Thursday, June 07, 2007

Random Ramblings #14

Is it really June? June 7? A year ago today it was 98 degrees here in paradise. Today it went all the way up to 62. We had 19 days in June last year of 90+ temps, one day even reaching 102. It must be like childbirth - I forgot the pain of that heat! Today the wind blew like a blizzard was coming in. Only now the grass is littered with leaves and branches rather than covered with snow.

I want to thank all of you for your support after I shared my heart on Monday. Things have settled a bit and are not quite as critical. But please keep praying that God will do a miracle. He has already exhibited His power and love to us, and your prayers have been heard.

The other day one of the profs I work with came back from a trip to Alaska. I was tickled when she gave me this tiny little angel and said it reminded her of me. It made me feel really special that when she saw an angel she thought of me - not that I'm angelic, but it was the "spiritual" side of me, I suspect.

angel magnet 2

For a bit of levity today, go over to Kristen's site for the latest update on the Paris Hilton saga. Too funny! My daughter has definitely not lost her sarcastic sense of humor where "celebrity" news is concerned!

I am planning a trip to Minnesota next month with my sister, mom, and dad. It started out to be just a simple road trip with my sister, but it has morphed into much more. But I am very excited, because it is going to be a time of reunion.

We will see my cousin, Ann, who along with her husband and 4 children, has been in Mali, Africa for over 20 years, faithfully serving the Lord, ministering to nomadic Muslim tribes. The fruit that can be seen is minimal. But only God knows the seeds that have been planted, and He will supply the increase. Some of their converts have had to leave their families because of their faith. Others are secret Christians. I am in awe of Ann and Larry's faithfulness. We only saw our missionary cousins every 4 years when we were kids, but it was like yesterday every time. We have only seen Ann two times since we've all grown and had families. This will be the third. She's the one I mentioned in an earlier post here.

When Ann and her family were coming home from furlough, the year she was 15, she wrote to Co-Ed Magazine. Remember that magazine, if you were a teen in the 60s? She wrote to the magazine and told them she needed some help with her hair and wardrobe, since she'd lived in hot, hot Africa and wanted to look good for her year in American high school. Believe it or not, they met her at the airport, took her shopping, got her hair done, and did a wonderful article about her. Here is the full-page picture they ran of her after the transformation.


While we are there, Ann is planning a get-together with her brother, Rich, and his wife, her 3 children who live in the vicinity, my uncle (her dad), and our aunt, whom I have not seen since I can't remember when.

Besides these visits, I am looking forward to seeing my best friend from 5th-8th grades. We reconnected several years ago when I called her mother - I found her number on the internet. Her mom was still living in the same house as Mary did growing up. We've exchanged Christmas cards for several years now, after losing touch in our early adulthood, and I am trying to arrange a visit with her.

Remember this post? And this one? I'm also hoping to spend some time with Maryam. I will truly be taking a trip down memory lane.

Of course no trip to Minnesota would be complete for me unless I was able to meet Diane of Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals. I'll take pictures!

After that, we will head to Mom and Dad's home town for a reunion of Mom's family. There are not many left, but I am looking forward to seeing elderly great aunts and a few second cousins that I haven't seen in decades.

Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking of it. I have to rush home after all of this fun and celebrate DC's 65th birthday. I must get busy planning that!

Remember Micah, the little guy with cancer that began in his eye? I haven't mentioned him for awhile, but several of us have "Pray for Micah" buttons on our sites. Check out this miraculous update:

Tomorrow, June 8, is DC's dad's birthday. Dad C is in heaven, and has been since September 30. This will be a hard day for my MIL especially. I can only imagine the fun he's been having these last 9 months meeting all the people he preached and taught about for all of those years of ministry, not to mention the family members and friends who welcomed him home. We went to a memorial service tonight of another dear old saint who had been on the "journey through the long goodbye that is Alzheimer's disease," as it said in his obituary. I hope Axel and Dad C are meeting and sharing old preacher stories tonight.


We'll meet you there someday, Dad C!


Susie said...

We just lost a dear friend to Alzheimers too and the quote you gave was so appropriate.
Happy to hear your family situation is improving and of course, I'll keep you in my prayers.
Your vacations sounds like it will be filled with family and friends. Such fun for you!!

Lala's world said...

have a wonderful time with your family and take lots of pictures!!

Susie said...

Me again! Love the picture of Ann! You've also changed your profile pic..too cute!!
(I do remember CoEd magazine)

Diane J. said...

I'll make you the same offer I made Pea yesterday - it's 83* right now at 11:30 about we split the difference and meet in the middle temperature-wise? It's hot here and cool there so we should be able to find a good compromise where we're both satisfied.

The picture of the pickles is up on my blog, as requested. ;-)

My, you do have a whirlwind visit planned! Sounds like every minute is going to be crammed with something to do. You'll need a vacation from your vacation when you get home!

I'm jealous that you get to meet Diane! But I guess since I can't meet her it's alright if you get to MIRL with her. ;D

It doesn't seem possible that Dad C has been gone for 9 months already. I know you all miss him so, especially your MIL. Bless you all as you remember him on this day.

Good news about Micah! God still answers prayers and works miracles for sure!

I hope things are better for Kristen and the girls now.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend, Dawn.

Love and hugs,

Diane :-)

Maine Mom said...

What a fun trip you have coming up!
I'm glad you mentioned Micah. I am so happy for him and his family!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a wonderful post! I just know your dad C is so happy and healthy now and he will be so glad to greet you when you come home! huggles

groovyoldlady said...

Sounds like a majorly fun trip. I can't wait to see the pics of you and Diane!

Morning Glory said...

I love the story about Ann!!

Linda said...

That's going to be a wonderful trip Dawn. I have so much admiration for Ann and her husband for their missionary work. It is so easy to forget those who labor so hard in difficult circumstances. You'll have a great time catching up.
This was a great post Dawn!!

Barb said...

I remember that magazine. How cute Ann looks in that article. I definitely remember that hairdo!

I'm so glad you're making this trip. Just what you need to take your mind off troublesome things and perhaps relax a little. I hope you have a wonderful time.

Looney Mom said...

I pray that whatever is going on will bring you all closer to eachother and to our Father. I know how that goes...

Great makeover. How fun.

Isn't it awesome about Micah?!? I pray that he will just be able to enjoy being a little boy now and his parents will get some rest and just enjoy some precious time with all their children!

busylady said...

That's an absolutely wonderful picture of Dad C and MIL! The long good bye is such an appropriate way to think about Alzhiemer's patients. I lost my grandmother to it and I so clearly remember the day she didn't know me any more and it was so hard. Isn't it a blessing to know that they are whole again and in a place where there are no tears or heartache!

Midlife Mom said...

Whoops! I was on busylady's site and went to yours from hers so busylady is really me, Midlife Mom!

MugwumpMom said...

We lost my grandpa to Alzheimers - it was devastating.

Anyway, thank you for your congrats on my son's grad. You commented that my kids looked like me and said but you hadn't seen a pic of their dad so I just posted one just for your discerning eye!

Have a wonderful weekend and family time.

Jungle Mom said...

This was a delight to read.