Friday, June 15, 2007

Grandma's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Night

**Edit: I thought this seemed very funny at 4:30 this morning. Just wanted to have a laugh or two. didn't mean to make Kristen sound like the bad guy. Sorry if I did!

With apologies to children's writer Judith Viorst and to my daughter, Kristen, I shall chronicle my night. It is 4:40 a.m. and I have finally waved the white flag of defeat. I will not try to sleep any longer. I will put off my blogiversary (however you might choose to spell that) post another day.

It all started about 7:00 last night. The kids were at Bible School. Kristen's husband discovered that a movie they've been wanting to see was in its last night of showing. It started at 8:15. Would I please, please just listen to her proposal before I said "no?"

Would I please pick up the girls from VBS (Anakin's mother decided she needed to come and get him for a couple of days, so he wasn't in the equation) and let them sleep here, because she and Mike would be getting home pretty late.

Of course, my initial reaction was negative, because it's a work night and week-end nights are hard enough when we have a "sleepover." I use that term loosely.

But the promise was that they're so tired from playing endlessly with The Blondies all day, and would be totally tuckered from 2.5 hours of non-stop high-energy action at VBS. The pattern all week has been that they were zonked out within 10 minutes of getting home.

I finally gave in with the promise that she would be here by 7:00 so I could get to work. The original proposal included my going in to work a bit late, since I have so much vacation time accrued. But - I'm the opener this summer and it's quite a scheduling hassle in my office even when I take my scheduled vacation times.

But I digress. I picked them up and tried to get them excited about the sleepover at Grandma's. Feisty wasn't buying it - she wanted her mommy. She did settle down pretty quickly, so that was a blessing. We got home and Care Bear wanted to read a couple of books. Now the agreement was that they would get into their jammies, brush their teeth, have a bit of milk from their Sponge Bob cups, and crawl into their sleeping bags on my family room floor, drifting off into innocent sleep to the tune of a favorite movie. But, as you know about the best laid plans . . . Care Bear was hungry. She wanted some cheese and a couple of stories read. Feisty joined in. They both wanted to sit on my lap - I have plenty of room for both, but that doesn't work this time.

Finally - jammies on, teeth brushed, Grandpa's kissed good night, they headed for the sleeping bags. Ooops - Feisty wanted to sleep on the couch in her Princess sleeping bag this time. But not, of course, the little love seat, because she couldn't see the movie well enough. Care Bear snuggled in her Scooby-Doo bag on the floor. She wanted me right beside her. So I put those cushions on the floor - remember the ones they looked so comfy on here? Not so good for Grandma. I decided to try to finish my latest mystery while they watched their movie. But Feisty can't sleep with the light on. Remember this post? I actually used those goofy things to read while they watched the movie in the dark.

I kept thinking they'd fall asleep. Wasn't happening. They jumped out of their bags at least 3 times each for various reasons. Finally, I rocked Feisty for about two minutes and she was out. Then it was Care Bear's turn - another two minutes and she was in dreamland. By now it was 10:30.

I decided to watch a bit of t.v. to settle myself down. It wasn't easy settling down on those silly pillows! I finally got really sleepy and turned turned off the tube. I must have slept some, but every noise they make woke me up. Care Bear wanted a drink of water. I convinced her to go back to sleep. Finally I couldn't take it any longer on the floor, so I grabbed another blanket (by this time mine is on top of Care Bear), and headed for the love seat - picture this 5'10" body scrunched up on the love seat - or hanging over the end. I must have slept more than I thought, though, because I had a really crazy mixed-up dream which I can remember pretty clearly.

About 4:00, Care Bear decided to crawl up on this tiny couch WITH ME. She's sleeping comfortably, her hair tickling my nose, and her little snore keeping me awake as well. Feisty stirred (on the nice big couch remember) and said, "Grandma, I want you." I said very gently, "Go back to sleep, sweetie." She sighed and said so sweetly, "Okay." And she did.

But by this time the clock has chimed 4:30. I gave up. I might as well chronicle this crazy night. So I did. Now it's time to go get ready for work. Oh, dear.

P.S. As I was re-reading and editing, I heard Feisty fall off the couch - I rushed out there to see her, still sleeping, crawl back up on the couch without a cry or sound. The sun is turning the sky a gorgeous pink as I look out my window above the desk here - the beginning of a busy day at the end of a busy week.

P.P.S (Remember when you wrote letters as a kid and did this?) I want to give credit to Kristen for designing my new look yesterday. Isn't it great? If you or anyone you know needs a makeover on your site, she'd love to help you out - and she comes pretty reasonably!


Barb said...

Lack of planning on their part doesn't make an emergency on my part. A late movie on Thursday night? Good grief. This is going to be a long work half day for you.

Oh what am I saying! I would have said yes too and then I'd be sitting here writing the same post.

Sigh. The things we do for our kids.

I know you have to be exhausted today but really, somewhere under the surface of this post, I sense that Grandma Dawn enjoyed this impromptu sleepover. :-)

Maine Mom said...

Speaking from a daughter's point of view, I know Kristen greatly appreciated the last-minute night out with her husband and the fact that you agreed to take care of the girls :-) I was wondering why you were up so early this morning commenting on my I know. You are a sweet Mom and Grandmother!

I hope you have an extra great day to make up for last night!

Maine Mom said...

P.S. I tagged you :-)

Kristen said...


Susie said...

Hopefully you will have an easy day at work and be able to get some extra sleep tonight..
Your new look is quite summery and nice..

Jungle Mom said...

Still having computer problems here but wanted to stop by and say hello!

Robin said...

Ahhh, you sound like a cool grandma! I'm not there yet(not a grandma yet), but I hope I have the stamina to do it well when my day comes!
Thanks for visiting my site - I look forward to getting to know you better!

Morning Glory said...

She owes you BIG time!!

I'm not sure I'd have been as accommodating. In fact, I have actually said no to last minute requests.

Hope you survive today and get to bed early tonight. Where was DC in all this??

Linds said...

I love the new look, Dawn. I will have to think about doing somethign to mine one of these days. After the summer. Maybe. And I think you are a wonderful Mum abnd Granny! I would probably have done the same. (Definitely got up at 4.30 and blogged.)

Linds said...

I think blogger is misbehaving today... I see a few others on other blogs also complaining. But you got there in the end!
I think he is the best completely.... lots of other talent, but it is a variety show, so some ventriloquists, dancers, etc. He is th eonly classical singer. The rest are like pop idol. Another semi tonight.

Diane J. said...

You were trying to encourage me for when Emmy gets a little bigger, weren't you?

I'm with Barb, though. I think as tired as you may be today, it was totally worth the experience with your grandbabies.

I would do the same thing. In a heartbeat. :-)

Love and hugs,


Linda said...

First of all, I love your new design. So light and pretty, and I do love flowers!
Sounds like an exciting night!! I know how you feel about now. The great part about being a grandma is - they do go home. You can catch up on your sleep tonight (I hope). Seriously, they are precious, and it is a joy to be with them. It's just that we aren't quite as resilient (or limber) as we used to be. I've had a few of those nights myself.

Sherry said...

that was a memory you will never forget.

Yellow Mama said...

Saturday looks pretty good now...sleep in.

Online P.E. course. Yeah, I know it does sound funny, but you do stretches and stuff and document what it felt like and just general health questions. That's the way I should have taken it, but alas we HAD to actually exercise...

groovyoldlady said...

You are an awesome Grandma!