Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not a Weather Blog, But . . .

I don't intend for this to turn into a daily weather report, but the craziness continues and it's fun to share the madness with all of my friends from all over the world. "Springtime in the Rockies" is a musical from the 1940s, which I am quite sure I've never seen. But do you remember the song, "When it's springtime in the Rockies, I'll be coming back to you"? That's all I remember of the song, but I always think of it when the goofiness arrives in the spring here.

It's April Fool's Day and they say we're going to get 2-6 more inches, at least in the Denver area. We'll see. Maybe the joke will be on the forecasters. But yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, albeit breezy enough that it wasn't pleasant to be out there.

I did see some sights that I want to share. The sun shining on the lake was creating sparkling diamonds on the water. If you double click the first picture, you can see some ducks on the water.

The seagulls have found an interesting place to gather - must be having a meeting. They spend a lot of time during the winter on this concrete eyesore - which I keep meaning to call the City and ask what in the world it is, in the middle of our beautiful lake.

I love how the trees frame them.

Back in my yard - the grass is so green now that the snow has melted and watered it. DC must have put fertilizer on just at the right time in the fall.

And the tulips are once again reaching for the sky.

Remember when I've written before about Peru? Our church has sent teams to Peru three times for building projects. The last two times were to Arequipa to build a district center, to be used for educating pastors and other important gatherings. Last summer, when the team came back home, it was with the resolve to complete the project by sending money to the Peruvians, who can get the work done much more economically if they have the funds and the materials.

Imagine our surprise when suddenly Arequipa, Peru became the centerpiece for a huge new project for our denomination. Much of the recruitment for the young people who are taking on the challenge of starting 120 churches in unreached cities and villages in the southern part of Peru is happening with the help of a rolling demonstration of the dream.

This truck came to our church Sunday night and we had a great time of fellowship as we took turns going through the display and hearing about what is going on down there. The young man's picture on the right is our pastor's son - the one who went to Peru as a volunteer missionary several years ago, married a Peruvian girl - they are now missionaries in Argentina and have two beautiful little girls.

If you have 3 minutes to spare, watch this video presentation of the exciting project.


Kathleen Marie said...

Good Afternoon... We got another 25+ inches on top of the 30 inches (some did melt) and now another front might be moving in... I hope, I pray it misses us.

My you have FLOWERS coming up! Whoohoo! That is awesome.

Stay warm... Spring is coming... I can feel it!

grammy said...

I was posting a comment and got interrupted...so I don't think I finished. Crazy dark and chilly cold outside right now at 4 o'clock. That was a good video link. My son lived for a year in Ecuador and mu daughter two years in Afghanistan. I hope my tulips survive (o:

Susan said...

Beautiful photos, Dawn and so exciting about the Peru work!!!! God is at work all over the world.

Sammy said...

The work in Peru sounds wonderful!

I really, really hope we are done with snow for this winter! Flowers are coming up and it's almost starting to feel like spring! After being in the house with a newborn all winter, I am SO READY for warm weather! :-)

I love that you said the flock of birds are having a meeting! I'm totally going to steal that from you next time I see a flock of birds! It's adorable! :-)

By the way, how is Kristen doing? I'm keeping her in my prayers and I hope she's feeling strong and far away from cigarettes!!

Midlife Mom said...

Yes, I do have asthma and this dust is really making me miserable. Today they are supposed to do some clean up so I hope that helps. Seems like it's going awfully slow but things take time and I am just impatient!

What a wonderful ministry in Puru! We have had three trips to Africa and sometimes I wonder if it would be more economically smart to send all the money that it takes for our teams to go but I guess it isn't my call. This time we have 13 going and that's a lot of plane fare. I do know though that going sometimes has a life changing effect on people for the good so who am I to question. :o)

Yes, what is that concrete thing in your lake? Maybe at one time a mooring for something? Your pictures are so nice, especially like the one with the sun shining on the water. It does look like diamonds!

You certainly have had some crazy weather! We have friends in Colorado Springs and I know how much thier kids LOVED the snow when they lived here. We seem to be getting just rain lately which is good as I am sick of the dirty looking snow. When it's all covered with grim and dirt it loses it's appeal to me.

My kitchen cupboards are supposed to arrive in a few minutes so I must get camera in hand! haha!

Take care and thank you for always having such nice posts!! xoxox

nancygrayce said...

We do have rain here! Lots of rain. Some of the counties surrounding us have flooding and along the rivers, people are having to leave their homes.

Robin said...

As we have discussed, the tie to Peru that binds us together is certainly an unexpected but delightful one!
When I first toured the ExtremeMobile (as it is affectionately known) I had no idea in the world that just a month later my daughter, son-in-law, and 9 month old grandson would sign up for the adventure. Today they are there going to language school. Life certainly contains many twists and turns! It gives me comfort to know how involved your church has been and is in this ministry. When we met in bloggyland - we had no idea how things were being orchastrated in the Heavenlies did we?

Susie said...

I do enjoy seeing what the weather is like as I visit my blog friends. We're still waiting for the rain that was predicted. Meanwhile, it's sunny and gorgeous :)
Your tulips are such a bright spot and sure sign that it truly is springtime!

nannykim said...

Thanks for sharing the stuff about Peru---I surely don't know anything about Peru!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! That Lake has always been a beautiful part of your town.

[with Firefox add on I just installed, I don't have to double click anymore...I just put my cursor over the image on your blog and it enlarges it all by itself. This add on is awesome]

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, no!!! Bruce's Bar is closed? What a shame. It was kinda an icon place in the boondocks at one time, I remember.

Jess said...

Hi Dawn...I hope April is treating you well!

Sorry I haven't been by in a while...I'm sure you know all about what has been going on in my world...you have been a faithful reader and commenter as I have been working so much.

I hope all is well with you and your family.

Have a great end of the week. i enjoyed your post today.

love, jess

groovyoldlady said...

I have friends in Paraguay. South America is so needy! Kudos to your church fro doing their part!

Our weather hasn't been too weird (yet). My peonies are breaking ground and my tulips are about 1/3 up. No snow in our forcast, just lovely spring rain that keeps melting the snow. I guess maine is getting off easy this year.

Hugs to you in the midst of all the craziness!

Mimi said...

It's hard to believe that you are still getting snow...and the grass is green when it melts...

I love all the pictures...

I love to have been there with you to see the display on Peru...

I now have 8 grandchildren...ages 21 to newborn...
and I enjoy every one of them!!!

Christa said...

My daughter lives in CO. and has posted some video and pics of the crazy weather.

God bless the work your church does in Peru. It goes to show how rich we really are in this country and there for the grace of God go you or I.

A Hint of Home said...

Oh, you are getting your share of snow lately. It's good to see things greening up, like your grass. We are blooming here for sure.

Coe said...

I am going to go visit Sara and friends. I leave Friday at noon and will be driving! If you remember pray for a safe trip. See you in a week.

Linda said...

It is really beginning to look like spring there Dawn. The pictures are so nice. I love seeing the tulips making there way up out of the ground.
I just bought some flowers this afternoon. I'm just praying they are really as deer resistant as the man said :-)

Mary said...


Our weather is crazy here as well. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. At midnight it began to rain...it poured and continued to do so all day, slacking off in late afternoon.

At 11pm, it is very cold and windy out and they are calling for a cool weekend and possible flurries on Monday.

Enjoyed your photos. Love the tulips.