Saturday, September 17, 2011

Catching up With Random Stuff

The summer flew by. There weren't many posts here by me. Thanks to those of you who keep checking in with me and commenting. It seems like we've lost so many bloggers, and it's sad. I can't come up with many posts these days, it seems, but I refuse to quit entirely - I would miss you all too much.

So it's time to catch up a bit - where did the last three months go? They went very very fast, with the 4 girls here quite a bit of the time. Besides camp and the family reunion, Hayley had a great get-away with her Girl Scout troop, in the Colorado Springs area. I really like the posing of this picture in the Garden of the Gods.

They also visited Cave of the Winds.

Both Hayley and Livi got the teachers they hoped for. Livi's is the same wonderful teacher Hayley had in second grade. We're thankful for this blessing. I didn't make it over to their house on the first day of school for the traditional picture with their new outfits. That's a first for me. We'll have their school pictures soon - everything hit the ground running once school started.


A bit of catch-up on the twinnies:

They are absolutely so wonderful - except when they're not. They do have their moments - usually about 30 moments when they get going. But they are growing up so much - they just got "kicked out" of the church nursery on Wednesday nights now, because they're too old. It seems to be going well for them. At least they still get to see their favorite "Sandy" on Tuesday mornings during a new Bible study I've joined. They get to play in the gym day care when I have them, and they enjoy that too. My greatest fun is listening to them as they play and don't know I'm listening. They have such great imaginations, and it is so great to have a built-in always playmate.

Potty training - the bane of our existence. They are way old, IMHO, to be this far behind on this process. But they are stubborn little characters. We got so excited a couple of weeks ago when Emma took it upon herself to go several times a day for several days. She was so proud and so excited. Katie would have no part of it. And so Emma quit, too. They love wearing their cute little unders, and don't wet or dirty them all day, which is not a good thing either. What to do? What to do??

Growing up is such an adventure - and watching them learn is such fun. They want to do everything by themselves, which is a very good thing - but it takes so much longer. They've mastered the art of buckling their car seat belts - but it's quite the laborious process. For some reason, the door isn't allowed to close until they are finished. Shoes and socks - grueling, but such a big step.

They were evaluated for preschool and qualified, but unfortunately they are on a long waiting list. This is paid for by the school district because of their financial situation, but it doesn't do much good when there are too many others in the same boat and they can't get in. I was looking forward to a couple of mornings of freedom each week, but we're keeping busy and doing what we have to do.

A couple of funny things - suddenly Emma has begun calling us Grandmaw and Grandpaw instead of Gramma and Grampa. It is so cute. Last night they were staying here, as they often do. I couldn't remember which twin had which pair of jammies on, so I said, "Are you Emma or Katie?" Katie answers, with a twinkle in her eye, "Emma!" Little monkey - pulling fast ones on me already.


Last Sunday Grandpa Dwight took the girls up to Rocky Mountain National Park in the afternoon. They had the greatest time, and Grandpa is so happy to have new hiking partners for years to come. The promise was for an all day camping trip (not overnight, but involving tents and cook-outs) today (Saturday), but the weather didn't look very promising up there this morning, so they headed to Denver instead. The twins have talked about "going to the mountains" all week, so I hope they aren't disappointed with a more urban adventure.

They stopped in Estes Park on the way down the hill to have a cone at a shop named "Hayley's"


The other night when they were here, Grandpa played human basketball goal - and Hayley had just scored.


My sis and I had a great Girls Night Out last Thursday - we were privileged to spend the evening listening to one of our favorite novelists - Laura Lippman. She was a fun speaker, and it was interesting to hear the journey her writing has taken her on. Speaking of books, have you read The Help? I have to say, I RARELY watch a movie based on a book, because it frustrates me so much how they mess with the plot, but this is one movie that didn't ruin the book. Well done.

If you've made it this far, thanks for hanging in there with me on this very long, rambling essay! Have a great week!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I so enjoyed that post! Huggles.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Dawn, As hubby and I were driving today I looked up to the mountains-Longs & Meeker and could tell it was overcast and cool-so glad you went to Denver instead. I love it up there and hoping to get up there in the next couple of weeks. I am in the middle of reading The Help and it is so good. Hope to see the movie soon.
It looks like it is going to rain this afternoon. Have a great weekend.

Linds said...

It is great when you can get to post, Dawn, but at least there is Facebook to catch up on! The girls certainly keep you busy - I really hope they get a place on the pre-school programme soon - I would love you to have some time for yourself! But I know you adore them all.

Brenda said...

I think that just happens with blogging during the summer.
That's too funny about the twins already trying to switch things up!
Grace was in a girl scout troop in Springs for 2 years, then we moved and had to stop. There isn't one here in the area (and I'm not going to start one!)
Glad to hear from you. Have a blessed week!

Amy said...

I really love your posts with the pictures of the scenery and the girls. Glad to see you still around and posting!


nancygrayce said...

Wow!!!!! That left me out of breath! You have really had a busy summer! I love the horse picture! What fun.....this coming from a grown woman who is scared of horses! Shhhh.....don't tell!

Potty training seems to have changed over these many years since I've had to do that particular job and I wouldn't know where to begin now. So good luck!

I loved The Help and I loved the was as close to the book as I've seen a movie be.

nancygrayce said...

P.S. Please done quit the blog. I don't know what I'd do without you!

Sammy said...

I just read The Help and I thought I was the last person on earth to read it. Haven't seen the movie, but I want to. I enjoyed the book, although I had a few mild complaints. But all in all, I thought it was a great read.

This post scared me when you said the girls got kicked out of daycare! lol. What a relief to see that they're simply too old.

Speaking of, how old are they again? That potty training stuff can be so grueling with some kids. Hang in there! Have you tried a sticker chart or some kind of token economy? If they're physically ready, sometimes a chart like that can be a good motivator. But if they're not physically ready, of course it will do no good.

I definitely miss a few bloggers who I used to read regularly. I'm SO GLAD you're still here! :-)

Love the photos of all the girls and their grandpa. (Grandpaw!) Such sweet memories being created.

Sharon Lynne said...

This was a great post. That's how life is...a little of this and a little of that.

I'm glad Dwight has 4 hiking partners. It's always nice to have someone to hike with!

MotherT said...

Dawn, I loved seeing the pictures of your family and all of the fun you captured. We are trying to potty-train our 2 yr. old granddaughter, too. Most of the time, she's too busy having fun to tell us until after she does her thing.

Edith said...

Enjoyed your post. Will look forward to reading more. Thanks for your comments on mine.

jmckemie said...

Hang in there - I still check in even if I do not post! I know how busy you are. But, such a blessing in their lives.
Love the picture on the horse - what a great scout adventure!
While I am blessed that E basically potty trained herself just after her 2nd birthday, for most it is not that easy. "Experts" say it is a control thing, mostly. There is so much going on in their little lives - learning, experiencing, growing every day, and so little that they have any control over. That, however, is one of them. While it is frustrating, and diapers are expensive!, take a deep breath and remember the miracle that you "get" to have this issue.
D is such a wonderful Grampa! Michael would never even attempt to take E for the day; he does not even keep her at home when I run errands! He is not only reaping the joys of spending time with them himself, but is reflecting God's love to them and being a marvelous male role model. They will someday look for those qualities they see now in him in a spouse - that is a great legacy.
Keep blogging, friend!

grammy said...

I love your posts...but I forget what to say about the beginning by the time I get to the
The girls are all getting big for sure....Grandpa is doing great to take all four of them,,,,yea for him and good for you.
I have not seen the movie but have read the book. It will probably be out to rent by the time I see it (o:

A Hint of Home said...

Enjoyed seeing all the pics of the kids and beautiful scenery!
Glad you're not giving up on blogging!

Kathleen said...

Wow, the twins are getting so big. At first I thought you were going to say they were kicked out of the nursery for being you know - naughty- But too old? What a nice trip you all had as well. The weather was just perfect for you all! Take care!

Linda said...

Your life is so full these days Dawn. It was great to get caught up with you.
I would love that cup of tea together too!

Forty Pound Sack said...

The Help is one of the best books I've ever read and I cannot wait to see the movie. Loved your photos ~ the kids are just adorable!

Ginger said...

I started to read this once before and didn't get to finish. I in bed trying hard to wake up here at the kids in Dallas.

Love catching up on the random stuff. Great post.