Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day in the Life of the Twins and Grandma Dawn

It’s been a beautiful day in the neighborhood and we’ve been very busy. We dropped Mommy off at work and headed down to the gym. I love going to the gym for three reasons:

  1. It helps me keep the weight off that I lost last year.
  2. It gives me a chance for some “me” time as I read on the machines.
  3. It gives the girlies a chance to play with other kids and different toys.

These girls are creatures of habit. They like things to be the same way every time. Their routine when we leave the gym never varies -- first they do a a bit of exercising on the ab crunching device – they are quite put out when someone else is using “their” equipment.

Once we finally get out the door, they have to play a game of “Ring Around the Bike Rack.”

On to the car seat routine --

The smiling face disappeared from Emma for some reason ---

Home again, home again, riggedy jig. Snack time – a baggie with some Honey Nut Cheerios.

I think they have developed hollow legs – now some cinnamon toast.

Off to a bit of relaxation with a movie – love laying on new pillow pals – the cow and the bear.

Playing with Minnie Mouse “laptops” while wearing Minnie Mouse outfits --

A bit of playing – in the doll bed made by Grandpa for their mommy years ago.

Off to Wal-Mart for lunch and a bit of shopping with gift cards from their new dentist and birthday money.

Off to the thrift store to drop off a huge bag of stuffed animals Grandma cleaned out of the toy bin – toys that hadn’t been seen for months or years seem superfluous in Grandma’s opinion.

Oops – they saw toys they still wanted!! They rescued them.

Mommy is off work at her new job at H0bby L0bby.

They were excited to go home – and Grandma was ready for some time alone.


Linds said...

I loved reading about your day with the little ones Dawn - no time for you to be bored then! But I am so glad you get some alone time now!
Reading while at the gym seems like a superb idea. And the photos are beautiful - a lovely diary of a day with the twins!

nancygrayce said...

Whew! I guess you need the gym to keep your strength up! :) So glad to see Kristin and hope she likes her job at HL.....I love that store. I try to stay out of it though, because it's dangerous for me!

The girls are just precious and love their routines!

Glenda said...

Oh, I don't know how you do it!! You have so much patience with those little ones; they are blessed to have you as grandma!!

Amy said...

I see that the twins keep you very busy! I love it when I have my grandson for a few days. Then he wears me out. But so much fun when he's here.

Thanks for sharing both your day and you pictures!

Linda said...

Oh bless your heart Dawn - it looks like a full day indeed. It also looks like a lovely day with your two little girls. They are so sweet.
I'm thankful that you are getting a bit of a break.

Brenda said...

That was a fun day to watch! I bet they really keep you on your toes.
I have to have my daughter out of the house before I can even go thru anything to donate. She wants to keep everything.

Needled Mom said...

That makes for one solid day of activity!!!!! They are awfully cute and I know that you love them to death.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

One heckuva busy day!!! I love all the photos, but the one where you say "oh, oh, they found ones they wanted back"...the stuffed animals. That's cute. Oh and the 'ring around the bike rack'.

A gift card from the Dentist, and McDonalds...that goes well.

Have a super day Dawn. I'm up early and had plans of getting another room done before midday so I can get outdoors. But, Bud put the hipper dipper to that idea...he's still asleep. :o(

jmckemie said...

They really are getting so big! Just commented to my SIL about how I never remember being so tired at the end of the day when I was the mom to the little one and not the grandmom! What is up with that?!? They do keep you on your toes, no doubt about it.

grammy said...

Sounds fimilar...but mine always go home...and I have the evening to myself. Wait. That is almost over. Tracee and Dave move in this weekend. They will mostly live in the basement and the 25 year old son moved upstairs. I think we need a cabin to get away to.

I hate the car seat thing. In and out and buckle. Craziness.

You are a good Mom and Grammy (o:

Nadine said...

Those little ones are getting so big. Seems like you had a fun filled day. I'm tried just reading all that activity.

Tiffany said...

Oh man you were busy! And I am so glad I'm not the only one who gets car seat fits. But, even when mad, they are adorable.

Sammy said...

Wow, what a great day!

The play area at your gym looks wonderful.

My sister's kids play "Ring Around the Bike Rack" too! That's a popular one! :-)

I love the photo of the girls all cozy on the sofa.

And the photo of Kristen hugging her sweet girls brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful shot.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Did grandma need a nap once they were gone? They are so cute though!

PEA said...

I just don't know how you do it, I really don't! lol Just reading about your day with the twins exhausts me:-) They're busy little bees but at least they're healthy and that makes it all worth it. Kristin looks great and how wonderful that she's working at Hobby'll be the first to hear of good deals there! hehe I can well imagine you're happy to get home at the end of the day to have a bit of "me" time, you sure deserve it. xoxo

Midlife Mom said...

What a cute post! What lucky little gals they are to have you for their grammie!!! I must get back to the gym or something as I have put on a few pounds over the holidays. I went out and walked tonight but it was soooooo cold I didn't stay out long. I needed my long-johns! Good to see Kristen, I bet she will love Hobby Lobby! Wish we had one here! Will get back to you on e-mail tomorrow! xoxox

Robin said...

I think the jym must just be an added workout to the one you have just getting there!
What a fun "Day In The Life" post! I can't believe they are already so grown up!
Sweet, sweet grandbabies!

groovyoldlady said...

What a fun post, Dawn! I love seeing the Littles in action!

And K got a job at Hobby Lobby? That made me laugh. We don't have HLs here in Maine, but we passed one on our vacation trip and kept up the jokes for a half an hour or more.

"Hey Silly-Head? You want a Jobby?"

"Only if I can be Snobby and work at the Hobby Lobby!"

GirlyGirl would jump in with, "I think that place is Cobby!" and the BHE would ask if they carried replacements for his dresser knobby.

Yep. Strange bunch we are!

Sharon Lynne said...

Next time try a brown trash bag. I hope they didn't rescue ALL the toys!

God must give you extra energy for those 4 little girls. I know he does!

They certainly look like they enjoyed their day with grandma.