Monday, October 16, 2006

Potpourri of Prattle. . .

. . . otherwise known as Random Ramblings #2. Many things have been crossing my mind lately, none of them enough for a post, but put together, a look inside my mind and life.

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I sprained my ankle badly at work. Long story and I won't go into details on my clumsiness. Suffice it to say that I went through weeks of P.T., but it still is very weak and subject to reinjury. This I did the day of Dad C's funeral. I've been suffering with it ever since. Then last Thursday morning, I bent over wrong and popped something in my back - pain from right under the rib cage in the front clear through to the back. I spent most of the week-end on my back with ice on my foot and heat on my back. I'm much better today, thankfully. I am so grateful. I have a new empathy for friends who suffer with chronic pain. But the question that has been plaguing me is this: Why does Ibuprofen help one pain and not the other? When it concentrates on my ankle, it can't help my back??

We live in a very nice "large small town" with a lake in the middle of town. It is on the way to the mountains and makes for a beautiful drive through town. Many people come out on vacation, drive through our town, go back home, and move here. It doesn't matter that they don't have a job, can't afford a house - it's pretty, so they move! We occasionally see a pelican or two or three on the lake. Last week I was excited to see a whole flock of them waiting just on the edge of the water. They were there all day, so when we finally had a chance, DC and I drove over there to get some shots. Some guy decided to bring his dog down to the shore to scare the pelicans off. I was able to get a couple of good shots as they swam across the lake.

autumn 2006 001

One of the joys of my life is driving down the road with the grandkids in the minivan listening to the "Jesus CD" or the "Jonah CD" or the "Na na na na CD". I love it when they're singing along at the top of their voices. I love to sing with them, but Feisty usually tells me, "Don't sing, Grandma."

Feisty was potty trained (we thought) in time for our vacation we took all together in July. She had no accidents the entire week we were gone - even on the road! But she has sadly backslidden. My question: Why would you rather go around with poop in your pants when you know how to do otherwise???

Care Bear is such a character. She doesn't miss a trick. The other day I told her I needed to write a message before we left on an errand. I told her it'd just be a minute. She says, "One minute, or five minutes?" Busted!

She's quite the artist. I referred to her modernized etch-a-sketch type toy a couple of posts ago. Here is a picture she drew that day before she "rewound" it. It's a mommy turtle and her baby.

family dinner 003

She was drawing another picture, this time of a jungle. She said, "I've never been to a jungle, though." I asked her how she knows how to draw a jungle if she'd never been to one and she said, "From Diego." That's Dora's cousin, for those of you who don't get to watch kids' t.v.

autumn 2006 005

Off the subject of the grandkids - you know that I work at a large university and love to "people watch" there on my lunch hour. Today I had a good chuckle as I saw this girl walking around, thinking she was really gorgeous, I think. She had the ridiculous, expensive jeans with torn knees. Over the jeans, she was wearing a lovely lace dress. I can't quite figure out the logic!

That's what's been on my mind lately. I hope it doesn't make your head spin to read my random thoughts.

Have a great week!


Sue said...

I love random posts. It's like just chatting with a friend!
Your grandchildren sound just delightful and they both look so creative!
Hope your back and ankle feel better soon! (and the lake with the pelicans is gorgeous!)

Pamela said...

I loved your "Potpourri of Prattle", it truly is like getting to sit at the kitchen table and have a little chat together! :)

It is so good to hear that you are feeling better. Are you sure you didn't break anything? I was really beginning to miss you. :) I knew you had a lot on your plate.

You have a budding artist!!! If those turtles aren't the prettiest turtles I've ever seen! :) Wow!

Take it easy Dawn, you are in my prayers. :)

Zanne said...

I love the disjointedness of it all, people say I write this way...the same way I talk, no association between topics are evident when written down, but completely clear to me.
Piccy's are gorgeous, thanks for a refreshing glimpse at the great outdoors, I live in a town, and our surrounding green looks nothing like yours!!!

Morning Glory said...

Great picture of the swans and pelicans. Don't you just love the black swans? They seem so exotic to me.

Can't figure out the ibuprophen dilemma either....

kpjara said...

I dwell in randomness so I thrive on it!

Sometimes I'm afraid to post something random...but it's what I'm most FULL of!

Linda said...

This was fun Dawn. Such deep questions. I suppose we'll just have to chalk them up to the "mysteries of life" - especially the diaper one.
Hope you're all better soon.

Nikkie said...

I really enjoy random posts. That Care Bear is a smart one. Writing messages always seems to turn into more then a minute!

Kathleen Marie said...

WOnderful. This is how we get to know each other. About the dress thing. I think it is a throw back to being little girls. I remember my little ones always changing clothes, putting dresses over pants that clashed. On the farm I didn't care how they looked. They were having fun. Just a thought and oh, what a wonderful lake! Water is so soothing!

Sherry said...

Oh my favorite lake!!! That was our favorite spot to stop at during our walk and let the dogs swim. Hope your ankle gets better quickly!

theresa said...

She really is a talented artist. I sprained my ankle in April and it still hurts!

Kristen said...

Such great artists are my kids!!

Liked your random post today. I do those, too.

Barb said...

First your ankle and then your back - a double whammy. Understand about the ankle - I tripped over my little dog years ago and my ankle has been a mess ever since.

That lake sure looks like Loveland to me. :-)

PEA said...

What a wonderful shot of the pelicans! We don't get those or black swans in this part of Northern Ontario...only time I've seen them are in zoos! lol What a shame about your ankle and back...I know how that can hurt like the Dickens!! What a wonderful little artist you have in the family:-)

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