Monday, July 11, 2011

I Do I Do in a Very Special Way

Last week-end I attended one of the sweetest weddings ever - in a long line of weddings I have been to, or have been a part of. This one took place in the mountains at our denomination's campground. The bride and groom met when they were working at the camp - the groom's father is the director of the camp, so it was his home. This is the third romance of kids from our church who have spent their summers working at the camp. My nephew and his wife married there 8 years ago, after meeting at camp and even both changing colleges so they could be together their junior and senior years. It was an absolutely perfect day in a rustic, beautiful setting. The path to the "sanctuary" was marked with these clever signs.

The guests enjoyed the beautiful weather as we waited for the processional.

The sister of the bride and her escort --

Very happy for her little sister.

The adorable ring bearer and flower girl - children of the officiant, who grew up in our church, as did their mother - they went to college together, then ended up at the camp with him as assistant director


And here comes the bride on the arm of her dad. (Love her red shoes!)

Levi, the father of the children, did a great job, as did the young woman who wrote the beautiful ceremony.

They had so many personal touches that made the ceremony so special. They did the triple chord ceremony, representing the strength of three strands over two - Jesus being the third strand.

There was laughter.

There were tears.

I've never seen the attendants sing together in any wedding I've attended. Unique and wonderful. I wonder if they had to try out to be in the wedding party!?

And then the Danielle and Ben served communion to everyone. I've often seen the bride and groom and maybe their family take communion, but never the guests. Lovely.

Mr. and Mrs. face the future together --

The camp staff prepared lunch for everyone - typical camp fare, hot dogs and brats and burgers -
everything tasted great.

A blue grass band entertained us as we ate.

I wasn't able to stay through the entire reception, so missed the part where the groom sang a quartet with his groomsmen. He was in my brother's choir in college - one of my brother's favorite guys ever. I did get them in a casual shot inside the lodge.

They ate on the go as they visited with their guests. It was apparent that they enjoyed every minute.

I headed down the mountain feeling very hopeful for this lovely young couple's future.


Amy said...

What a beautiful wedding! And it was held in such a gorgeous place!

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was a wonderful wedding. I loved the red shoes too!!!

Your new header is FABULOUS!!!!!! Great pictures of everyone.

Glenda said...

I like it when an "outside the box" event turns out so perfectly!

Karen said...

So beautiful!

I LOOOOVE her dress and veil (and shoes!!), so perfect.

Linda said...

It was perfectly lovely Dawn. I do love weddings!

nancygrayce said...

I love your new header too!!!!!

What a special wedding! I really liked her dress and shoes! I was at a wedding recently where the bride wore a veil like hers.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

SWEETNESS!!! I love their smiles at the end of your blog entry. True and blissful future for them, I'm sure. Great place, beautiful scenery, and adorable ring bearer. Just true romance for the perfect couple, and joy to all who attended.

Sorry I didn't get by here yesterday, I was busy scanning and making some 'older' photos of our kids black and white to work on my Thursday Theme Song post for tomorrow. Just uploaded them and still humming a favorite song of mine..."The Way We Were".

Hope your week has treated you well my friend.

PEA said...

Now that's what I call a beautiful and meaningful wedding! I would much prefer this type of wedding than a fancy one. I think that's why I love beach weddings as well, everyone is so relaxed and at ease. I absolutely love the bride's red shoes, such a brilliant idea to match her shoes to the bridesmaids' dresses:-) I wish this young couple the very best life has to offer and may they never lose their happy smiles! xoxo

jmckemie said...

Oh, my...seems like she should still be in the pre-teen group! She is the only person I know who plays the harp; just recently Kym and I were talking about that. Did not know that Levi had a ministers license, either. Still remember the first time I ever saw all those kids. Danielle made a lovely bride. Congratulations to them both...and to mom and dad.

Kathleen said...

How beautiful and what perfect weather for such a day! Rejoice!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

ps...good morning sweet Dawn. [well, it's almost dawn]

With your posting of this mountain view wedding, I was inspired to finally make a post ready for Friday of a mountain close to where you live. Stay tuned. Have a glorious Thursday my friend.


Sammy said...

What a beautiful spot for a wedding! Totally my kind of wedding--burgers, bluegrass (my favorite!), red shoes...

Looks like it was a great day!

Midlife Mom said...

I LOVE your new header! I'm finally getting half a second to come visit. It is just beautiful of you all!!!

I had two posts to catch up on too. I loved the pictures of the girls in the fountains and the wedding was just gorgeous! I too have never seen the wedding party sing or have communion as part of the ceremony, how lovely! Glad they got such a beautiful day for their wedding. The red shoes are a hoot, I love it!

Can we get together on your next trip east? We are supposed to take the kiddos to New Hampshire next week, actually we were going this week but it just didn't happen. With all the construction going on here it's hard for me to leave but we REALLY want to go before August. It all depends on what's going on here with things and you know what I mean so I am trying to keep my plate as clear as possible. Thanks for understanding, I want a visit where we can relax and REALLY visit! xoxox

bekahjane said...

oh I really enjoyed reading here this evening and seeing the gorgeous wedding pics. So lovely.

bekahjane said...

Thanks for the visit! I stumbled here earlier .. Butncant remember exactly from where.. I'll be back :)

Sharon Lynne said...

Great post! Really enjoyed the beautiful mountain wedding with two young people so in love.

Robin said...

Hmmmmm.....that groom looks familiar. I know I must know him since he was in your brothers choir!

I LOVE your new header!

nannykim said...

I haven't been doing much blogging in quite a while! Love your header--what a great picture. The wedding sounds so nice and unique too. Love the Bride's red shoes. Glad they had a beautiful day for it!

grammy said...

That was beautiful Dawn....where is the camp?
A very unique wedding. I loved my camp so much I could have got married there (o: