Friday, November 12, 2010

Please, somebody stop this merry-go-round . . .

. . . I'm getting dizzy!

Thanks to all of you who have prayed and cared for us over the last few days. DC's surgery went very well - I thought he'd be released by now, but not quite yet. He'll go to my parents' house for a few days for peaceful rest - not available here too much. My mom loves to be the halfway house from surgical procedures to home.

Add in a funeral - they never come at opportune times, do they?? I always count it a privilege to play the organ for the homegoing of a saint. I am so thankful for a sister and a sister-in-law, one who has no grandkids yet and one whose grands are far away. They have relieved me by caring for the twins 3 times already this week. My sis has also picked up the big girls from school every day this week. Talk about servanthood in action.

This week one day I posted this on Facebook - it touched a spot in my spirit and seemed to do the same with others. I want to share it, because it's where I'm living right now.

No man ever sank under the burden of the day. It is when tomorrow's burden is added to the burden of today that the weight is more than a man can bear. Never load yourself so. If you find yourself so loaded, at least remember this: it is your own doing, not God's. He begs you to leave the future to Him, and mind the present. -- George McDonald

I always like to share with you all what I'm reading. One of the books I'm almost finished with is Carol Kent's third in the story of her life-imprisoned son. This one is about the joy that can come in the midst of unimaginably horrible circumstances, and how God can use ANYTHING for His glory. If you haven't read these books, please, for your own sake, buy them, borrow them, get them from the library - you'll never regret it. The first one is
When I Lay My Isaac Down, and the second is A New Kind of Normal.

I really love this verse Carol used as the basis of this book, from Romans 9:33 in The Message:

Careful! I've put a huge stone on the road to Mount Zion,
a stone you can't get around. But the stone is me!
If you're looking for me, you'll find me ON the way, not IN the way.

Another book that I'm reading at the same time, with my devotional time in the mornings, is by Sheila Walsh. It is also hitting home with me.

I've started this one by Condoleeza Rice, but haven't gotten too far into it yet. I think it'll be great - I saw an interview with her when the book came out. She's a classy lady, to say the least.

Halloween has come and gone (yay - not my favorite "holiday"), but I had to dress the littles in their costumes for at least 3 days to get the maximum enjoyment of watching people's reactions. It's so much fun to make folks' day better. These were taken when we went to our library day - this is an enormous tree that is growing in the space between the gutter and the sidewalk on this very old street downtown - it's far to big for where it is, but I'm glad nobody's cut it down.

After library time, we went out to visit Great Grandma - they love the aquarium in the lobby. Side note - if you want to have a good feeling kind of day, take some little darlings to a place where really old grandmas and grandpas live - it lights up their lives.

I didn't get pictures of the big girls in their costumes this year, but we did have our own little personal jack-o-lantern pattern.

On an entirely different topic. I have never been a thrift store shopper - the only reason being that I don't have the patience to search for treasures in such a large amount of stuff. I have had great success finding cute clothes for the girls, but never for myself. However - the other day, I was passing by a rack of tops when this wonderful jacket caught my eye - my size, which is very unusual to find. Everyone I know who has good luck at thrift stores is a tiny person.

I had the shirt at home which matches the ribbons precisely. It is such fun to wear and I've had so many compliments. I have a friend who is raising yaks and she was really interested when she saw the brand name in the collar - Yak Magik. I looked it up on Google and found this information:

Yak Magik has its origins in the search for extraordinary places, people, and things. Months spent exploring the high peaks and valleys of the Nepalese Himalaya led to a deep appreciation of the people and culture of Nepal. That appreciation led to great friendships and business partnerships manufacturing novelty jackets in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Almost 30 years later we continue to develop our uniquely beautiful jackets with these amazing artisans.

Yak Magik is fine tailoring, one jacket at a time, not assembly line production, and features complex fabric manipulating, top-stitching, and piped seams.

I wrote an e-mail to the company in the state of Washington to ask how old my jacket might be. They wrote back (pretty neat) and said it was probably made 15 years ago. I love it. It's a treasure.

I love this picture I took of the last full moon, outside my front door.

Finally - our first little snow storm yesterday. The girls were so excited to put on their new boots and head into the white yard. After school they made a snowman - it amazes me how much the littles like to be outside in this stuff.

Well, this turned out to be quite the rambling post - I hope you find a part that makes it worth wading through! BTW, I am continuing to sing in the community choir, plus the church cantata (both on the same week-end, as it turns out), and enjoying. It'll be a challenge to get there this week with DC not at full capacity. I'll have to ruminate on that problem.

Have a wonderful week-end.


Linda said...

It is always lovely to visit with you Dawn. I'm glad DC is doing a bit better and will have some TLC!!
You are doing so well dear friend. I'm just so full of admiration. I will be praying for all of you.
Oh - and the jacket is so unique and beautiful. Great find!

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad to hear that DC is doing well. I know he will be glad to get home and it is wonderful that your mom is providing a halfway house for him.

I do not know how you find the time to read with all that you have going on there, Dawn. I wish that I lived closer so I could give you a hand.

I love your Yak jacket. It is stunning and looks fabulous on you. Someone wanted you to find it that day!!! What a fabulous find.

First snowfall??? Guess that means that winter is really coming. Oh dear!

nancygrayce said...

I'm so glad DC is doing well too!

The girls were so cute in their pumpkin costumes! God has really blessed them to have you as Grandma....although I know at times it isn't easy caring for such young ones!

I have been wanting to read the book I Lay My Isaac of the girls in my Bible study read it when her son was in prison.

Love the jacket! One of the most fashionable ladies at our church buys most of her clothes at Goodwill. She looks like she just stepped out of a magazine. I think you have to have a talent for that though and I'm not sure I do...

The full moon picture is beautiful. I would frame that!

Sharon Lynne said...

You weren't gone very long!
But so glad you're back! Of course if you disappear again, we'll know things got busy with the little girls and the choir rehearsals.

I can't believe its snowing there. Today we had warm sunshine in the afternoon. My son and I took our puppy to the high school ball field to run around. (They don't allow dogs in parks here...that's crazy)

I'm so glad DC is doing well. I thought of him and prayed for him on his day. I'm glad you're mom stepped in. And I'm glad God has stepped in for you and given you help.

grammy said...

Glad to hear from you. Glad your Husbands surgery went well. I am so glad to hear you are letting people help you with the girls. Just to much for you. I know you love them... but you have to stay well to... for them and your husband. Sounds like a busy time like we have around here. Choir is so good for you (o: Enjoy the brief spell of nice weather... the snow was pretty ... but depressing.

Glenda said...

Oh, Dawn, you do stay so busy! God blesses you with health and strength for each day! I love the quote about not adding tomorrows worries to today's cares. I need that!

I need to look for the books you've mentioned. I'm just finishing Francine Rivers' newest - and I've been reading Reuben Welch's books. Love his writings!

I'm glad you have help during this difficult time - and that DC is doing well. Maybe things will slow down for you soon.

Your little ones are so cute!

Gigi said...

So glad DC's surgery is behind you and went well! I'm sure your Mom is enjoying having someone to "mother" for a spell!

I missed your FB post...but it was on par with my devotion on the 11th from Jesus Calling that read:

"Do not let any set of circumstances intimidate you. The more challenging your day, the more of My Power I place at your disposal. You seem to think that I empower you equally each day, but this is not so. Your tendency upon awakening is to assess the difficulties ahead of you, measuring them against your average strength. This is an exercise in unreality.

I know what each of your days will contain, and I empower you accordingly. The degree to which I strengthen you on a given day is based mainly on two variables: the difficulty of your circumstances, and your willingness to depend on Me for help. Try to view challenging days as opportunities to receive more of my power than usual. Look to me for all that you need, and watch to see what I will do. As your day, so shall your strength be."

And the accompanying Scripture verses were Ephesians 1:18-20, Psalm 105:4 and Deuteronomy 33:25 (NKJV)

How funny that you mention Carol Kent's book, Between a Rock and a Grace Place...I was just blessed with a copy of this book in a blog giveaway! I am so excited to read it!

You look fabulous in your "new" jacket! Those colors are just right for you and how cool is it that you now have a bit of history on it from the company that made it?! I love that they got back to you so quickly - now that's great customer service!

And in closing, I don't even want to hear that four letter word (snow) come out of your mouth - I'm not ready to let go of fall yet!! But the girls sure do look like they're having fun!

I'll be keeping you in prayer as you go through the upcoming week...

Tiffany said...

So good to hear from you, and that DC is healing. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!

Linds said...

I am so glad your husband is getting better, and that your family is all stepping in to help out, but I do worry about you, Dawn. Kepp making time to sing and read and if possible, to have a little time alone with your dear husband too!
It is a little milder round here today and I have been out in the garden yanking up the last few things and protecting my spring bulbs from the pesky squirrels in the fortress. My hands look dire, but it is almost done. I am off out there again now. Lovely to see you posting!
PS What a find! That jacket is beautiful! I love charity shops too.

Susan said...

You and yours are in our minds and prayers. Wonderful your mom has the 1/2 way house!!!

Amy said...

Glad to hear that DC is doing well.

Looks like you've been staying busy and having lots of fun with the littles.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I didn't realize you would be back to blogging so soon. Well, it would help if I checked my Google Reader once in a while...then, I would've known. LOL

Love, LOVE the colors in your 'new-found' jacket!!! And you look MAHvelous in it too. The little ones Halloween costumes are adorable. Or I should say, "were"...but they ARE adorable. The moon is awesome. What a great picture. Kinda fitting for your Halloween photos too [I know you don't like Halloween]. Oh and Condi is an awesome lady. I just got a biography on her...our son met her in Houston and he swears she's the best! LOL

Hope your weekend is treating you it's cold and rainy. Amarillo got a LOT of snow too we got the brunt of the cold snap. Brrrrrr.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn. So glad that DC is doing some better. Will continue to keep him and you in my prayers. I know you are glad your Mom is doing the halfway house thingy. I bet it helps out so much. I seen on The Weather Channel this past week where CO had gotten some Snow. Looks like the girls are having a wonderful time playing in it as well. I know when we get snow here, everyone is so excited and goes out to play in it. They both look adorable in their Halloween Costumes. I love your jacket. It is so beautiful and I love the colors in it. Take care my friend and I hope you have a great upcoming week. May GOD continue to Bless you and yours.

Love and hugs,

Karen H.

Sioux said...

God bless you guys. I hadn't kept up. Hope DC is doing better and better. Sending love and prayers!

PEA said...

Hello dear Dawn, I'm finally back to blogging after taking a break to renovate my living room!! I'm so glad to hear that DC's surgery went well, please know my thoughts and prayers are with him as he recovers.

The littles look so darn cute in their pumpkin outfits and I can just imagine how much the elderly love having them over for a visit:-)

I love the jacket you found at the thrift shop, it's gorgeous! So interesting to read all about that company as well. It always amazes me what people will give away!!

Oh dear, having the 4 girls living with you for the next few weeks will indeed be exhausting for you. I do hope that Kristen is ok!!

We haven't had our first snowfall yet which is so unusual and even the temperatures have been above normal for this time of year. Hopefully we'll get an easy winter like we had last year!!

Take good care of YOU!! xoxo

Sammy said...

Hi Dawn,

I've been out of the loop and didn't know about DC's surgery! I'll have to go back to read and catch up. I'm glad he's doing well and I'm sorry I've been away from blogland and didn't know.

Well, you know I love the photo of the littles in their costumes. Adorable!

Beautiful jacket! What a find. I rarely have luck in second hand stores for some reason. But we have a great one around here that only has kids' clothes and furniture. I've gotten both Khai and Avi so many things there.

Midlife Mom said...

So glad to hear that DC is doing well after his surgery. My FIL doesn't like to take his pain meds either and the pain got ahead of him one day last week and he was miserable. Needless to say, he takes his meds on time now!

Have been thinking of you and praying for strength for you as you care for the girls full time for a few weeks. You are an amazing woman and I admire you greatly for all that you do for your family. As we get a little...ahem...older it's not always easy caring for youngsters that have enough energy for ten! :o)

Love, love, love your jacket! It is just gorgeous, what a find!!

We've had a little snow but not much and it doesn't stay on long. I'm okay with that, I don't really want snow until Christmas. It's been very rainy here and if it had been snow we would be snowed under!

The girlies look so cute in their pumpkin costumes. I know you don't enjoy Halloween but there is something very innocent about little ones in their cute costumes. I don't like the horrible costumes with witches and ghouls though. :o(

You are reading some really good books. My Dad gave me Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World by Dr. Jeremiah and I am going to start it today, I know it will be fabulous! I too like Condi Rice so will be anxious to hear how you like her book. Very classy lady.

Take care of yourself Dawn. xoxoxoxo

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Dawn! I haven't been here in awhile...just busy with life.

I read A New Kind of Normal and I can say it is an amazing book. Thank you for the other recommendations.

Going to read some of your other posts now.