Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snippets of Christmas Around Here

It's been a very busy, full of Christmas fun, kind of week. Kristen is working at Hobby Lobby again and you can imagine how busy that place might be at this time of the year! And that means we've had the girls alot - but they've been able to sleep at home most nights, which makes them happy - and us as well!

Last Sunday morning was one of my favorites of the entire Christmas season - the children's musical at church. This year's play was called "Christmyth Busters." Hayley had a lead speaking role, and was actually the "myth buster" for the other kids. She was called a "brainiac" by one of the kids in the play - I felt it was great casting on the part of the leader. The gist of the story was that there are a lot of traditions we celebrate that aren't actually in the Bible stories. The truth is that these are not essential parts of the story, but things that we've envisioned over the years - such as 3 wisemen (we know there were 3 gifts, but not necessarily 3 wisemen), the innkeeper does not appear in scripture (but if there was an inn, must there not have been an innkeeper?), December 25 was the date Jesus was born (we don't really know this as fact, and probably it was more like spring or summer that the shepherds were out in the fields with their flocks). But the bottom line is that the basic story is all we need - Jesus was born as the Savior of the world.

Livi played the star in the East -- and she literally smiled with joy through the entire performance.

It was fun watching the twins watching their sisters - soon they'll be up there too!

Friday night was the annual Walker Manufacturing Christmas party - it is always a lovely event with good food, Christmas caroling, a video presentation of the events of the last year at the company, drawings for prizes, and bonuses. Dwight's quartet sang again this year.

A tradition that never changes is when all the guys and their sons go to the front and sing "Silent Night." Hayley thinks there should be equal opportunity for the ladies and girls and that we should sing next year. Maybe it will happen!

Today (Sunday) was awesome at our church. We've been rehearsing for many weeks now for our adult musical. We had such a great group of singers this year, some for the very first time to sing in a choir. Our leader, Rhonda, is amazing and brings out our very best, and we are better than we really are.

My sister and our friend, Ruth, wrote an amazing narrative/drama to fit with the music. Ruth played the grandmother and our worship pastor's daughter played the role of the grandgirl helping her grandma decorate the tree. Maddie wasn't feeling well at all this morning, but she powered through with lots of prayer holding her up.

Before the musical presentation, my parents were given a great surprise. Dad and Mom were awarded with the Distinguished Service Award. This is an honor presented by our church to someone who has given of themselves to God and the church, often times in the background. My folks have pastored in Minnesota, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Washington. Dad has constructed buildings in many of those locations, often doing much of the physical labor himself. It was my task to find pictures of each of those places we lived for a power point presentation - a challenge indeed, but so much fun to surprise them. They were caught totally off guard, and that was the plan!

My sweetie took me out for a fabulous Sunday dinner at the Bonefish Grill - such a classy place with an amazing menu. Tonight we have our last meal with our 4x4 group, to end a fabulous week-end.

Every year I hang this crewel embroidery picture that I made years ago. I look at it briefly when I hang it, and walk by it many times while it's hanging as a decoration.

One day this week I was showing it to one of the twins when I really looked at it closely for the first time in a long time. I realized how long it's been since I was this creative and was proud that I used to be so good at this kind of thing. It's one of the many things of which I say, "I used to . . . . "

I can't imagine how much time it took me to do all those French knots for Joseph's hair!

So - now it's onward to another very busy week. I have to get to the podiatrist tomorrow to see what he thinks the next move is, since my foot isn't really "all better" yet. I hope, if it's a cast, that it can wait till after the 2 rehearsals and 4 performances this week.

Next up I think I'll share my collection of nativity sets with you. Have a wonderful week!


Amy said...

Sounds like you're having a busy and fun Holiday season too!

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Gram said...

Sounds like you have been as busy as our household! I used to do crewel work also - hate french knots! Lovely saying on this peace.

Forty Pound Sack said...

You've been the best kind of busy =)
You have a lot of skill with the needle ~

Robin said...

What a beautiful piece of crewel embroidery! You did very good work!

Your Christmas program looks adorable. We always have a program but it is never in a "story" form - I think that would be so fun. But if I dare say anything, I will somehow get involved and I don't have time for that! LOL

I hope you and your little family have an amazing Christmas! And yes, we do need to meet IRL!!

nancygrayce said...

Wow! I loved the Christmas play the children did...they were so sweet in their red shirts and the whole concept of that play I loved!

I'd loved to have heard your choir. Ours did the cantata yesterday too and it was wonderful! The music and the solos all just gave me chills! Next week we play handbells. I'm substituting for someone and very nervous!

I'll bet it is busy at Hobby Lobby....been there myself a couple of times in the past weeks. Glad Kristen has a job.

The embroidery is absolutely beautiful! I used to cross stitch and when I see something I did I think that same thing...what I used to do. I doubt I can see well enough to do that kind of thing anymore!

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! It sounds like you are as busy as I have been during this season! Fun but lots of work. We were thrilled with our Christmas pageant last evening, it really went well and the church was full.

Glad the girls had such a good time with their play at church. So good for them to learn how to be up in front of a crowd and speak, it will serve them well in the future. What a good theme for the program!

How nice that your folks received the award! They must have been so surprised and pleased.

I love that wall hanging! I used to do those too until my eyes got so bad. French knots! I did one once with some sheep in it! Yikes! Fun though, very relaxing.

I hope your doctor appointment for your foot works out. Not the time of year to have injuries to deal with! :o)

Linda said...

I just love this time of year Dawn. Music is such a huge part of it all. I feel so blessed to just a tiny part of it all.
Your Christmas "doings" sound so nice. I love the children's programs too. We'll be going to see our granddaughters' Christmas program this Sunday evening.
What a lovely surprise for your Mom and Dad. All those years of faithful service - what a wonderful legacy.
Have a good week Dawn.

Needled Mom said...

What a busy and blessed Advent season you are having, Dawn! There is nothing like great music and performances to focus on the reason of the season.

Your crewel work is GORGEOUS!!!! You need to get back into it with the girls.

I hope the doctor appointment went well and things are healing.

groovyoldlady said...

Looks like a rewarding Christmas season for your family and your church. It also looks like you are actually busier than me. This has been the most relaxed month I've had in in ages. What a blessing to not be stressed all the time. God is good in ALL our seasons of life, isn't He?

Sammy said...

Wow, that embroidery is amazing! It's so beautiful.

I love the photos of the girls in the play! How wonderful for them. I bet it gave them both such a feeling of confidence to do that.

And, well, I certainly agree with Hayley about equal opportunity! Good for her! :-)

Sounds like you all have been so busy, but with wonderful events.

If I don't get back on here again, have a wonderful Christmas. Much love to you and your family, Dawn!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

My goodness Dawn, where do I begin? That crewel work is outstanding! I'm sure glad you shared it [and the close up images are most definitely eye candy!] What a work of art and devotion....I can see why you have the hanging as a tradition. And your parents devotion to the church and their reward on earth will carry them from here on earth to the home of their savior!! To be sure. And I know, that they are both more than deserving of this high esteem. Your Christmas Choir Show looks to be most astounding. And the Christmyth Play....what a great beginning for the kids and adults alike. Yes, I think it's been proven with carbon dating or some such thing along with the so called 'experts' in Biblical history that Christ was born in the Spring. Still, Christmas is one amazing time of year.

Oh...and I just had time to sit down and read my comments. The one you left about Shakespeare and your CSU professor sharing some of the "Bawdy" Shakespeare....hmmmmm, interesting. I love learning about this guy, and even if he was a dirty ol' man, I would love to learn what his words actually meant. I always keep an open mind when I learn stuff. LOL

Hope you have a great time with your girls. Yep, it's always good to have the break in a day's activities at night...alone with Mr. "D". That I agree.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

ps....not that I would want to be alone with Mr. D. Well, you know what I meant.


nannykim said...

Busy busy, but rich with blessings!! Don't you ever have a dull moment?lol

PEA said...

You've been busy indeed but the "fun" kind of busy:-) I really envy you having such a beautiful singing voice, I can't hold a note even if my life depended on it! lol My mom can sing really well and although she's never been part of a church choir, many people kept telling her she should have.

I know I would have enjoyed the children's musical, I really miss going to those. Children just have such a special way of interpreting stories:-) It really does boggle the mind on how many things we associate with Christmas and the birth of Jesus that aren't even true or have never been mentioned in the bible. Livi is so darling as the star in the east:-)

Congratulations to your mom & dad for winning the Distinguished Service award!! What a lovely surprise it must have been for them but well deserved considering everything they've done in their lifetime for the church.

I just love that embroidered picture you had made, it's amazing to see all the work you put into it. A true work of art and a wonderful family heirloom!!

Hopefully the doctor can figure out what to do with your foot to make it heal properly! xoxo

grammy said...

I love music performance too...never been in one! Just don't have that talent. So glad it makes you so happy. I love seeing the kids in the program. Our kids were in many performances over the years and I sure miss that.
The surprise for your parents sure sounds wonderful. So glad that was able to happen (o:
So many things going on with parties and performances and we still have 10 days left. Hope it all settles down. That was funny about not being able to find the gifts you had hidden. Welcome to the club.

Brenda said...

Glad you're enjoying the season. We don't have many programs around here without driving into Pueblo. Our family Christmas party is this Saturday up in Springs. That's always fun.
You're crewel piece is beautiful!

Sharon Lynne said...

Oh my! Such a busy schedule...and you have time to blog? I'm so glad you do, because its a joy to read about your life.

How nice that your parents were honored. You must be proud.

I hope all goes well with your foot.