Friday, January 02, 2009

Part II Pending - No Time to Write!

EDIT: Praise the Lord! The phone rang at 4:30 this morning - I never was so glad to hear Kev's voice. They are both in Mombassa - there was no time for him to give me details - and you know I love details! But he sounded so happy. What a blessing - even though I'd only been in bed since 12:30 (taking down those decorations got to be an obsession!)

You'd think things would slow down, wouldn't you? No such luck. I have so many things to share about the rest of the reunion and our anniversary trip to Estes Park. But that involves downloading too many pictures, thinking, and writing. I haven't even acknowleged New Year's Day - or 2009. And the twins will celebrate (or at least we will) their first birthday in 5 days - that is worthy of a post in itself! What a year it has been - and how adorable they are. But more about that later!

DC has been sick most of the last week - a nasty virus that is contagious and isn't touched by any meds. He's getting better, but I've not seen him sick this long in our 36 years together.

Today two guys were here all day putting in the last of the windows - it has taken us years and years to replace all of the pathetic windows that came with the house, but finally it is done. DC will have to stain some of them, but it is exciting.

The tree in the family room is still up. As well as everything else down there. I had to take down my upstairs designer tree because it was leaning badly and I knew all it would take to crush all of my lovely ornaments was for someone to barely brush it. So it came down before we had so much company - a good thing in two different ways. One less job to do now!

Remember Maizie? She is now 101 and in the hospital after falling in her apartment at the assisted living facility and breaking her ankle. I went up to visit her in the hospital tonight and was so blessed - she's so frail and will probably be going to heaven soon. But I am so glad I got to see her again. I told her I'd try to come back tomorrow to see her daughter from the Seattle area. She said, with her toothless speech kind of difficult to understand, "If you don't make it, I'll know you wanted to." So sweet! We had prayer together and it was so poignant. She will not be sad to join her precious Joe in heaven - they were married for 75 years before Joe died a few years ago.

I hope Kristen can get time to write a post soon, and to change our Christmas motifs. After the Carlson company left, the other side of her family gathered. So she's really happy to have things a bit back to normal. When school starts again Monday, we'll get back to our routine.

On top of all this, Kev and Sema have had their own adventures. We took Sema to the airport around 10:00 on New Year's Eve. Her flight was 1.5 hours late leaving, but she still had plenty of time in New York before she left for Dubai. The next day DC took Kev around 2:00 - he called me before DC got home and told me that his flight was 1/2 hour late, which would cause him to miss his connection to Nairobi from London. He had to be put on another airline, but had a 12 hour wait in London - which will cause him to miss his connection to Mombassa from Nairobi - and make meeting up with Sema quite a challenge. The Lord answered prayer when Sema called last night from Dubai, so I was able to get some phone numbers from her to give to Kev if he called - which he did.

You have all prayed my family through so many things since this blogging adventure began. Please pray that they will get to Mombassa soon. It is very unsettling for me. Flying just is not that much fun any more! Here they are with all of their excited anticipation. This is their first visit home for her in 6 years. The itinerary in Kev's hand didn't do him much good, it seems!

Well, for not having time to write, I did quite a bit! Happy New Year!


Sharon Lynne said...

I'll pray for Kevin and Sema. It must feel strange to have them so far away. But God is with them, just as he always is.

I'm excited about your new windows. I love windows. We put new ones in a few years ago.

My tree is still up, too. We got it late--a week before Christmas. It's still drinking water, and the needles are soft. I can't bear to take it down yet. I love how it looks at night.

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....and write you did! But, hey, this was a most enjoyable read.

Traveling by plane can be such a hassle, and always delays.

You got all new windows? Wow...what a deal, huh? How great is that.

And the twins are going to be a year old so soon?!! Why it seems just like yesterday they were born.

Happy weekend Dawn.

Sammy said...

I'm so glad Kevin and Sema made it and found each other. What a stressful, LONG day of travel for them!

That story about Maizie is incredibly sweet. She sounds just lovely.

I can't believe the twins will be one year old! It really does go by fast, doesn't it. Will you all throw them a party?

Happy New Year, Dawn!


Sherry said...

I'm so glad they were able to go, I know it's been a dream for them for a while. I'm sure they will have a great time. Looks like your Christmas was a great time as well. Hope Uncle D feels better soon! Poor guy!

Nadine said...

Wow Dawn so much going on. I'll keep Kev & Sema.

I can't believe the twins are going to be a year old. Boy did that go Have a nice weekend.

nancygrayce said...

I can hardly believe the twins will be a year old! This was the year that was huh??? I'll be praying for Kevin and Sema too! I hope they have a wonderful time. I know what you mean about flying....I never liked it when the only thing to be afraid of was crashing! :)

Sioux said...

Thanks be to God they arrived safely. Wishing you a blessed Sunday.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Glad all the travelers got to their destinations safely. You couldn't pay me to step onto an airplane. To each his own, I guess.

It seems that any bug or illness you catch these days sticks around longer than it used to. It's good that D. is beginning to feel better. I'm glad nobody else got sick too since he was contagious.

Hard to believe that the twins are almost a year old! It doesn't seem possible, but time flies. Emmy will be 2 in May and that boggles my tiny little mind.

Hope you have a good week, Dawn. Your cold weather is headed our way for tomorrow.

Love and hugs,


Needled Mom said...

Oh dear Dawn, those travel plans sound like quite the nightmare. It is certainly not like it used to be and traveling with so many connections must be an awful worry. I will pray that they meet up soon and have a wonderful visit.

Sorry to hear that DC is feeling under the weather. It has hit here with a vengance as well. I hope he is better soon.

Maizie sounds like such a sweetheart. I can well imagine that she is ready to join her husband at this point. I am so glad that you got over to visit with her as I know it meant a lot to her.

I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Estes Park. I was thinking about you guys being there and it sounded like the weather was agreeable for you.

Thanks for thinking about my mom. We will hopefully have some answers tomorrow but it has been a long month. I would just like to see her have some pain relief.

Have a good week.

Linds said...

Great to hear they got there safely! We never take decorations down till the 6th here, so that will be the job for Tuesday. I can't believe the twins are 1 already! Amazing how time has flown by!

Linda said...

I'm late visiting - but glad to know all is well with the kids. What a long distance to travel. You are so right - flying is no fun at all any more.
You have been so busy Dawn. The reunion looks like such fun. You will have such precious memories.
My Christmas decorations are all still up too. I love putting them up and dislike taking them down. Truthfully, I wish Christmas lasted longer.
I know you'll be glad to get back to a normal routine. Glad to know DC is feeling better. There have been such nasty viruses going around this year. Our weather has been so up and down; I'm sure that contributes to the sicknesses here.
Blessings to you Dawn. Your servant's heart just blesses me.

Jess said...

Hi Dawn.. missed you! I want to thank you so much for all your kind comments while I have been away and been so busy. Life is crazy you know!

Lots of love and blessings to you in this New Year. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Have a great week,
Lots of love,