Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on the Messes

Just a quick note this morning. I have some pictures to share, but will put them on tonight for Wordless Wednesday.

When I got home yesterday, my kitchen looked ever so much better than when I left in the morning. The floor was still dirty, but that will be taken care of soon. We had new pipes that won't rust for as long as we live. We had a new high-powered garbage disposal installed. The nastiness had been cleaned off all of the products that live under the sink. The corned beef was cooking away in the crock pot.

Mom called later in the evening to say she hoped I didn't mind if she cleaned up my kitchen. MIND?!!? Mom and Dad have been married for 61 years - they are still operating as a team. When Dad came over to fix things yesterday, he needed an extra hand - he called Mom and she came rushing over to be that hand - as she has been doing for 61 years. She couldn't stand the thought of my coming home from a long day at work to that mess. Bless you, Mom! Bless you, Dad, for your willingness and skill to help us in a non-life-threatening, but really disgusting crisis!
DC told me that he had really hesitated calling Dad from his restful Sunday afternoon, but I know for a fact that he loves to help - loves to use his innate ability to fix anything - loves to be needed - and loves to still be able to do these things at age 81. We have always kept lists of things for Dad to fix when he came to visit - now we just call him and he comes over from his house 7/10 of a mile from our house. What a blessing.

I talked to several people at the insurance company. They were all so nice (even though I am sure they will increase my rates, no matter now nice they are!). A guy will come to the parking lot of my office today to check out the injuries to my van and get the report to my body shop of choice. I know from experience that this shop does great work. It will look as good as new - and maybe they'll wash it??!!

I drove down that street this morning to check out that huge evergreen tree that the victim's mom pointed out as we stood out in the snow Sunday night. Sure enough, it does block vision of the stop sign until you get right up to it. Add snow coming down, weighing down those branches even more, and impending darkness, and I might have a case. But I don't think I'm going to go to court. I'll just bite the bullet and pay the fine. It doesn't change the fact that I know that sign is there - it's been there for the many years I've been driving down that street. But I will take a picture of the blockage and send it to the city - hopefully they'll make the home owner trim the tree back to within their yard instead of hanging over the sidewalk. The accident could have been much worse - and it could happen again, with more dire results.

FYI - I'm coming up on my 300th post! What shall I do to celebrate??


Linda said...

What a blessing to have a "handy" father! He is so sweet to help you. My husband is that way - and it has saved us untold amounts of money in service related bills!
I admire your attitude about the accident Dawn. Your honesty is a wonderful witness.
I am so bad about observing special moments on my blog. I just noticed the other day that I have passed the three hundred mark (Have I really had that much to say?).
Have a blessed day Dawn.

Mimi said...

what sweet, helpful and convenient parents you have...so great that they could (and did) fix your problem for you.. and your sweet little mom even cooked your dinner for you...
that's why you are so sweet and helpful to your own daughter... the goodness passes from one generation to the next...
glad all your problems were solved, including the car accident...

Penless Thoughts said...

How sweet of your mom & dad. That is what family is all about. No matter how old you get you are still our "kids"!!!

PEA said...

I just love it that your dad still loves to tinker around at his age...goes to show just because you're in your 80's doesn't mean you have to stop doing everything:-) Your mom was a sweetheart to clean up the mess for you as well!! I do hope the city does something about that tree that is blocking some of the stop sign before there is another accident and somebody is seriously hurt. xox

nancygrayce said...

Oh, if someone, anyone, called and said do you mind if I clean your house, I would be so very happy! What a great set of parents! I know you'll do something wonderful for your 300th....all your posts are wonderful!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though your parents make a wonderful team after 61 years of practice. Way to go!!!!

I am thrilled that the sink is all put back together again and will give you a life long guarantee. That your father is still so limber to even get under that sink, much less enjoy the call, makes him a very remarkable man.

Hope that your car will not be out of service for too long. It would be wise to point out the tree's obstruction of the stop sign because you would hate to see another, even worse, crash at the same spot.

Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
Just catching up on your news! You had quite the day, but I am also glad both parties are fine. Ouch on higher insurance rates. The twins are adorable of course!

Sharon Lynne said...

You're parents sound so cute. (I'm sure they weren't that cute when you were growing up!)

They remind me of my parents. My dad can fix anything too. --or he still thinks he can fix anything. He will be 79 in July. When he says something "will take an hour to fix...it usually takes about 10 hours...because of unforseen circumstances and 5 extra trips to home depot!"

Oh I love him!

Anonymous said...

Reason number 1000002 to love Grandma and Grandpa.


Robin said...

Alls well that ends well! What an ordeal! I hope things settle down for you now - but somehow I have a feeling that there is just always something going on at the house of Grandma Dawn!

Maine Mom said...

Looks like Spring in Maine!

I am so glad to hear that Ladybug has been found! Prayers ARE answered. :-)

What a blessing to have your parents around and still able to help you out. They sound wonderful! I'm glad your kitchen is in much better shape now.

groovyoldlady said...

There, see? Things are looking up!

Did you know they outlawed garbage disposals in (I think) Raleigh, NC?

I think for your 300th post you should send me dark chocolate, although that might incite jealousy in your other readers, so maybe you should send chocolate to 300 of us - or something like that.