Friday, April 03, 2009

Oh, My, If I Only Had a Brain!

A mind is a terrible thing to lose. ;-o I sometimes whimsically reflect on how I kept so many balls in the air when I was employed. How did I get all those students through to graduation? I am in awe of how organized I was in those days, all the stuff that was in my head and that I instinctively knew what needed to be done and exactly when. I can barely get my checkbook balanced these days!

So here's the story. It was Wednesday, one of the days I have the babies while Feisty is at school. I pick them up when Kristen brings Feisty to school - we switch from her minivan to mine, and I'm on my way home.

We had some breakfast and a bath and headed for a 10:50 appointment with the doctor. They were both coughing and had terrible runny noses. Kristen and Care Bear both had strep throat, and Kristen had a sinus infection besides. Going to the doctor is a way-too-often occurrence, but we couldn't take any chances.

The twinnies both had wax in their ears - they did NOT like having it removed. They also didn't particularly care for the strep test - that swab in their throats was not fun. The test was negative, which is good, but they still had the problems they came in with. They have improved greatly since, and it's always good to be sure.

As we left the doctor's office, I realized that Kohl's was just across the way. I had seen an ad for some really cute Easter dresses, and Care Bear has been asking me when I was going to be getting their dresses (which has become a tradition). Did you know that between size 4T and size 5, there is a significant price difference?? How silly! I didn't end up getting anything - the girlies were getting a tad impatient.

As I left Kohl's, I was near Panda, so the thought of some orange chicken really appealed to me. I once more took them in and out of the car, into the stroller, and into the restaurant. I was sitting there somewhat enjoying myself when I looked at my watch - 12:30. Yikes - I was supposed to pick up Feisty at 12:00! What in the world?? This isn't something that is new to my routine. I do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Good grief!

I called Kristen and asked her if she could call the school to tell them I was on my way. I got there at 12:45, only to find that Feisty was in no mood to leave her playmates at all! Thank goodness this is a day care center as well as a pre-school, so they serve lunch and have kids all afternoon. It wasn't like someone was there waiting with her, or they would charge extra for this slip of my sanity. In fact, the director got quite a kick out of it - I called it my April Fool's joke. She excused my lapse by saying I knew Feisty was safe, fed, and well taken care of. They're really nice to work with.

All of this wouldn't be quite so bad if I hadn't done a dumb thing the day before. Kristen was really sick on Tuesday, but I guess I thought she was going to get up out of her sick bed and go pick up Care Bear from school at 3:20. I was visiting my old office (the one in which I used to be so organized!), it was 2:50, and we were 15 miles from home - through slow moving traffic. Kristen had to call the school office to let them know I might be late. But I drove up at exactly 3:20, as the bell was ringing. Whew!

So that's confession time for today. It is raining a nice spring rain - I'm hoping it rains all night instead of turning into the predicted heavy snow. It sounds and smells so good!

Here's a final cute picture of that sweetie who got left at her school and didn't even know it.

Have a fabulous week-end!


Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhh, I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. The instance will soon be forgotten. Oops a slip of the tongue there, but it's true. Life goes on. You're a good grandma. And we all know it!!! So, take it easy. Go out again and have some fun for something just for you, even if it's some more Panda Orange Chicken! [we don't have a Panda's restaurant here, and I wish we DID!!!!]

Needled Mom said...

It is so nice to read that other people do some of the same dumb things that I am so capable of doing these days. I am glad that it all turned out well in the end for all involved.

I hope you are far enough south fro that snow line today. I heard that Ft. Collins was getting 6" today. For heaven's sake----it's April 4th!!!!

Enjoy the rainy/snowy weekend.

Mary said...


I agree with Anni. You're being to hard on yourself. We all forget things at times. Once, I forgot to pick the boys up from school until Brandon phoned and said, "Grandma, aren't you coming?" Of course I freaked out and flew out the door.

Be sure to take time for yourself. I've watched the boys since they were babies and though I love them dearly, it can be exhausting.

Take care, my friend and enjoy your weekend. It's cold and windy here.

Sammy said...

Oh Dawn! You must have been so stressed, but it sounds like everything worked out just fine! It's so sweet that little Feisty had no idea you were even late! What a cutie-pie. She was no doubt thrilled to have more time to play with her friends!

I do things like this ALL the time! Just the other day a good friend of mine came over for a visit and she went on and on about how "organized" I am. If only she knew how many mistakes I really make! :-)

Mmmmmm, orange chicken! Sounds delicious!

Have a great weekend. I really hope everyone is feeling better soon. That's too much sickness!

Nadine said...

I think taking care of little children is one of the hardest things. I admire you. I know that I would be so tired and I couldn't do it.

kpjara said...

It sounds as though you are another retired person who is busier in retirement than you were while working outside the home!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Only 30 minutes late? As the director said, even in your absent minded-ness you still knew Feisty was safe, so cut yourself some slack. I don't think I could keep up with all that you have to remember from day to day. Sounds like you do pretty good to me!

It's pretty and sunny right now, headed up to around 70F today, but down to the 30's tonight and the high tomorrow is only supposed to be 49F with a hard freeze tomorrow night. Crazy Spring weather - we've got it.

Hope you have a great new week and a pretty Easter weekend.

Love and hugs,


Maine Mom said...

I have many confessions myself! I hope you are having a great weekend. :-)

Grammy and Olivia said...

Oh goodness...I can so relate. I used to be so very organized and my memory was awesome. Thanks to the hormonal wonder that is my life these days, I can't remember ANYTHING! I tell my hubby all the time that I really miss the days before I lost my mind and certainly hope it returns! You are a brave grammy to tackle that crowd out and about like you do. Glad everything turned out good.

Grammy and Olivia said...

I forgot to answer your question. No the Photo Editing Class I took was not expensive. It was $17.95 for 5 days of lessons. It was very basic, but that was just what I needed. It is done for now, but I am sure they will offer it again. If you click on the link on my post you can get the info.

grammy said...

Just reading about your comings and goings had my head spinning. You know that dream about missing the bus we had when we were in it is forgetting one of the kids somewhere (o: You are a busy and brave woman. That was a cute picture.

Susan said...

I think we've all done this at one time or another :o)

Becky said...

Hi Dawn! I just stopped by to say hi. I have not been very good at commenting ANYWHERE lately. Few and far between.

Good to see everyone is doing ok, despite the sore throats and sniffles. Spring was there, and then it was not. Surprise! I am sure it is coming to stay very soon.

And this post about your cobobbled brain was a hoot! All us retired gals have so much to keep straight :)

Have a great week!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
Like Anni said, don't be to hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and tend to forget things. I know I do. GOD knows you didnt' do that on purpose anyway. I know your a good granny and the girls love you still. Just chalk it up to look back on someday and be able to laugh about it. We are under a freeze warning here tonight and until the morning. Winter is still trying to hang on around her. Spring got lost somewhere down the line. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great Monday. May GOD BLEss you and yours. I hope everyone is feeling much better today.
Karen H.

Susie said...

With trying to remember all those different schedules, and sick littles I can see how you'd become confused. I think every one of us who does caregiving can relate!
At D's school, they have after care (extended day) but they charge in 15 minutes increments for keeping them!
Now you have me hungry for Panda Express Orange Chicken. One of my favorites!
Have a great week :)

groovyoldlady said...

HAH! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Whew....sorry to laugh at/with you, but that's GREAT!


I needed a giggle today. Thanks!


SentimentsbyDenise said...

Well, you DO have a lot on your plate these days, even if you are "retired"!
Hope everyone is feeling better this week!

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh my.... I just had to laugh but hey, I think you are more busy now than you ever were... Aren't you suppose to be retired? lol!