided to go take some pictures - these I took from the road, looking west.

Then we decided to go up to the beautiful golf course in the western part of our town to get a better view.

I learned later that afternoon that a family in our church had been affected - the house just above the "7" belongs to the dad of some of our college students.

It was very close, as you can see, but it was saved. I read this morning that the fire was 35% contained, with a bit of concern about wind tonight. Only two houses have been lost (not "only" for the owners, for sure). Most of the fires are caused by human stupidity and/or carelessness. Sad.

Some Random Shots of the Kiddoes
Any suggested titles??

Entertaining at the grocery store

Random Pet Peeves

1. IMHO, one of the worst inventions EVER - text messaging.

2. Drivers who pull out in front of me - has happened virtually every day this week - taking my life in their hands - the lives of my grandkids - and strangely enough, their own!

Best Moment of the Week

Feisty, age 6, as the "Belly Fat" commercial was on t.v." "Grandma, you're skinny."

Me: "Thanks, Feisty."

Feisty: "Your shirt is too big."

What fun for her to notice!

A Beautiful Farewell

The eastern sky as the sun set in the west.


Tiffany said...

We were so worried about the Boulder fire! Some of our friends's parents got evacuated, but Praise God their home was spared.

Know that I will be praying for this new season you find yourself in. And sending you virtual hugs!

Susan said...

I hope you have time to drop by and read my latest post title Tender Solitude. The wonderful words shared there may help at this time. Our love & prayers, Dawn. I think you know and are aware of that!

Becky said...

You really did have a "brain dump". Great stuff. Except the difficulty. I am sorry for your pain. Prayers your way. And those fires are awful.. I have another blog friend who has been smelling smoke as well.

The girls seem to be primed for the stage :)

Your dahlia ... gorgeous.

nancygrayce said...

I'm so sorry for whatever your family is going through....I call them chapters too....some are very long chapters aren't they?

The Dahlia is beautiful, I love the close up.

The fire is scary and I'm glad that you aren't affected so far. Fire is an awful thing. One of the family's in our church lost their home last week to fire.

The girls, as always, are adorable! I love the one with the crossed leg! What a girl.

Praying for you and for peace and comfort!

Robin said...

Oh Dawn, I don't know what your situation is, but my heart is heavy for you my friend. You helped pray me through some of my dark days and I will do the same for you.
I love that Phillipians verse - I used it when we lived in Utah - Utah being the "state I was in". Hard days that are behind me now - and guess what - because of them I have been a source of encouragement to other people going through the same trials. But I agree, do we have to have so many?
Thank you, thank you, thank you for another book recommendation! You have sent several my way and I have not ever been disappointed.
I've been thinking about you as I watch the news coverage of the Loveland fires - there is so much to pray for isn't there?
Be strong my friend. So many scriptures tell us that God not only GIVES us strength, He IS our strength. He will carry you through this trial.

Sammy said...

You ARE skinny!!! :-)

You know I'm praying. Will continue to do so.

Needled Mom said...

You know that you have my prayers, Dawn. You certainly have your trials.

I had heard about fires close to Loveland again and thought about you. It did sound like this one HAD to be closer to you. Those are so frightening. We have been evacuated for fires in the past and it is always scary to imagine what you might come home to.

Your dahlia is such a pretty color and the foliage is as well. Glad it seems to have made a comeback.

Kids come out with the cutest words, don't they? Thank heavens for them.

Take care of yourself, Dawn.

Linda said...

It is good to catch up with you dear Dawn. I am so sorry you are going through more difficult times. I will be praying for you. Your sweet spirit blesses and encourages me.
I'm thankful you are all safe from those terrible fires. I think there is nothing quite so frightening.
The girls look so adorable.
Sending you much love sweet friend and lots of prayer.

Amy said...

As always, my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Love the pictures especially the last one!


Gigi said...

Dawn, you and yours remain in my prayers...just remember - one day we will see His glory and all of this will be meaningless! (That thought almost always makes me smile!) But I know in the midst of storms, our hearts are so very heavy...(((hugs))) to you, my friend, as you seek the shelter of His wings. He is your refuge, your Strong Tower in times of trouble.

I hope the fire in your area is soon history and that there are NO MORE fires!! Did I hear correctly on the radio that one (not sure, either Boulder or Loveland) was actually started by a volunteer fireman? Oy....

As always, your flowers are beau-ti-ful!!! And you're right, that deep burgandy color is so striking! See? It made a comeback - it's tough stuff. There's a lesson there, for sure.

HA! The twins with microphones! I love it - I'll bet that was quite the show!!

Ohhhh - a book rec! You know I'll be checking it out, thanks!

Have a blessed weekend, Dawn...try and get some rest and carve out at least a minute or two to catch your breath!

jmckemie said...

Praying for you, friend. The pictures of the girls are adorable. They are growing up so fast and showing such personality. The flower is beautiful; so glad that God decided to not only restore it but to use is to remind you of His love and mercy.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Well you know just what I'm gonna say right off, don't you? You blogs, tho very few and far between your last ones.....this one was absolutely HEAVENLY....indeed!! I loved it all. Well, maybe not the part that your life is in turmoil, but the photos of your darlings...the beautiful flower and the sunset and sunrise. Wow. I love how you stated, also, about it being such a good book that you cried in the end! And I 'hear ya' on the music how you wish to hear your own choices instead of what is played in the piped in music.

Oh and the Loveland's been shown HERE in Texas. Such a shame. And Boulder, so close to my stompin' so sad.

Well now, I think I emailed you a while ago, if you don't feel like emailing me...just remember I have wide shoulders...sometimes, writing it out and all your family trials...well, it helps!!! So, I'm here to listen [read] if you need. You're always in my thoughts and prayers.

I know this is long...but ya, I just hate it when improper English is posted on other blogs. Sometimes I catch MY OWN and go in and correct it. Even if it's days old. LOLOLOL

Christa said...

The girls are so cute, and growing so nicely and with such love and inspiration with you in their lives.
The fires remind me of Calif., of which the fire season has been mild this year.
I will keep you in my prayers.

Nadine said...

I pray for that special situation would be resolved and that God will give you peace.

I always love pictures of the kids. They are getting so big. Love the singing one - looks like they are having fun.

grammy said...

so sorry to hear about hard times for you and yours...will pray.
Love how you get so much in one post (o:
the girls are all so cute
Love how one of the littles is holding a baby...and probably tried to feed it ice cream (o:
What a view of the fire...yikes

Mrs.G said...

I will most surely be praying for you in this difficult time, I too will pray for those affected by that terrible fire.
Your flower is very pretty, its the same color as my living room...
Very cute pictures of your "kiddos"
"Chocolate Kisses" comes to mind:)
The picture of the sun rise is very beautiful....
Blessings to you

A Hint of Home said...

So sorry to hear you are going through some trials. I'll be praying for you and your family.
The fires are such a tragedy. I feel for those families and the ones in CA that lost their homes.
The scenery in your pictures are beautiful, except for the fire and smoke, of course.
The girls look like their having fun entertaining at the store. So cute!
Keep looking to Jesus for his strength.

Laurie in Ca. said...

I will be praying for your unspoken request Dawn and hope this new season brings peace and joy too. The twins are just adorable and look like they have a great sense of humor. Aren't they just amazing at their age? I am enjoying Hannah and her character so much. Love you my friend.

Love and hugs, Laurie

nannykim said...

sorry for the hard times you are going through! Thankfully we only have to face one day at a time. It must have been exciting to see your cousin and I am glad the tornado didn't hit the restaurant!!

PEA said...

Hi Dawn, I'm finally taking the time to visit some blogs. I was gone out with my friend June for lunch but I thought I'd better spend the rest of the afternoon at home to get caught up:-) It's pouring rain anyway so a perfect day to be visiting online friends!!

Please know that you have my prayers for your unspoken request. Sometimes just knowing that others are praying for you is a big help. Plus I'm a big believer that prayer works:-)

The colour of your Dahlia is just gorgeous! My Oh Canada Dahlia didn't come up this year for the first time in 3 years. I dug it up the other day and I could tell it was dead, just don't know what happened to it.

We heard about those fires on our news and I was hoping they were nowhere near you. My heart really goes out to those who lost their homes and/or were affected by them in some way or another. Yes, I agree with you, it's very sad to think that some of those fires were caused by carelessness:-(

Loved seeing new pictures of the girls. I can't get over how much they're growing!!

Oh yes, text messaging...that's one of my pet peeves as well! Teens are walking around texting all the time, head bent over and not watching where they're going. I always want to go bop them one and tell them to smarten up! lol

I can just picture the smile you had when Feisty told you you were skinny:-) xoxo