Friday, March 09, 2012

Sorry to be gone so long . . .

It's definitely time to catch you up on what's been going on around here. It was four weeks ago today (Friday) that Dwight went to bed in the afternoon. It's been more than two weeks since I wrote the first post about this physical trial he's been going through. He has been on the i.v. antibiotics this entire time - the schedule was changed from one two-hour infusion per day to one-hour infusions twice a day - 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. His wonderful sister has done this process every day for 22 days. Hopefully this morning's infusion will be the last, prior to his appointment with the infectious disease doctor.

The improvement has been slow, but steady. It was a great day when his voice began to sound like himself. It was a great day when his appetite began to improve. He has spent a lot of time sleeping, reading, and watching t.v. with our brother-in-law, who is disabled. I have been there as much as I could, but have had the girls often, so I haven't seen him every day. I love hearing his voice on the phone, just as I did when we first met.

He did make it to church for the late service last Sunday, and he was so happy to be there. Everyone was so happy to see him. We're all hoping he'll make it back to choir in time for the Easter musical.

We had to go shoe shopping - there was no way he was ever going to put his toes into those possibly fungus-infested shoes. So into the garbage can went several pairs of really nice shoes. He also replaced his socks. I can't say that I blame him. We went on to Culver's and grabbed a bit of lunch together - it felt so good.

He's gradually doing more activity. I think he's hoping to go back to work on Monday - after four weeks off.

Interestingly, we received a survey in the mail, asking about our experience in the ER - I had been planning to write a letter of complaint, and this was the perfect opportunity. We filled out the survey, which went to a location in Miami. That wasn't satisfactory for me, so I sent a letter directly to the CEO of our hospital. Prior to that, and when he was still in the hospital in the town north of us (because his doctor is up there), I had called our hospital to register our dismay, and hadn't heard back from them, thinking that was the end. I don't know if they've received the letter, but they called us from the ER this week for more information. They asked if Dwight would approve the sending of the records from the hospital where he was admitted, to see what they missed. It'll be interesting to see what comes of that.

In the meantime, life has gone on with the kids as usual, except for missing their grandpa, who provides so much fun. I can assure you that Grandpa will not be renting skates again! I miss him in so many ways, but I really miss his awesome help with the kiddoes! Most of my days haven't been this crazy, but here is yesterday's madness:

7:30 - the girls had spent the night, as they always do on Wednesdays. It was "Crazy Hair Day" at school, so they needed to stop by their house on the way in order to do the crazy things to their hair, as they had forgotten their accessories at home. Got them to school and left the twins with their mommy for a couple of hours.

8:30 - went to the gym for a bit of "me time."

10:30 - picked Kristen up to take her to a meeting in Fort Collins (she was out of gas and doesn't get paid until today). Stayed in the car with the twins while she was in the half-hour meeting. Traffic was crazy both ways, so she was a bit late for her meeting, therefore late getting out of her meeting, therefore late to work. Had a headache from that madness, but it went away soon.

12:30 - dropped her off at work and went home for a few minutes - Emma was desperately asking for something she had left here.

1:30 - went to Taco Bell for lunch - we enjoy that little routine about once a week, usually on Tuesday after Bible Study. But today it was God's timing for sure, because there sat my other sweet babysitter for my kids, the one I mentioned in my last post who has 8 kids and is a fabulous mom. She's here visiting her folks and had brought her 4 youngest kids with her on this trip, whom I had not met before. We had a great time visiting while the little girls were on their best behavior. It was such a nice treat.

2:30 - went to Sam's to get gas, but realized it was now too late to go in there and get my glasses adjusted - Emma and I had collided heads the night before, and besides the knot on my forehead, I have wonky glasses, which is definitely not a good thing when you have lineless bifocals! So we headed out to school, even though it was a bit early - no sense trying to get anything else done, or go home. So we sat in the car again for a half hour, waiting for Livi to come out. Hayley had yet another after school activity, which would last an hour, so again, no sense going home. We could have gone to the grocery store close by to get some things I desperately need, but I didn't have the energy to drag all of them in for that adventure. It was a beautiful day, so Livi and the twins went to play in the little park right by the school while I sat in the car, reading and watching Livi be in charge of them. I dozed off a a couple of times in the warmth of the car, but all was well.

4:30 - Hayley was finished with her latest activity - a 5K run coming up in May for girls - they're beginning training. She also stays after school every Tuesday for Battle of the Books, which is a district-wide contest of teams reading and retaining details of the books in a showdown in April. They both also stayed after school Wednesday to try out for their (silly) talent contest coming up, which is not really a contest at all, because nobody gets judged - it's one of those politically correct affairs where they all get to "perform" but nobody gets their feelings hurt. I have to go every year, but can barely bear watching it! I am urging the girls to do an actual talent next year, such as buying a track tape and singing something without the backing of Taylor or Miley or Selena. Or singing one of Hayley's own songs that she has written. For crazy scheduling of Kristen's work reasons, I had to pick them up all three of these days - if she picks them up, she can just get Livi and go home, and go back for Hayley later because they live so close to school.

5:00 - grab a quick bite to eat, get homework done, and run back out to the south end of town for the 4th time.

6:00 - Family Math Night at school - timing is everything! This turned out to be a very nice event, but I was beyond tired by this time. They had a great time, and the twins were well behaved, so it was worth the time.

7:30 - back home to get baths taken and jammies on so they'd be ready for bed when we picked up Mommy from work.

8:15 - sit outside Hobby Lobby and wait for Mommy to get her closing rituals done - the store closes at 8, but it takes a lot of time to get out of there - we sat there another 15 minutes, them asking every few seconds when she'd be out. The answer - "when she's finished with her work."

8:30 - headed for their house - the 5th trip to the south end of town for the day. I'm hoping that they went right to bed and to sleep, as they were told they must do the minute they got into the house. I came home and breathed a huge sigh of relief that the crazy day was over.

So - hopefully today's trip to the doctor will see the pic line and all the paraphernalia hanging from Dwight's arm removed, him coming home, and life returning to some semblance of normalcy. I have a 9:20 appointment with the podiatrist and he has a 1:20 appt with his doctor, so the day promises to be busy as well. As for my foot - it's gone backward, I think. I really can't even think about the "S" word and being off my feet for 6 weeks. (NOTE: Dwight is home and so glad to be here! His numbers were very good, and the exhaustion should dissipate soon, since he is DONE with antibiotics. I, on the other hand, am back in a boot - ugh!)

Thank you all, dear prayer partners, for your love and concern and prayers! I'll be back again with more of the crazy saga that is my life.


Sammy said...

Wow. Reading about your day made me tired! I don't know how you do it all! Really, I don't! So much driving (which I hate!), sitting in the car, managing 4 kids... You're amazing!

I hope Dwight continues to improve. I can't imagine the stress you've been under. I was happy to read you take a bit of time for yourself to go to the gym. I hope you're able to carve out more time for yourself soon.

Hang in there, Dawn! I'm thinking of you.

Glenda said...

I don't know how you do it! With God's help, of course! I just stopped and prayed for you, your husband, and your family. May God "lavish" His great love and grace into each of your hearts and bodies.

PEA said...

My goodness Dawn, your days have been beyond busy! I'm sure this is not how you expected retirement to be!! lol I often wonder what Kristen would do if you didn't live nearby or if you were still working. You have certainly been a Godsend to her and her girls.

Such great news that Dwight is just about ready to come back home. I have no doubt that you've been missing him like crazy. I don't blame him at all for wanting to get rid of his socks and shoes...he certainly wouldn't want to go through all of that again any time soon!!

Thinking of you and hoping that you soon have a day "just for you"!! xoxo

nancygrayce said...

If you ever hear me say I'm tired or too busy again, you are free to slap me! I am so tired just reading about your day! Kristen is a very blessed woman to have a mother who does what you do! Wow!

I'm so glad Dwight is continuing to improve! I hope you don't have to have surgery but you would be forced to rest! :(

Brenda said...

Having Dwight home will be such a blessing all the way around. I'm sure not having him around has definitely been harder physically but also having that 'out of whack' feeling. I know that's how I'd feel if Sunny was in that situation. I don't even like being away for a day or two without missing my best friend!

Maine Mom said...

I'm glad DC is improving every day. Maybe you should buy him some skates in the future as a gift. :-)

That was quite a day! I can feel the tiredness in my body just reading about it!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh my goodness! I'm tired just reading all of your activities for the day!!!!

Linda said...

I don't even have words Dawn. I'm totally ashamed of myself for even thinking I have busy days.
You are an absolute wonder.
I'm so glad Dwight is well. What an answer to prayer.

Ms. Kathleen said...

What wonderful news and happy to have you back and blogging again. Take care of yourself...! Praying for a full recover :)

Robinznest said...

Oh my. That just makes my heart hurt for you guys. Oh, how I pray your life gets back to normal soon. You are in my prayers!

Gram said...

I hope the improvements continue. Staph is so serious, my hubby had one about 8 years ago but not nearly that serious. Holding you both in my prayers.

Linds said...

I have NO IDEA how you manage to keep going, Dawn. You are wonderwoman. and I am so thrilled that Dwight is home again. Not so thrilled re the boot, and to be frank, if the surgery will fix it, then so be it. YOU are the important one here. You need your legs to work. I know this, remember. Take care and for goodness' sake, try to get some time to yourself....

And about the hospital - good you complained, and really good that they have picked up on the problem too. Maybe they will learn something from it all.

Needled Mom said...

Whew....I'll bet bed felt great that day. It is amazing the amount of time spent waiting, isn't it?

Glad Dwight is back home without the PIC line. need to take care of that foot.

It will be interesting to hear what becomes of your complaint.


My goodness much going on!! Where do I begin. First I think 'north of Loveland'...that's Fort Collins, so the hospital is Poudre Valley...right? Is that the one? LOL ---trying to think back to the days of yore. And I just can't imagine the 'traffic' being so bad...long ago, it was such a small quiet town. Unbelievable. Whoa...times are changin'.

Glad to hear that Dwight is back home. And hope they and YOU make sense of all this fiasco with the ER. It just boggles my mind.

As for all the errands and driving and taking the girls here and there...that just plumb wore me out ---reading about it.

Just now the oven timer went off, I made a pumpkin pie from scratch and did the dishes by hand, I'm tired. LOL....but that is NOTHING compared to what your recent days have been.

"The 'S' word"....and another boot? Dang.

Pamela said...

Oh my, you have more energy than I do. Praying for your Dwight and hope he can be back to normal quickly. What a time he's had. RB is such a help with our grandkids, too.

jmckemie said...

Praying for strength and energy for you, for sure! What blesings those precious girls are, but they do take a lot of energy to keep up with them.

So glad to hear that Dwight is recovering so well. What a challenging season this has been you for both. Praying for his strength and stamina as well as he tries to pick up his normal routine so quickly.

I cannot help but think how God is in the details. How Kristen lives close enough for you to be able to care for the girls; how God timed your "retirement" so that you were available; how your foot needs attention of its own but you are still able to keep up with all that is going on. And, if I know you, with a smile on your face when asked how things are going!

Praying for a slower paced week for you, my friend.

Sharon Lynne said...

You need more ME time!
No. I think you need more REST time!