Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anniversary Adventure Part II

The big girls are back in school and preschool. The little ones are better, but still have really runny noses. Katie had her re-check yesterday and her lungs sounded good, her blood oxygen was okay. Thankfully Emma never had RSV, and wasn't as sick as her big sisters. The big girls and I snuggled a lot, so of course I now have a cold. Not too bad so far, thank goodness. Kristen is back in school, so I am back with the babies here every day.

Kev and Sema are coming back this week - hard to believe the 3 weeks are gone already. Sema is on her way, and may be in Dubai already (Wednesday morning 7:00 am now) and will arrive on Thursday; Kev leaves tomorrow and arrives on Friday afternoon. Please pray that their flights go better this time and that they get back with all of their luggage!

Back to the anniversary adventure --

It is great to live so close to such a beautiful getaway spot. - it's only an hour's drive up the hill. In fact, that's where we spent the first two days of our honeymoon - DC went up earlier that week and checked out the spot -

A storm moved in just in time for our wedding - by the time we got up there after the reception, it looked like this.

But it was nice and cozy inside - unfortunately, DC wasn't this happy the whole time - he was flattened by a sinus infection on the second day and we ended up heading down to our town for an appointment with a doctor and some medicine before we resumed our honeymoon to California.

In a matter of possible interest - our original plan was to go to the Grand Canyon and around that area. Our travel agent called and told DC that the storm was coming from that direction and she did not advise driving that way. So after going to the doctor that day, DC went back to the travel agency and booked a trip to LA - Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Japanese Gardens, etc. Long fun story. When I was looking for the pictures above of the cabin, I found our original itinerary:

I wish DC had put the prices on the rest of the hotels - $15 at the Grand Canyon! I found our first grocery shopping list, too. I wish I had put the prices there as well.

For those of you who are new here, I'll post this wedding picture --

But I digress.

While we were driving around on our anniversary adventure, we found this cottage in the same spot.

After looking at it and comparing the two, I realized they weren't the same. I remembered that our cabin had been destroyed by the Lawn Lake Flood in 1982. Estes Park was devastated by loss of tourist traffic for several years after this flood. Six years earlier, in 1976, the Big Thompson flood happened several miles below Estes, but prevented traffic from reaching them for several years as US 34 was repaired and rebuilt. So it is a miracle that this town has survived and is thriving and growing. If you ever decide to visit Estes Park, be sure to let me know so that we can get together!

My next post will be mostly pictures that I took as we drove around Rocky Mountain National Park on Monday. We also did our usual tourist-y thing of walking around town and looking at all the shops. That was when I got the watch that I showed you a couple of posts ago. There is a year-round Christmas shop that we love to visit. She has amazing decorative items, trees decorated in many different colors and styles, but I have to say that she doesn't run any great after Christmas sales! Hootin' Anni would go nuts in there, considering her Santa collection. I couldn't resist showing you and her some of the variety this shop carried this year. Anni, come and visit any time and add to your collection!

I've been to Estes many, many times, but have never noticed this rock formation before - it's visible from the middle of town and is called "Twin Owls." Well named!

There was a lot of wild life evident that day as we drove around - especially mountain sheep and elk. Elk and deer come into town and cause "trouble" - the fact that it was their land for eternities does not seem to make the new residents any happier.

It was really cold and windy up there that week-end three weeks ago - today it was 70 degrees F and will be as warm tomorrow. Very weird!!

Stay tuned for Part III!


Nadine said...

Wow $15 a night...amazing.

I love, love, love the wedding photo. You were a beautiful bride.

Mary said...


I enjoyed all of the photos, especially the ones from your honeymoon. Of course vintage photos are one of my obsessions. I love looking at photos anytime but especially those from a few decades back.

I would love to see those elk in their natural habitat. They are magnificient creatues.

Thanks so much for sharing.

nancygrayce said...

Aren't the good memories fun to go back and see in pictures??

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I always love the photos you post of the scenery in your area and the places you visit. Very exotic to this native Delta flat lander.

I'm glad the girls seem to be well on the road to recovery. Hope your cold is short lived.

My allergies are going nuts again. I thought surely they'd be better once it got cold, but not this time.



Sharon Lynne said...

I'm glad the girls are better.

I have never scene Elk close up. (Only heard about them.)

If I ever come to Estes I WILL look you up!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Great memories in pictures Dawn. I just love cozy cabins and fires and of course sharing the love:) I am so glad to read that the girls are all on the mend now, thank God. I know what you mean by getting their colds. Ugh. The things we do for love of our grandkids. I've had more colds in the last 3 1/2 years than I have had my whole life. I loved your comment about upload exhaustion on my blog. I am running behind the past week and need to get caught up. I am still praying for the kids and you to get 100% well.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, Dawn!!! I will, I will go there to the shop with you. I'll be sure to bring my Master Card along. I want that one, and that one, and this one...all of 'em. Santas are an obsession y'know. :::giggles:::

And the herd of Elk. Awesome. I can hear them calling right now. They're magnificent.

And Estes Park...you know it's another of my favorite places...why just the drive up through Big Thompson Canyon is a joy. And seeing the little town nestled in the horizon as you top the last curve....beautiful.

I remember the flood. I remember the blackness of the sky that very night as I looked North from our home...it was a terrifying experience.

Great post. Thanks for letting me in on your trips and memorable honeymoon and anniversary.

A Hint of Home said...

What wonderful memories. I'm glad you still have that itinerary. What a hoot, fifteen dollars a night.
Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you're feeling better and glad the girls are.

Sherry said...

oh man, I want to be there! we love it here, we really do, but seeing those pictures...I'd go back in a heartbeat.:)

Glad the girls are all on the mend. It is such a SLOW recovery with that junk. My kids both had RSV and I hate every ounce of it.

The dealy on the side of my blog just tell me when you have updated your blog, it says four months because that is when you went "private."

Tammy said...

Dawn, though I think I've seen your wedding photo before, I was struck just now by what a beautiful bride you were!

I am so enjoying these posts on your vacation in the mountains!

Sammy said...

You were a gorgeous bride! Just lovely. I love that photo.

How cool that you all saved the hand written itinerary from so many years ago. That's a real treasure. I'm definitely one to save things like that.

I'm glad to hear the girls are getting better. Sorry you're feeling sick, but what a GOOD grandma you are to cuddle those sweet, sick girls! Hope you feel better fast! :-)

Praying for safe, easy travel for Kevin and Sema!

Kristen said...

Wow, that's weird. That cabin with the Monte Carlo in front of it is the exact cabin you know who and I stayed at two years ago on our anniversary. I recognized it the minute I saw that picture.

Hootin' Anni said...
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Hootin' Anni said...

Okay Dawn, your interview questions are as follows:

1. What prompted you to say "yes" to the marriage proposal from your spouse?

2. What childhood memory is most vivid in your mind as you blog at this very moment?

3. With your experiences, have you ever thought your existence as female is less stressful than a male's existence?

4. What historical leader, in the world, has captured your admiration most?

5. What influences in life have triggered you to set certain goals? And what are/were those goals?



Be sure to include.
Follow these instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." if you'd like to have questions asked.
2. I, the interviewer, get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. Five Questions, only.
5. Link to my interview post...this one, below

Linda said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures Dawn. I love the wedding picture.
I'm glad everyone is doing better and pray you'll all feel completely well very soon.
Have a blessed day.

Jess said...

Hi Dawn...I think if there were ever an award for longest posts...you would win it...but they are always wonderful and I just love all the gorgeous pictures you include...and you always make us feel like we have been there with you.

To answer your question: I always hated school. I was very good at it and I was well-behaved except for talking in elementary, and then a few fights in high school. But I always had straight a's no B's ever, and I was involved in every club and project imaginable. I was always on the go, and always involved. Never a free weekend or summer break. I did live the life in high school. I was popular and did very well, but I just hated school. I love my friends and I even really liked the teachers, but just the going every day and work and learning....I just didn't like it. I missed the max amount of days my junior and senior year...and I wasn't ever sick when I missed, I juse wanted days off from the same-o same-o. SO when I started college... I just couldn't stand the thought of going a year, much less 10 ...which is what I had planned. And then I found out I was pregnant... I do not ever regret not going for one minute. I am so happy with life and with my job. However, I do realize that you can make so much more money and do better with a college degree. But still... I just didn't like it.

Thanks for asking and for remembering.

Love, Jess

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, what a great place to honeymoon. That cabin is classic. You must have had such a great time. I love old pictures. Part 3? Hugs!

nannykim said...

wow,wow, a lot happening in your life!! Glad everyone seems to be doing much better. It is amazing to see how young ya'll were in the marriage picture....It always amazes me when I look at mine and realize how young I looked and how much time has flown by!!..

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful memory to read about! I loved seeing all the pictures and seeing the itinery of the trip.

One of my favorite trips to Estes Park was immediately following Sept. 11th. We had reservations to fly to Italy and the airports were all closed so we jumped in the car and just drove. No one else was on the road and we stayed at a lodge on the lake in Estes. We were probably the only folks there and they put us in a beautiful suite. The town was charming and we enjoyed the hiking and the general beauty of our wonderful country.

PEA said...

You know, if I had a choice of going into a big city where there's lots of action or a quiet place like where you went, I would choose where you went! That cabin looks so cozy and having wildlife around like that to watch would be just my cup of tea:-) How amazing that you still have the itinerary from your honeymoon...motel rooms have gone up in price a tiny little bit haven't they! lol I've so enjoyed reading this second part of your anniversary trip:-) xoxo

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm glad that the girls are feeling better! And I love seeing and hearing all about your honeymoon and anniversary trip. :)