Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Busy Summer Days

Thanks to all of you who came over to celebrate my fifth blogging anniversary. You loyal friends make it all worthwhile to hang in and keep writing. And visiting you as well. It was rather like a family reunion, hearing from so many at once. Some I haven't seen in a long while. Many mentioned trying to write more often. That would be wonderful.

The one really great thing about Facebook is finding out what everyone's doing in real time - especially the weather. And I feel so bad for those of you who are suffering with such overpowering heat. And flooding. And tornadoes. Ant drought. And possibly upcoming hurricanes. At the moment, we seem to be living in a bubble - it's been 91 once or twice, and it's supposed to heat up later this week, but so far we haven't suffered at all. Oops, maybe I shouldn't say that!

We've always had a resident squirrel for the summer in our trees, but this year there is a pair who is having the best time running up and down, chasing each other through the trees, on the fence, in the bushes. It's fun to watch. The other day, when I went to pick up Kristen and the girls for some reason, everyone in her neighborhood was standing looking up. Made me wonder if we'd all missed the Second Coming! But there, up in her neighbor's huge spruce tree, was this baby visitor from the mountains.

It was in the newspaper the next morning, but never a story on when it came down or what they did with it. I really needed "the rest of the story!"

The summer is flying by - soon it will the the 4th, and that is when it slides downhill for me. The big girls have been going to Bible school whenever we can find one that fits the schedule. They'll both be going to camp in the next two weeks. The littles get to go to our church's VBS, so they're looking forward to that. It's at night, though, and doesn't help the daytime "boredom." They love to get someone to take them swimming whenever they can.

And - swimming lessons. Hayley is an amazing little swimmer - we need to get her into Swim Club so that she can advance more quickly - I see a swimming scholarship to college in her future!

Miss Livi overcame a lot of her fears this year and had a wonderful time in the water - mostly proving that she could put her head totally under the water -- I hope we can get them into another session yet this summer.

The twins were sitting on the bleachers watching their sisters and saying, "I want to go swimming." We checked, and were able to get them into the preschool lessons, but not until Wednesday. They actually only had room for one more in the class, but made an exception because that wouldn't have worked out very well with one in and one on the sidelines! Oh, my goodness, they were excited to get into their "swimming soups" and get in with the big girls. They literally grinned every minute of every day. Such a joy to watch.

Emma, especially, is such a little peanut that the two foot level just left her little head above the water.

One day Kristen had some business at the courthouse in the county seat, so the girls and I spent the time outside waiting for her - little knowing that they have a wonderful set of fountains spewing out of the patio area in the courtyard - what fun! It didn't matter that they were fully clothed - they took off their shoes and commenced the joy. Many folks walked by and wished they could join in - it was one of the really warm days we've had.

Warming up on the rock

It turned out that Miss Katie enjoyed climbing the rocks, barefooted, like a little mountain goat more than running through the water.

Well, I have a lot more to catch up on, but will cut it off here so it doesn't get outrageously long and boring. I have a bit of a rant to share with you, and some pictures of the "Dwight Carlson Park," otherwise known as our back yard. Talk to you later!


PEA said...

Good morning dear Dawn,

It's a dreary rainy day here today so a perfect time to sit down and visit my cherished blogging friends who always manage to bring sunshine in my life:-)

Isn't it terrible all the flooding, storms, drought, etc, that seems to be going on all over. I don't dare complain about the little bit of rain we're getting! lol

Awww poor baby bear, he must have been terrified with all those people looking up at him in the tree. I do hope you can find out what happened to it. Over here when there's a bear found like that, they tranquilize it and then bring it deep in the woods away from civilization.

The pictures of the girls enjoying the pool and splash fountains made me smile...that's what summer is all about:-) When I was that age, I remember my dad setting up the sprinkler so that we could run through it and before you knew it, we had all the neighbourhood kids joining us...such fun memories!

Wishing you a wonderful week, my friend. xoxo

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing Dawn!

We've had some weird heat already this year. Makes me really dread Aug when it's triple digits in June.

The kids are adorable as always!

Karen said...

nothing like a fun, newsy update!

I love the "swimming soups". Jack calls his swimsuit his "swimmy trucks"

Needled Mom said...

Nothing like leaving us hanging!!!!

Summertime for kids and swimming is a perfect match. They do look like they are enjoying themselves.

Yes, summer is flying by. Amazing!

Linds said...

Summer, sun, water and kids go so well together! It is great they are all loving the swimming lessons, Dawn.
I agree - Facebook is great for keeping up with everyone and we don't have to write screeds there either! I am looking forward to the "Park" photos! I love gardens. But you know that already!

nancygrayce said...

It alternates between steaming hot and thunderstorms here today. We are entering the phase of summer where the heat gets so intense that we have heat thunderstorms most afternoons. But whatever we have, the humidity is killer and makes for terrible hair days.

I NEED to rant too, but because I know some of the people who read my blog would be very offended, I can't. That is unless it gets tooooooo much, then Katy, bar the door!

Christa said...

Cute pictures. Loved the bear in the tree, not a sight you see everyday!

Linda said...

Such fun Dawn! I was suddenly back at the big town pool, shivering in the early morning chill and waiting for swimming lessons to start. They are all adorable.
I'd love to know the rest of the bear cub story too. I'm sure that isn't something you see every day!
Enjoy your beautiful weather. I'm glad it's so nice for the girls.

Tiffany said...

tehehe...we have many days like that around here. :)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

O yes.....running through the fountain to cool off on a hot summer day. Now that's my style. I can do that. And you know me, I can't leave without mentioning just how cute and precious your girls are. So, so precious. I really enjoy watching them grow right along with you and D C. Speaking of D. C.....can't wait to see more of his park. Oh and the bear cub? Cute too. Poor thing.


Have a great Wednesday!!!

Nadine said...

The twins are getting so big. They are still as adorable as ever.

Swimming lessons are great. I wish my parents took me because then I would know how to swim.

grammy said...

Loved it...
fountains in parks are so amazing (o:
well today we got a hot one...then it clouded a little for some relief...
My two big girls...7 and 9 are both swimming in the deep end....yeah...
the other two certainly are not afraid of water either. They just spent a week in Vegas and a lot of time in a pool...that helps (o:
my house looks like a moving zone...trying to get stuff ready for Ty to move...that takes up my 'head' so there is little time or 'space' for anything else(o:
I have been reading for therapy (o: Now I am tackling Jane Ere. The old english makes me a little crazy...so maybe that is not good therapy...lol

A Hint of Home said...

Looks like your summer is filled with fun and excitement! Your weather seems perfect, too.
The girls look sweet, as always!

Sharon Lynne said...

Oh you bring back the summer memories. Swimming lessons, fountains and being young!

I hope the bear was okay. He looks so cute up there. I hope they didn't shoot him out! Our news does the same thing. Tells stories but one never hears the ending

Life with Kaishon said...

I love Grandmoms : ) I love summer days! I was just thinking of calling a post I am writing today Busy Summer Days and I googled it and your blog came up. So nice to meet you : )
Your grandkids are adorable.