Friday, October 20, 2006

Meme of Three

No worries - the snow's all gone, the sun is out, and it's 63 degrees. I love the first snowfall, because it gets me in the mood for the Christmas season. I don't like blizzards or icy streets, but a beautiful, frosty Christmas-card-looking snowfall is just fine with me.

I did a meme this morning and it just disappeared into Blogger-land. It didn't even get a chance to be published - Blogger just ate it. So now I've had to try to recreate my answers. It's unbelievable - I can't remember some of the things I said a few hours ago! So frustrating. But I'll give it a try. I was tagged by Kristen, so here goes.

1. Things that scare me:

* Heights
* Water (as in drowninig)
* Breast Cancer

2. People that make me laugh

* My grandkids (especially Care Bear at this time in her life)
* Some of my blogging friends
* Hawkeye (Alan Alda) on old Mash reruns

3. Things I hate most

* Drugs
* Alcohol
* Cigarettes

4. Things I don't understand

* Thong underwear
* Cell phones in church, in the car, in the airport, in restaurants, etc. etc. etc.
* Vandalism

5. Things I am doing right now

* Recreating this list that I did earlier this morning and Blogger ate
* Trying to remember what I said earlier this morning on this post!
* Watching the clock until I take the kiddoes to my mom's and go get some medical tests done (nothing to worry about!)

6. Things I'd like to do before I die

* Go back to Hawaii
* See my grandkids grown and living good Christian lives
* Lose weight again!

7. Things I can do

* Walk and read at the same time
* Play the piano and organ (though not that well!) and sing alto
* Make killer caramel rolls and apple pies

8. Words that describe my personality

* Outgoing
* Complex
* Compassionate

9. Things I can't do

* Ski
* Swim
* Anything with a ball

10. Things that are good to listen to

* Good music
* Anyone who needs to talk
* God's Holy Spirit

11. Things not to listen to

* Heavy metal music
* Dirty jokes
* Negative people

12. Things I'd like to learn

* To be quiet
* To maintain a weight loss (sensing a pattern here?)
* To play piano without the music in front of me

13. Favorite foods

* Chocolate
* Fresh Bread
* Mexican Food (Could this be why I have the second one in #12?)

14. Things I drink on a regular basis

* Diet Dr. Pepper
* Hot tea
* Water (bottled)

15. TV Shows I Watched as a Kid

* Leave it to Beaver
* Perry Mason (every Saturday night while we ate hamburgers on t.v. trays)
* Dr. Kildare (I had such a crush on Richard Chamberlain - I was so sad when I found out he's gay!)

16. Persons I'm tagging for this meme

* Diane (Partners in Prayer, if she can do it from Argentina)
* Diane (in Arkansas)
* Pea (up there in Canada)

I'd do the fancy linky thing, but Blogger's being too poopy today and it takes too long!

Have a great week-end!


Barb said...

Boy, I could have written most of this list, Dawn. And I had such a huge crush on Dr. Kildare AND Dr. Ben Casey, I don't know which one I sighed over more. I know Richard Chamberlain is gay (no surprise there) but I still think he's a great actor. The Thornbirds is one of my all time mini-series.

And I'm terrified of water, too. That's probably because I can't swim.

You did a good job on this meme.

Linda said...

Oh - we have much in common Dawn. I'm with you and Barb on the Richard Chamberlain thing (in those days I never would have even thought about him being gay - what?) My best friend and I had a running arguement over who was handsomer Ben Casey or Dr. Kildare.
Have a great weekend!

Pamela said...

Dawn, glad to see you got your meme posted. Great answers! I thought this was a tough one myself. I bursted out laughing at "things I don't understand", and you said thong underware...too funny! I totally agree! :)

I would love to see your recipe for Carmel Roll...yummy! :)

Linda said...

Hey Dawn,
We used to live in Upstate NY - right near Lake George. Absolutely beautiful. I could see the Green Mountains of Vermont from my kitchen window. It was a very tiny dairy farm community. Our life centered around our little church. An idyllic place to raise a family. When the kids got older, we really wanted to move some place warmer. The winters were just so severe. My sister-in-law's parents were living in Austin and highly recommended it. We do love it here. It is home - especially since my parents moved here. But I look back at our time in Truthville (that really was the name of our little town) with such fond memories. The people there were wonderful.
You're right. I would have been totally confused by the term "gay" when I was in high school. Things sure have changed.

Anonymous said...

I love Perry Mason (the old black & white episodes, not the newer ones.) When I was in college, I would stay up late watching the old re-runs and miss my early class the next morning. I flunked the class, but I did learn that early-bird classes aren't for night-owls.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Dawn.....I'll do it! I'm printing this out--it will give me something to think about on the airplane!

LOVE getting to know you through this meme! Thanks for persevering through blogger issues. GRRRR!


Nancy said...

You are real trooper to rewrite after blogger "ate" your meme. Don't you hate it when it just disappears into cyperspace after you have worked so hard? Dr. Kildare was really the first McDreamy...

Sue said...

I'm seeing a pattern here to our age group! I just love Dr. Kildare (and the Thornbirds later) Who even knew the word gay? That was like: happy, right??
Great answers, and I totally agree on thong underwear, so not me!!

Morning Glory said...

Ditto everyone's comments above. These were fun to read.

Diane said...

Okay, Dawn, I'm copying and pasting this one so I can think about it and post on it later.

Good job with it. I hope mine is even half as good as yours. :-)

Looney Mom said...

I hear ya on that weight loss thing. It's so hard!

Thongs - permanent wedgie; don't understand why anyone would want that. Craziness!

Jessica said...

BACK to Hawaii? WOW! You've been there? That is one of the places I'd like to visit!