Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rambling Randomness

It's been a wild and crazy spring - maybe one nice warm, sunny day per week, if we were lucky. Today it seemed to turn that corner into, maybe, summer. And a quick turn-around it's supposed to be. The problem with that is the too-fast melting of the huge amounts of snow in the mountains, which could potentially come rushing down and cause flooding down here in the foothills. The snow on Trail Ridge Road, which is the highest continuous highway in the country, has 28 foot piles of snow. The highway is usually opened by Memorial Day for tourists to get to the other side of the mountain, but they had it almost plowed out when winds and snow hit and again and caused 17 foot drifts. Amazing.

The spring flowers lasted a long time, and seemed to thrive on the cool, wet days. The tulips were huge and there are still a few surviving.

The first iris --

The first columbine --

The prolific johnny jump-ups - almost like weeds, but so cute --

And I love the lily of the valley --

The end of the school year came quickly and was incredibly busy - they got out entirely too early this year - I don't know what the school board was thinking. Most of the end of the year events were dampened - literally - by the weather. Field Day was not fun for me - I don't love standing outside watching kids play in the cold and dampness. But I persevered, and tried to get to each of the girls' activities, missing a lot, though. With twin threes, it was extra hard, because they wanted to play instead of watch, of course. Mommy and I switched places midway through the morning.

This was the first time I've enjoyed the indoor activities more than the outdoor - it's usually too hot and stuffy. This year it just felt good.

Of course I had to attend the Awards Assembly, where kids are honored by their teachers for excellence in various areas. Hayley knew she was getting an award, but didn't know in what. It could have been any of several, in my opinion. Not surprisingly, it was for her writing.

Her teacher said these very fun things as she presented the certificate --

Then there was the end of the year Girl Scout meeting, where Hayley was promoted from Brownies to Juniors - and received her Brownie patches.

She went under the bridge from one level to the next --

They did the official hand shake --

And got her new sash to replace the brown vest - onward and upward to new adventures.

THEN - it was Livi's birthday party - another cold day, which did turn out better than it started. It was her first "kid" party, and all the kids in her class were invited. Not too many came (or RSVP'd), but there were enough to have a really good time together at the wonderful new park in our town.

Of course, I always like to update you with my latest readings. Abby was my favorite contestant the first year I watched The Biggest Loser - Season 8. I had read some of her story in a magazine, which is why I turned in. I loved her spirit, in spite of the fact that she had come to the Ranch to try to regain her life after losing her whole family to a horrific car crash, which sent her spiraling into weight gain. I was so glad to see that she had written a book, and it was really worth the time. I highly recommend it - even if you didn't follow her on the show.

And lest you think I haven't been with the littles - fear not. I have been keeping them overnight quite often, giving Kristen a bit of a break. They are so easy in the evening - they go to bed around 7 and sleep 12 hours. Yesterday Emma acquired pink eye - it was so cute when Emma kept talking about her pink eye and Katie kept saying, "I don't have a pink eye." They don't usually have something that the other doesn't. Hopefully the drops will work quickly - not something she enjoys! The other day, they emptied their stuffed animal tub on Grandma.

Well, I didn't mean to dump quite so much on you all, but I guess it's been too long since I wrote anything! Just a bit of update - Kev and Angie left this morning, later than they planned. They had far too many delays, and still haven't reached their night's stop in mid-Iowa. They think it will be midnight before they get there. But Angie got a call (while her phone didn't have any bars) from the hospital where she applied and who have called her before. They wanted her to talk to two managers - so hopefully tomorrow morning won't be too late. She didn't get the message until it was too late to call back today. Obviously a prayer request!

UPDATE: Angie returned the calls this morning (Wednesday) and now has THREE interviews on Monday at the hospital! Praise the Lord!


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I'm impressed with how busy you stay!

My best wishes to Kev and Angie!

grammy said...

I did not do any of the end of school things....because no one told me what was going on (o: Oh well.
Fun to have a great little writer....I think she is the one with great hand writing too.
What new Park?
love the BD party pictures.
My Iris are almost wilting already. Sad...

Linda said...

It is such fun to catch up with you Dawn - always. Your days are so filled with sweet little girls and all their activities.
I remember doing so many of those things when I was little. My Mom was my Brownie leader, and I just loved it.
I'm praying for Kev and Angie.

Needled Mom said...

It's always wonderful to hear a catch up from CO, Dawn. It does sound as though you have been busy despite the inclimate weather situations. Our son was in Mammoth last weekend and they got another 5" of snow which I think also hit the Rockies...right? Unreal! I do hope the flooding and snowmelt won't be too horrific.

Your flowers are just gorgeous. Isn't it such a welcomed sight after the snow and cold winter you had?

My positive thoughts and prayers are with Kev and Angie along the way...and for the interviews.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Love all the pictures of the girls:) You have been a busy lady. I am praying for Kevin and Angies move and really feel God has the perfect job for Angie:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Chilling....chilling for excitement. I do hope you update us on the interviews!!! How wonderful, and so many positive thoughts and wishes for her.

Ohhhhhh, I giggled with delight on the 'dumping' of stuffed critters onto Grandma's lap. How fun...and sweet.

Sorry, it's taken me so long with returning your visit. Yesterday, I wasn't home all day...this morning, I've been tinkering around with making a hummingbird video on You Tube for my Ruby Tuesday post.

And I need to get going...back outdoors in the heat to get to the Post Office.

But, first, I'll go try and catch up with what you've posted to see if I missed any.

PS...there is a surname in common here. That shocked me.

Oh, and your flowers are stunning!!!

PEA said...

I always tend to forget that the snow on the mountains must eventually melt and come down! lol I do hope you're not affected by any flooding. On Tuesday we finally had a hot day, feeling like in the 90's with the humidity and the next day it was 54, today it's 66...talk about one extreme to another! Like you, I'll be happy when the weather stays summer like!!!

Your flowers are so gorgeous. I have Johnny Jump Ups growing all over the place in between my flowers as well but I just leave them there, they add colour:-) My Irises haven't bloomed yet, they're just starting to form their bud so it will be another couple of weeks yet.

Your schools certainly are done early. Ours go until the end of June so parents have another few weeks to enjoy! lol What a shame the year end school activities were held when the weather was so miserable, I don't blame you for not wanting to stand outside watching them.

Congratulations to Hayley and Livi on their achievements!! I love how they're involved in various activities, most kids these days just sit in front of a computer. Livi looked like she was having fun at her birthday party:-)

My prayers are with Angie, I so hope her interviews go well and that she'll have a job right away!!

The twins continue to keep you busy and although you must go to bed exhausted every night, no doubt you wouldn't trade it for the world:-) xoxo

Sammy said...

What an amazing award for Hayley! I'm not surprised. The writing of hers that you have shared on your blog is absolutely amazing.

Looks like Olivia's birthday party was a lot of fun. She is such a cutie!

Love the stuffed animal pile-up. Such a fun Grandma!!!

nancygrayce said...

Wow, have you been busy!!!!! The kids have been busy too!!!

I too love ready the stories Hayley writes and you post on the blog. Everybody is growing up so fast...right in front of our eyes.

Praying that Kevin and Angie get to their destination, Angie has her interviews and gets the job!!!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Pederson!! That is my BIL/sister's.

Baby Herons and a Tern Chick is my Saturday post.

Thanks for visiting with me this week....much appreciated!!!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

yep, with a D

Gram said...

Your flowers are so pretty. My iris have just started blooming. What a busy time you have had and great news about Kevin and Angie.

Glenda said...

Oh, Dawn, how can life get any busier for you? You handle it all so well! I'm so proud of your little writer - and each of the girls, of course.

I pray that Angie's job works out! I wish the two of them God's very best!

Sharon Lynne said...

Beautiful spring flowers. Loved to hear about your aspiring writer, and hear about the activities of the girls.