Sunday, May 27, 2012

Conversations with Two Fours

Four year olds can be so much fun, or not.  But when they are, they really are.  Lately our conversations (or theirs, as I listen in) have been the kind that need to be remembered.  Thus, this post, for myself.  You can listen in, if you please.

We were driving past the lake in the middle of our town, which is really low right now.  I commented on it, more or less to myself.  They discussed the situation at length, and alas I forgot to write it down as soon as I could.  But later that day, we were driving again, and had been following a truck with a large opaque container of liquid, probably chemicals, sloshing back and forth.  After following it for several miles, suddenly Katie piped up:  "I see a truck with water in it.  I think it's taking water to the lake so the beach won't be so down."

Another day one of them commented on a pretty tree that looks "like broccoli."

The logic of their little minds astounds me at times.  It had rained during the night, and on the way to take the big girls to school, my tires spun a bit as I was leaving a stop sign.  Again, I believe it was Katie who said, "That must be because of the rain on the street."  

Emma:  "Did I cry last night?"  
Me:  "Yes, you screamed your head off."
Emma:  "I screamed, but my head is still on.

In the school bathroom:

Emma:  "Where's the bath?"  Good question!  Guess we should call it "rest room" instead.

Another conversation in the car:

Emma:  "Grandma, is my peanut butter sandwich going to turn me into a grownup?"

Katie:  "What about me?  Will my peanut butter sandwich make me big?"

Emma:  "I don't think you ate enough to get big."

We were attending an awards program at school.  Emma was sitting on my lap, facing me.  She caught a glimpse inside my shirt neckline and said, "Grandma, you have a black bra."

Then she turned to my former work friend, who is considerably older than I, and I run into her at school functions where she is watching her great grandchildren, who are the ages of my grandgirls.  Emma pointed to her and said, "Does she have a bra on?"  Yikes!

And then there was the day we were checking out at Sam's - the young man at the next stand was sporting not one, but two, flashy earrings.  I hadn't noticed him until Emma blurted out, "Boys don't wear earrings!"  He and I had an interesting conversation after that.  

I know you remember when Katie cut Emma's hair - it seems lately as though Emma is saying that she did it to herself, but I find it hard to imagine that she could have done that to herself.  Regardless, they are both looking forward to their hair being long again.  In fact, everything that we're discussing from the past, near or far past, Katie will say, "Was that when my hair was long?"

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and a great week!


Needled Mom said...

As they always say..."out of the mouths of babes"!!!!! There are times when you just want to disappear into the ground with what they say, but I surely wish I could remember some of the classic conversations. I'm glad you are writing it down.

Dawn said...

I have to go back and add one I just thought of. We were standing at Sam's, ready to check out. The young man at the next stand was taken aback when Emma blurted out, "Boys don't wear earrings!"

Forty Pound Sack said...

Thanks for the chuckle! I love when kids start to figure things out on their own ~

Ginger said...

You have a black bra?? Hehehe, gotta love it!

I adore that age. Most memories of my girls were at that age and I still dream of my middle one at age 4. She was a hoot like your littles.

Glad you posted. Fun to read and chuckle along with you.

nancygrayce said...

They are a hoot! I'd love to hear the conversation with the young man at Sam's! Bless her heart, Emma was right! They shouldn't wear earrings :)

Dawn said...

The end of that conversation was, after the young man moved off, "Little girls shouldn't wear earrings either." Smart one, that!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

LOL! Kids!

Amy said...

So cute!

Linda said...

It is such a good idea to write these sweet conversations down Dawn. I always thought I would never forget such things, but I was wrong. I so wish I had written more down.
Hope you Memorial Day was a good one. Sending you love!

Dawn said...

I forget them before I get home - I write while I'm driving!

nannykim said...

hI!! Hope all is well with all of your family. I , too, have not been blogging much lately! I love the statements little kids make--JUST LOVE IT---it is so much fun and always makes me re-think things! I spent Thursday-Saturday watching my grands (1, 3, 5, year olds). There parents were at a homeschooling convention and we all had rooms in the same hotel. We had to watch the kids while the parents went to the convention, but had to be there with them because the youngest is still breastfeeding. We spent loads of time at different parks and I really had fun!! I always feel like I have been in a different country after I spend lots of hours with the little ones. It feels like an entirely different world!

nannykim said...

Their not there~


Oh my goodness...I think I have fallen over in my chair!!! I see TWO comments from you in the past few days. I'm trying my hardest to get caught up in commenting and visiting y'all who have stopped by my place over the long holiday weekend. It's going slow, but I WILL get to all of 'em. Soon. I had to stop by to say hello...I've been thinking about you a lot, and the Colorado sister told me about the fire near the River outside of Fort Collins that someone had started it with a camp fire?! Is it out now? Or do you know? What a shame, that too is a pretty canyon if I remember right.

Okay, on with your latest first wrote me about your iris and posting the photos on FB...well, I don't do facebook [refuse to], and I'm missing something I just know it!!! You say you can't find anything to write about on your blog?!!!---well, you don't have to write anything.....posting the iris photos'll work!!! *hint

And these girls' conversations are a hoot. Boys and earrings, black bras and water in the lake from the truck...and back in the good ol' days, "When my hair was short [or long]....what a hoot!!!!!

Do keep in touch, you're missed terribly when you don't blog and visit.

Hope your summer will be a good one ...and you get some much needed rains [but no Big Thompson flooding either] Y'know?

PEA said...

Hello dear Dawn, so good to be back to blogging and visiting:-) I've really missed all of you. I can well imagine the chuckles you get when you listen in on their conversations, too funny. I just about spit out my water when I read the part about them asking if the other lady was wearing a bra! LOL No doubt there are times you wish you could just disappear! hehe I got to talk to Lily on the phone today and when I asked her what she was doing, she said "talking to you Nana!"...I thought she was going to say colouring or playing! lol Hope your week is going well so far my friend. xoxo


ps...reading your comment this morning...well, I think he SHOULD be responsible for the cost of the damage to the canyon ---not the taxpayers. But, to have heavy smoke in your own front yard, that's not good!!!

Maine Mom said...

Love this post! I'm still chuckling over the comment about the bra...and our kids say that we embarrass them! We are just getting them back for the honest, innocent comments and questions that came out of their mouths when they were young. :-)

Christa said...

What great moments to reflect on. Precious!

Christa said...

Hope all is well.

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