Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Ramblings #11

I know some of you are hoping for Part VI of Kev's and my story soon. I mentioned to him today that you are anxiously hanging on by the fingernails to get to the end of this saga. He is very busy with school and works evenings on campus. Also, they gave up their internet connection at home for the time being in the interest of sound fiscal responsibility. So it is a bit harder for him to get them typed and loaded when he either has to do it in a campus computer lab or ask his wife to do it for him. If anyone reading this has missed this series, it is on my sidebar, and Part 5 can be found here and here.

There are so many thoughts running through my mind today that I decided one of my infamous random posts is the only way to get them out of there. Some of you seem to enjoy this journey through my befuddled mind on occasion.


This picture reminds me of life. If you have been following my flower saga, you'll understand what I mean. In this post the tulips were so beautiful and perky and happy one day, and the next day they had been beaten down by a surprise and totally out of proper season snowstorm, just in time for Easter. I was so sad. But two days later, when the sun came back out, they popped right back up off that ground and looked up to the sun and stood up straight and tall, giving us enjoyment once again. But if you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see evidence of the trauma. How like life that is. We can be going through life happy and joyful when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a storm hits our lives. We feel totally trampled down and beaten. But God's love comes to us, His sun (or Son) shines down upon us, and we look to him for the strength to stand back up and continue on. But there are often scars remaining.

I have shed tears today for so many hurting people and serious situations. We have junk going on in our family right now that tends to beat us down like those tulips. I can't go into details, but pray for us if you think of it. I learned this morning of Heather's desperate new crisis. She already has such huge challenges with Emma Grace and her special needs. How much must one family endure? There is Micah and there is Amy out there in blog world who have such huge physical issues. There are so many requests at church. The world is a mess. What would we do without God and without people praying for us??

If you want a lift in your spirit and you haven't been there yet, please go over here and read Care Bear's Good Friday prayer. What a blessing!

It's official. I'm an emotional eater. Yesterday, when I was stressed about the aforementioned family junk, I headed straight for Runza and had a cheeseburger with fries. Yep, I did. Tasted wonderful!

Believe it or not, we have 4-8 inches of snow heading our away in the next 48 hours. My grandson is hoping they got the forecast wrong. I hope so, too! It's certainly been known to happen. But they've been pretty accurate this year on the nasty snow storms.

I heard this song today. We have sung it in choir many times. I already had it on my computer because I love it so much. I have probably quoted it before on this site. But here goes again, because it is so very appropriate for this day in light of all the prayer needs.

Press On

When the valley is deep,
When the mountain is steep,
When the body is weary,
When we stumble and fall;
When the choices are hard,
When we’re battered and scarred,
When we’ve spent our resources,
When we’ve given our all,

In Jesus’ name, we press on.
In Jesus’ name, we press on.
Dear Lord, with the prize
Clear before our eyes,
We find the strength to press on.

Forgetting all that is behind us
And straining toward all that lies before,
We press on toward the mark
Of the high calling
That is ours in Christ our Lord.

In Jesus’ name, we PRESS ON!



Morning Glory said...

The tulips are really pretty after all that.

That's also one of my favorite songs. B has used it more than once with one of his choirs.

Susie said...

Your poor flowers have been being put to the test.
I'll certainly keep your family in my prayers...

Diane J. said...

Battered but not beaten, those flowers.

Many of our families and friends are being battered by Satan right now. He's attacking them physically, emotionally and in relationships, but we have to press on and keep the faith in spite of his attacks.

I'll be praying for y'all along with the others you mentioned, Dawn.

Hang in there, dear. This, too, shall pass....

Love and hugs,


Judith said...

I appreciate your perspective on many things. The pictures you share brighten the day. I know it's hard when troubles attack family. Tonight in Bible Study there were many requests for that kind of help. Please know I am praying for whatever your family needs, and please pray for my grandson, Gary.

Maine Mom said...

I'm glad your tulips are perking up, even with some scars.
Surrounded by challenges and sorrow you manage to be uplifting. You are amazing!

Diane said...


Yes! How do people without Christ press on?!?!

I am holding you (and yours) up in prayer my friend. Prayer...and the occassional cheeseburger and fries will work! ;)

The tulips are beautiful...and yes, we do learn much about God in nature--don't we. Great post.


Tammy said...

I will be praying for you family today, Dawn!
And so glad your tulips are doing better again...that is so much like us...when he put our eyes back on the "Son"!

groovyoldlady said...

"Scarred Tulips" would be an awesome name for a Christian band! (Except that poor spellers everywhere would misread it as "scared tulips" and wonder what they were afraid of.)

Thanks for sharing your caring heart and your thoughts.

PEA said...

I love the way you compare our lives to flowers...we may be beaten down at times but we always manage to overcome our problems and bloom again. My prayers are with your family!

The weather is terrible here again today...we're having high winds and snow so it's blowing all over the place...and quite cold! It's depressing to even look outside.

Come on over for a cup of tea and a piece of cherry cheesecake...I'm an emotional eater too! lol xoxo

Barb said...

I enjoy your rambling posts, too, Dawn. And we all know from the testimony you and Kristen shared with us and the testimony you and Kevin are sharing with us now that you are resilient. Just like your tulips.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The tulips are so lovely even with the beating they took. Again just like most of us humans who withstand trauma and still shine!

Jungle Mom said...

Having just gone through my fathers illness and surgery..the thought of trying to do it without Christ makes me shudder.

kpjara said...

Pressing on with you and I loved Care Bear's was so awesome!

Stay warm this weekend.

Danielle said...

We PRESS ON to be certain. Our world isn't perfect but our Lord is.

Deena said...

I snitched the lyrics...those blessed my soul greatly. I, too, feel a heavy heart for the ones battling and hurting...but praise God we can bond together in prayer and He Hears Us!!