Friday, April 13, 2007

April Fool's Day Came Late

I wanted to post a picture this morning, but it was too dark to take one when I left for work. NOT A FLAKE OF SNOW! Not here, not in Denver. The storm took a south turn and may hit the southern part of the state today - or may not!! The left over eggs from Easter are all over the faces of the meteorologists - those guys who are so gleeful when they get it right are apologizing all over themselves this morning. Not that it's their fault! But they take credit when they get it right, so I guess they feel like they have to take the blame when they get it wrong. Now - the problem is not that it didn't snow and people are unhappy about that. No, the problem is that Denver International Airport is once again crawling with angry people - their airlines cancelled flights IN ANTICIPATION of the possible 4-12 inches of snow! After the December Christmastime fiasco at the airport, they didn't want a repeat. So they've been calling off flights right and left ever since, just in case it might really snow. Unbelievable.

The wisdom of man is really not all that great, is it? I just hope and pray it doesn't happen a week from tomorrow when we go down there to board a Frontier jet for Atlanta.

I picked all of my daffodils in anticipation of their being trampled by this wet spring snow. They're brightening up my office at this moment - five different varieties. I wish I had a picture of them, too. But they look very much like this:


Have a good Friday and a blessed week-end!


Dawn said...

Hello Dawn - I felt compelled to visit when I saw your message on Spookie's blog. I look forward to visiting again with more time than I have available today to read through your archives. I will however mention that here in New Jersey it seems like the seasons are running one month late.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda said...

The weather people are always a joke around here. They rarely seem to get it right.
At least the daffodils are brightening the office!!
Have a good weekend.

Maine Mom said...

I think we got your snow :-)
Those poor people stuck at the airport. I'm sure people are dreading going through Denver these days. I know I would be.

Barb said...

Poor DIA - they just can't get it right no matter how hard they try. After what happened over there at Christmas, I can see why they tried to be better prepared. But boy, I can imagine how upset those travelers are that their flights were cancelled for nothing.

Apparently we got your snow out here in the west. We really got dumped on but of course, it was all gone by noon. Not a sign of the storm we got yesterday morning.

I'm glad you didn't get all that snow, though. I'm sure you're all pretty tired of snow for this season!

Diane said...

Interesting, no matter how advanced technology still doesn't control "Mother Nature!" When WILL we learn!

Still, with the snow trouble DIA has had this is understandable that they tried to avoid future impending and anticipated snowstorms. S*cks to be them!

Freshly cut flowers in your office....are a good matter how they get there! Enjoy!

The snow we had here early in the week is nearly gone from the intense sun we're experiencing. That's not a complaint! In case it didn't translate so well in type.

:) Diane

Kristen said...

Ironic as it is, I was actually kind of looking forward to a little bit of snow. Wierd, huh? Oh, well.

Weathermen are just human, huh? The powers that be at DIA shouldn't have put all their stock in a possible storm, imo. Stupid.

Nancy said...

Lucky you to miss that snow and I too hope it holds off when you head to Atlanta. Weather in the south today is sunny and in th 60's. Maybe it will hold out for another week, just for you. Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

We always say here that the weathermen are NEVER right! lol What a shame about those cancelled flights "just in case"...I didn't think they would do that unless it had started to storm!

Yellow Mama said...

Beautiful flowers. Fresh flowers are like a sunshine kiss on a winter's day. (Sound's like a Mama's and Papa's tune!)

groovyoldlady said...

Well, I hope thy're mistaken about the noreaster with "copious amounts of snow" that's supposed to hit here Sunday night. Of course, there are only 2 airports in all of Maine (the large one in Portland only has 6 gates) and they don't close for much of anything.

Linds said...

Our daffodils are finished and the tulips are all coming out. It has been unseasonably warm here. Balmy in fact. Ahem... I AM talking about England! Have a good wekend.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is funny on the weathermen! We did get snow here this morning but it is all gone now. Yesterday we had thunderstorms and flooding!

SiouxSue said...

Same here. A week from tomorrow we leave for Tennessee for a couple of weeks...and we had snow two days before Easter. Yesterday just golf ball size hail, winds, and rain. I am so thankful for the rain!!! Our lakes are all full! Hope you have a great trip to Atlanta.