Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Future American Idol? And Other Stuff . . .

I am trying very hard to get rid of the headache that has been with me since I woke up - an hour later than usual. That's all it takes for me to wake up with a headache - sleeping in for an hour. Of course, going to bed very late probably didn't help. But I rarely have one last more than a few minutes.

I was trying to finish my book - Echoes by Maeve Binchy. I hadn't read one of her books in quite awhile, so checked out two recently. But in the meantime, the latest Marcia Muller mystery came in - I always place my order for books I want to read at my library by computer, they hunt them up (or order them), put them on a shelf for me, send me an e-mail that it's in, and I run in and check them out at the do-it-yourself computer -
neat and tidy. That's how I get all of my books - some I have to wait for quite awhile, because they are being ordered by many others. And you only get to keep them for 3 weeks and can't renew. So I had to hurry and read that new book before I could get back to Echoes. In the meantime, I thought I could easily renew Echoes - who would ever guess that someone else, at the very same time, would decide they want to read a 1985 book and put it on hold?? So now I'm scrambling to finish this book and get it in before the fine gets too big.

So back to the headache - it is also not helped by the fact that last Sunday when we walked to the park with the girls, I put my glasses in my pocket in a soft case, then ended up holding one of the babes on that hip, thereby bending my glasses. I have not successfully bent them back, and need to get to an optician for help. I am not seeing correctly. I am feeling a bit better now that we went to our favorite Chinese place for lunch - maybe it's the MSG (ha!), or maybe it's the hot tea. We took two trips out to the recycle lot with our dead leaves, and here's another bit of HOPE showing up in the newly cleaned out flower beds.

EDIT: I just spent the last 3 hours sleeping off the headache that returned - it's still not completely gone - go figure! Well, onward and forward!

If you have grandkids in school, you know that you get to go to many events involving the kiddoes. I would never miss one, if at all possible. But sometimes it's a bit excruciating. Like last night - it was "Talent Show Night" at Care Bear's school. It began with a soup and salad dinner for $3.50. It was really good - the rolls were to die for. They had brought the goods from a great little restaurant in town. You couldn't eat anywhere that well for that price.
It was fun watching Care Bear on her turf. She is quite the social butterfly. She was really working the crowd. That's her cousin that I've cropped out, for family dynamics purposes. Too bad, because she looked adorable. Care Bear is dressed in a gorgeous gown borrowed from said cousin. And Auntie did her hair. She was in the show - thus, my presence. More about that later.

Care Bear and her cousin decided at a bit of the last minute that they were going to do a routine of some sort in the show. Cousin decided, probably wisely, that they didn't have time to do it well, so she dropped out. Care Bear is the kind of kid that once she gets something in her head, she does not let it drop easily, no matter how logically you argue for commonsense or necessity. So Kristen suggested that she do something with her artistic ability, which meant Grandpa took a trip to the Dollar Store for some poster board, then out to their house.

The big moment arrived. The principal stood there until everyone settled down. There were about 25 "acts" to come - Care Bear was #19. No chance of escaping early! There were about 3 that were really creative and enjoyable - I missed the most popular one, based on the sound of the applause I heard while I was taking a bathroom break - a little guy doing a hula hoop routine. The 4th or 5th grade girl who sang the national anthem was pretty amazing - once she got the right key going. She started out a bit high on the first phrase, then corrected herself - she did it acappella and I was impressed. She later did another song, this one with accompaniment, and if she keeps it up, she could be a future AI contender. Then there were the two probably 5th grade boys whose performance was less than stellar, but their idea was at least unique - one jumped with a pogo stick and the other used an upside down crutch to hop around. There were a couple of quick piano renditions. Here are the suggestions I would make for next year, if they would appreciate input from a grandma whose been around:
  1. Require try-outs, not just sign-ups. They wouldn't have to eliminate anyone, but at least they'd know what to expect.
  2. Strictly stick to the two-minute requirement. The first 5 acts took 30 minutes - not a good sign for a tired bunch of parents, grandparents, and babies!
  3. Introduce them by name AND grade level.
  4. Have a portable stage made by some dad or grandpa, so that the audience can see what's going on.
  5. Require them to sing age-appropriate songs. Surprisingly, nobody did Hannah Montana, but Brittney's "Circus" was one of the choices.
  6. Don't let them sing WITH the star - we'd like to hear their own voices. I appreciated the two little girls who sang a duet acappella. And the boy and girl who sang together with an accompaniment tape.

Finally it was Care Bear's turn. She had rehearsed what she was going to say. It was a surprise for her cousin - a portrait in her honor. The principal announced her name and that she was sharing some of her art work; she trooped up there, took the rubber band off the poster board, and flipped it open. We had hoped he'd give her the microphone so that she could describe it. But it didn't happen. What did happen was adorable, and I didn't get a picture - her cousin jumped off the floor, ran up, and gave her a big hug. I have scratched out her name - for the above mentioned reason. I wish I was more savvy in figuring out how to blot it out, but I'm not.

It wasn't a contest, but meant for fun for the kids and the parents. She came out of there with all sorts of ideas for next year.

Well, I'm happy to say that the ibuprofen has kicked in and I finally feel better. I should have brought out the big guns from the start!

Thanks for your support of Kristen, the new Smoke Free Mama.
If you haven't visited her lately, check out her neat new header and her good news about a WHOLE WEEK!


Mary said...


A great post. I'm sorry that you have a headache but am glad you were able to attend the show. Brandon and Jordan haven't had anything since the new school opened except one Christmas concert. They used to put on things for the parents and grandparents. Maybe it's because the boys are both in upper grade levels now.

Enjoyed my visit. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I hate to have a headache. I rarely have them, and sick headaches are even rarer, thank the Lord.

Hope you're feeling better now. Maybe a good night's sleep will do the trick.

Care Bear looks good in red. Too bad she didn't win the talent contest, but there's always next year.

Off to visit Kristen and see what news she has to share.

Have a blessed Sunday, Dawn. :o)

Love and hugs,


Tammy said...

I really enjoyed reading about the talent show at Care Bear's school!
And wow, what an elegant grown up dress she is wearing! :) She looks lovely...and her drawing is not only wonderful, but how touching that she drew her cousin...and they she ran up and hugged her!

Oh, Dawn...I could relate to your describing your head ache that lasted all day...once in awhile I'll get that kind when you just can't completely knock it!

And I need to get to bed soon because of daylight saving it is past 11 when it's really past midnight and there's church tomorrow! We have a busy day ahead...after church and my helping in the service that follows with the kids, we'll be heading to a potluck at my sis in law's. There's a story behind this which I hope to share soon, but God has been doing a work in her and through a recent bout of physical ailments and depression, this "in control" gal has been seeking God and is ready to commit her life to Him! So say a prayer for her if you would!


Hootin' Anni said...

Ewwwwwww, headaches are the worst!!! I used to have them a lot until they finally got a med that would keep my blood pressure down. And, y'know...that bit where the glasses are not fitting right could be part of the culprit.

Mmmmmm, chinese food. Love it. I'm going to make chicken fried rice for dinner tonight [without the MSG, lol] and make a mandarin orange salad. Can't wait.

And what a lovely smile and such a gorgeous dress she's wearing. Such a proud moment for her!!! Loved you sharing that with us.

Sammy said...

I love this post! The talent show sounds so adorable, if a bit long. Your suggestions are great!

What a sweet heart Care Bear has! You and Kristen must have been so proud of her at that moment. And she's so brave to get up in front of people like that! What a cutie-pie!

I hope your headache has passed. I woke up with one this morning for some reason--not fun!

Have a wonderful week!

Needled Mom said...

Waking up with a headache is NOT a good start to any day. I hope that it is finally completely gone and that the lack of that extra hour of sleep last night did not start it up again.

I felt your torture of sitting through the talent show. I hope they take some of your suggestions.

Of course Care Bear looked adorable!!! She even looks like she has the outgoing, social personality that you describe. What a sweet tribute to her cousin's artwork she did.

Hope you are enjoying those warm temperatures. The buds are so pretty. I love crocus when they pop their little heads up.

Have a wonderful week, Dawn. xox

Linda said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm glad you're headache is about gone. I have them so often it's just a part of life - but that doesn't make them pleasant :-)
I know just what you mean about the kids' programs. There must be awards somewhere for parents and grandparents who have to sit through some of those things. Your ideas are excellent. When we've been to programs that are well organized and "short and sweet" everyone enjoys them.
Care Bear is adorable. I love it that she is so outgoing. Great picture too.
Have a restful Sunday Dawn.

Susie said...

I also woke up with a headache after a late night and early morning. I almost never get them and thankfully mine is gone now too..
Loved hearing about the talent show. I would have had terrible stage fright at that age, but she seems very comfortable.
Our library system is exactly like you've described yours. Think of the money we save on books!!
Have a great week.

MugwumpMom said...

Care Bear is sooo cute! Glad you were able to enjoy the show, and here's to hoping that headache is gone and staying gone.

Hootin' Anni said...

By the way....yes, a nephew in Fort Collins, but it's not a permanent thing. Just college and part time work for now.

Midlife Mom said...

We too go to all of the kids programs and yes some of them are really long. I agree with all of your suggestions. Care Bear looks just adorable all dressed up in her pretty gown!! How nice that she is so comfortable being up in front of people, that will serve her well in life. I wish they had done more of that when I was in school, it wouldn't be so hard to do it now.

I can so relate to the headache issue! For years I suffered with migrains on a regular basis and it was really awful. I hated taking the prescription pain killers but had to. Thankfully now I don't have them very often and haven't taken anything prescription for years but once in a while one still crops up for a couple of days. Sleeping ususally helps along with some Tylenol. Sorry about the glasses getting bent, that would throw me way off. To think I have to get used to trifocals soon......

Your library system is wonderful! Hope we get that soon.

Kristen is doing so well! We are all praying for her!!!

How sweet for Cousin to run up and hug Care Bear!! I probably would have had a tear in my eye!

Glad you are having such nice weather to go to the park. We were quite warm over the weekend, almost in the 50* range so a lot of snow melted away. Most people here are getting really weary of all the snow, I don't mind it but I can see where some would. If you don't have anything fun to do in the snow it would get a bit wearisome. T was here this weekend and she just LOVED playing out in it and some of my neighborhood kids made four snowmen on their lawn. They had such fun, I'm going to try to get a picture before they melt away.

We sang more of the old hymns yesterday in church and I loved it! Not that I don't enjoy the P & W songs but the old songs speak to my heart more. I know the 'older' crowd yearns for such songs.

Guess I should try to get a post written today but have lots to do. Getting my kitchen cleaned out and helping my friend clean out her house keeps me hopping!

Take care my friend and I hope your headache is gone for good! xoxox

Susan said...

Good for her for not being a quiter!! She looks so lovely in that beautiful dress and I know how proud she must have felt. Important little steps in their lives. So wonderful to have such supportive grand parents!!!

Christa said...

Looks like you had quite an evening. Care Bear looks adorable.
As you know, when your kids grow up your time is taken by something else, the grandkids. But that's ok. Sorry about the headache, I can relate to that.
I am learning how to erase things from photos in my photoshop class, but don't have it at home yet.
God Bless

Jess said...

Hi Dawn...enjoyed the update...and im glad your headache went away.

Lots of love to you

Have a blessed week


Nancy said...

Care Bear is just too cute and she seems to be a natural entertainer! I love it. Your signs of spring look encouraging and I hope the weather is nice for your upcoming trip.

Try Excedrin next time for a headache. It has caffeine in it which seems to knock it out quicker. I'm glad it went away and I hope it stays that way.

I have been way to busy lately because our weather has been beautiful...I love to work in the yard! I've also been healthy which is a blessing indeed! Thanks for checking on me. You are a dear friend to notice that I had been MIA! I have a new twin post if you have time to visit. I'm headed to Kristen's blog to encourage her and check on her progress. Have fun on your trip!

Kristen said...

She was so beautiful that night and so fun to watch!!

Just thought you would enjoy this piece of news...."sister" has been appointed as President of the PTO next year. I will make sure to make the talent show suggestions known, as she is going to appoint me to another office in the PTO.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
Sorry about your headache and I do hope it's much better now. I hate those kind of headach'es tht won't go away. That Care Ber sure has grownsince I'v lAST SEEN HER. You sur3 can' eat anywhere fo $3.50 rhese days. I qwent and hads lunch ith our youngest daughter last FeidayAND IT COSTED $3.00 and we just had a Burrito, Spanish Rice, ans some jellow with fruit in it and I had seom water to drink. Sorry Care Ber dixdn't win th Talent Contest ut maybe she will next year as Diane saisd. "THANK YOU" dffoe inviting me. Take care my feriend and ahav a great day. May GOD BLess you and yours.
Kaaren H.

Judith said...

Sure hope your headache's gone away.

What a remarkable little girl. I like her pizazz.

Kathleen Marie said...

Great list! I think the weather change has something to do with headaches. I had a doozy as my Dad would have said for a couple days.

I have so much catching up to do. So happy Kristin is smoke free. I know how hard that is. Hugs!

PEA said...

Hello dear Dawn:-)

Just caught up with all your latest news! What a coincidence that you should mention getting a headache and having a hard time getting rid of it because I just went through the same thing. Usually if I sleep in a bit, I get a headache as well but it doesn't last long. This time it lasted a couple of days and no matter what I took, nothing helped. Now it's gone so go figure! lol

Loved seeing the pictures of Care Bear at her school's talent show...she looked so sweet in her red dress:-) I really miss the days when my boys were in school concerts and such. With Lily being so far away, I doubt I'll make many of her school concerts when the time comes but I'll try my hardest to go to at least a couple of them.

Going to go see how Kristen is doing:-) I didn't even realize she had a new blog!! Take care, dear Dawn! xoxo

Sharon Lynne said...

That was precious. You really captured the evening. The details were quite entertaining.

And Care Bear looks so pretty!

I'm glad your headache is better (I'm posting on this a little late.)

groovyoldlady said...

AH, maybe the headache was from the looooong, tortuous talent show!

(Been there, done that!)

Carebear was absolutely precious!