Tuesday, March 04, 2008

BA Revisited and The Book Meme

LivinWithMe.com's Blogaholics Anonymous Award!

Have you seen this cute little graphic? I've seen it around here and there. It reminded me of a post I did after about 3 months of blogging, when I realized I had become totally hooked. So I'm going to re-run it here. (Thankfully, I am a recovered blogaholic, and enjoy it in a less intense way now!) From September 13, 2006:

I am waiting for someone to begin a support group - Bloggers Anonymous. At that time, all of us who have known each other anonymously can meet face to face! Face it - we have an addiction. I wonder how soon it will become a part of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition). I can see it now: Blogmania, a recently diagnosed mental disorder with the following symptoms:

  • Computer is on 24/7
  • You are running to the computer every few minutes
  • Laundry is piling up
  • Meals have become the frozen variety
  • Conversation with mate revolves around what you read in cyberspace
  • Blogger problems become bigger than life
  • Your mind is always thinking of what to write next
  • Depression occurs if there are fewer than 7 comments on any given day
  • You are sleep deprived from staying up reading hundreds of messages

    Of course, this is an exaggeration, and meant to be a bit tongue in cheek. Seriously, it does become addictive. But there are so many good things about this new mania:

  • I have met so many wonderful people from so many places - Canada, Chili, Australia, every state I've lived in.
  • I have found so many kindred spirits who know my Jesus.
  • I have seen miracles through the prayers of these new friends.
  • I have laughed and cried, both with tears running down my cheeks.
  • I have discovered people who have such a gift of words.
  • I have found astounding spiritual truths from new acquaintances.
  • I have been challenged to be a better Christian.
  • I have become better acquainted with family members who are bloggers also.
  • I now look at everything that happens as a potential post. It has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at things.
  • My memory has been jogged and I realize what a wonderful life I have had.
  • I was reduced to happy tears when so many people welcomed our prodigal home. God is so good!
  • So many of us will someday meet, if not in this life at least in the next.

    Tell me what you think - want to join?

    Nancy tagged me for the book meme. Now if you've been with me very long, you know I read all.the.time. I have to have a book with me in case I have a dead minute or two. Or I have to wait in line somewhere. I love to read. So here goes:

    1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
    2. Open it to page 123.
    3. Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.

    I have to grab the last 4 words on page 122:

    "One of the girls I work with owes me about a week for when she went to Cancun with her boyfriend. She'll do it, I know she will."

    "I do hope so," I said, suddenly worried that I couldn't depend on what was essentially a last-ditch appeal. "I tell you, Miss Wiggins, we're in an emergency situation here, and I was hoping that you could leave right away. Today, in fact."

    This passage is from the book, Miss Julia Strikes Back by Ann B. Ross. This is the 7th book in the series, and they are such fun. Give them a try if you want some mindless fun.


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
I must say that when I first started blogging last year, I became very addictive. LOL. Especially when I learned how to do things to my blog. I have since mellowed out in it tho. I'm not on here as much as I once was. I so agree about blogging tho. We have made new friends and it has inspired me to be a better Christian as well. I also know that if I need some prayers, I can always count on my blogging friends to pray for me and my Family. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!!!! I am glad that I have gotten to know you as well. You are such a wonderful friend and I always enjoy visiting you. We got just a tad bit of Snow here yesterday but it wasn't even a dusting. Today is to be warmer and then another round of Wintry Mix on Friday. I'm about ready to get off this Rollercoaster ride. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Midlife Mom said...

Yes I know what you mean about this being a tad addictive! I could identify with quite a few things on the list! Also can identify with the pluses and that has been an amazing experience. Great post, glad you ran it again!

PEA said...

The symptoms of being a blogaholic may have been written in jest but they are so true!!!! lol Gosh, I remember what it was like when I first started blogging...I hated being away from my computer in case I missed something on someone's blog! hehe Thankfully we do learn to let go a bit but...I still love blogging:-) I especially love the wonderful friendships I've made through it...that makes it all worth while.

Gosh, Dawn, I hadn't realized I had missed your last few posts...I've been such a terrible commenter lately!! I so enjoyed reading your most recent post about Kona...whenever I travel I love finding neat little places to eat. Steve and I laugh because any time we go on a trip, it seems to be all about the food! lol Look at the size of that sandwhich! WOW! I love it that you decided to have a picnic on that one day...I love picnics and look at the gorgeous scenery that was in front of you!!

Also loved seeing recent pictures of those adorable twins, two wonderful armfuls:-) xoxo

nancygrayce said...

Your book is so funny. My mama reads Miss Julia over and over. She is always asking me to look online to see if there is a new one!

Yes, blogging is addictive, some of it for me is making sure my loved, if unseen, friends are doing o.k.

Needled Mom said...

I have to agree with you that even being a new blogger, I have met some really fun people through it. It can be very time consuming and I am sure that it is because I am learning how to do all these new things. Now....if I could only remember so I would not have to RELEARN, I would save a lot of time. So far the laundry has not piled up but the cobwebs are building!

groovyoldlady said...

Do you know that whenever I meet a new "real life" person, that I'm tempted to introduce myself as "Groovy"?

Hello, my name is Groovy and I'm a blogohoic.

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed your Blogaholic post. All true, good and bad but I find the good FAR out weighs the good!!!

Nadine said...

I enjoyed reading your story about BA very much. I'm glad that I found you in blogland. I've enjoyed coming here and reading your posts and looking at the wonderful pictures of those beautiful twins. I really enjoyed the Hawaii stories and pictures...it makes me want to go there even more so. Thanks Dawn.

Tori said...

I've never been here but I wanted to say Hi. So Hi! °Ü°

Diane said...

What! These behaviors are not normal?

Tell me it's not true!

Zip your lips girlfriend....I don't want to hear it!

Your completely-in-denial-friend--Diane

Myrna said...

Blogging addiction can be very real. But what a good addiction to have! Why give up something that brings you such pleasure and blesses your life in so many ways? I think I'll just hang on to the Blogging Bug! I could stop anytime I wanted to--really, I could--I'm sure I could. :-)