Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Musings

I love the camaraderie and community that has developed among us, even though most of us haven't met in real life. I can't tell you how many times my eyes welled with tears as I read your comments after I shared about Kevin's trip back to TC. Diane sent me this song this morning, and it is one that I've loved for a long time - in fact, I sent it to Kev several years ago. It says what all of you have been saying to me this week.

You are praying me through and we are all praying Kevin through. Thank you.

Now - a little update of other things in the life of Grandma Dawn. My camera battery died and I missed several photo ops last week. DC picked one up for me at a battery store 15 miles away, because no store in our town carries it. But Kristen took pictures on her camera and sent them to me.

Thursday was Crazy Hair Day at school. Care Bear and her cousin were fixed up by her aunt. I cropped most of her cousin out, because of necessity, but you can get an idea of the hair madness.

As Grandpa DC said when he saw the next two pictures, learning something new can be tough. The babes don't like to be fed any more. They want to do it themselves. Unfortunately, they haven't quite mastered the art of feeding themselves yet. But they're trying!

It's been a great week-end of celebration of what Jesus did for us. For the past seven years, our church has done what we call "Easter Marketplace" in the parking lot and gym. We set up a huge tent with booths representing things that might have been found in Jerusalem - the kids get to make crafts, sample foods, braid a rope, make a scroll, listen to a story. They can also pet some goats, donkeys, sheep. Then there's a huge egg hunt in the gym - 4,000 plastic eggs were filled by the Wednesday morning coffee group.

Of the seven years, we've only had one really nice, warm day. But it never seems to keep the neighborhood people away - it is a tremendous outreach and we always have an opportunity to minister to new folks because of this introduction to our church. The local paper actually showed up this year - Feisty is the cutie on the far right with the hot pink coat.

Kristen caught this one on her phone while Emma and I were listening to the story.

I decided to invite the big girls over to spend the night so we could make these great Easter cookies - a friend sent me the recipe in an e-mail. It's a great project that tells the story of Easter with symbolism as you mix the cookies and read scripture along the way. The ultimate goal is to get up on Easter morning to find a hollow meringue cup to signify the empty tomb. Unfortunately, the egg whites didn't stiffen (long story), so we weren't able to complete the project.

At that point, Care Bear decided that since the reason she was there was not working out, she wanted to go home. The Easter bunny was on his/her way to our house (in fact, had come and the baskets were hiding in Grandpa's truck), so I didn't really want to take them home at that late hour. I had to do a quick diversion, so told them we needed to set the table for dinner. Care Bear immediately realized she needed to make place cards - and the disaster was averted.

As Care Bear made the place cards, Feisty decorated the table. I would have had things in the center, but she did a very creative job -

Note the Hershey's kisses at a few spots - these have been in a candy dish since Christmas.

Care Bear woke up at 5:45, discovering that the bunny did indeed know where they were staying, and not only that, he/she knows the true meaning of Easter and brought them chocolate crosses instead of bunnies! We all got our duds on and headed to 7:30 breakfast at church.

Sunday School and worship were wonderful. Then it was back to Grandma's for dinner with 11 of us - a smaller crowd than normal, but enough for me. I was tired already. DC grilled a delicious pork tenderloin, I fixed green bean almonde (delicious), and everyone else brought yummy stuff to fill out the menu.

The babies were way too keyed up to nap, and enjoyed sitting with the rest of us and eating scalloped potatoes. I was very glad I had put a plastic tablecloth under their seats! The egg hunt had to be in the house, because it was cold and rainy outside.

Getting pictures of the finery was challenging, to say the least. Well, you get the idea - maybe.

Note the priceless candy necklace.

The day ended perfectly with an awesome baptismal service. The promise of new life in Christ just gives us oldies a shot of spiritual adrenalin that we need.

I just have to finish with this rather disgusting update - IT'S BAAAAACK!!! Bigger and worse than ever --- YUCK!

Now what do you think I should do??? DC tried to get me to let him do the old Bible remedy - the one where you smash it with the Bible. No, thanks!

Have a wonderful week!


A Hint of Home said...

They are so cute. They will master the feeding thing before you know it.
The blogging family can be a great encouragement, can't they.
Happy Easter to your family.

Susie said...

I well remember those messy feeding days! Doesn't take too long for them to catch on, fortunately :)
Love the crazy hair!
So glad you're feeling the prayers from all your blogging friends..
Happy Easter!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh Dawn,

It is such a blessing to support you in prayer. We love you and can relate. And then to see these pictures of the girls just brighten the day so much. Independent little girls aren't they? And I just love the crazy hair idea. How fun for them. I love you girl and pray your weekend is full of blessings and love. Remembering that we must first go to the cross before we can experience the resurrection. I am still amazed He did this for us and for your Kevin too.:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Sammy said...

Hi Dawn,

I've been thinking of you.

Love those pictures of the girls! Care Bear looks as cute as ever with her crazy hair. And the littles look like they're trying their best, poor girls! Yes, learning new things can be tough. Our pediatrician told us that we can start Khai on solid foods soon, so I guess these photos are a good glimpse into my future! FUN!! :-)

Keeping you, Kevin, and the rest of your family in my prayers.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL....this feeding time is just too precious. Glad the action was captured 'on film' so you could share the photos with us.


Hootin' Anni said...

A bible remedy? But, I'm confused...I've seen parts of this blog before and other photos, I've not seen. Guess it's 'cause it's Monday?

I am beginning to think Bud is right, it's a very short trip for me to the looney bin.

Robin said...

You have been on my heart and my mind these days. I'm so glad you have been feeling encouraged and loved.
Those twinnies! My goodness what a mess they have going! I love those pictures!

We had a beautiful day yesterday in our neck of the woods - today it is raining - but yesterday was glorious!

Morning Glory said...

Cute pictures of the cutie pie girls!

I think I'd have that wrist bump removed. What is it?

Jess said...

Wow you have so much to comment on that I always forget half of what I want to

The hair is great!!! I love the green, and learning to eat is not always easy you Too many times Emmy has been like that, and she doesn't want any help, but when it's time to cleanup she cries... o well..

Glad that church has been so good and that you have had some great times with family.

Have a great week ahead.

Lots of love to you

Needled Mom said...

So much to catch up on in your posts, Dawn. Please know that my prayers will also be directed toward your family during these difficult days. I pray that those bright eyes and happy smile will be returned to you sooner than you think.

Easter looked wonderful at your place. The girls all looked so cute with their Easter dresses on them. I am glad that the bunny found them.

Our little ones got the chocolate crosses too. All were excited about them.

Love the wonderfully green hair. I'll bet the kids love that special day.

The BIBLE treatment does NOT sound like fun. OUCH!!!! What are they going to do with it?

Blessings, Dawn.

grammy said...

looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Table was beautiful and the dresses were adorable (o: What on Earth is the bump?

PEA said...

Good morning dear Dawn:-)

I've just listened to that song and it is indeed very beautiful with words that soothe the soul. I've had you so much in my mind throughout the Easter weekend, knowing how much your heart must be aching for Kevin. My prayers continue for him.

I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures, the girls all looked so darling in their Easter finery:-) I noticed the candy necklace right away and that brought back so many memories of when I was that age, I forever had one around my neck! lol

As for those babies trying to feed themselves, it sure does look like they still need to master it! lol Too cute!

Oh dear, that ganglion just won't go away, will it! I've got a small one but like you, I have no intention of using the bible on it! LOL xoxo

nannykim said...

Great post. My daughter made those Easter cookies with her kids and it worked. Her 2 and 1/2 year old seemed to really understand the symbolism. (the other thing they did is read the Benjamin Box story --not sure if I have the name correct--you read it for a week before or something and each day has a tangible symbol you put in a box of the gospel story)

As I have , I think, said before the 3rd time is the charm with those cysts---I had a ganglion cyst on my wrist and a regular cyst on my head. I had to have 3 surgeries on both!! They didn't come back after that .....'-)

Nancy said...

It sounds like a great time for all. Care Bear is always the creative one and it took a big diversion this time...the Easter Bunny can't be tricked at the last minute. I love the pictures. The pastel colors on the girls look so festive. I can just feel the love and joy that they bring to your life!

My prayers for Kev continues, thanks for emailing me while I was on an unexpected blogging break. You are such a blessing to me.

Sharon Lynne said...

It was fun to look through the picture-window into your Easter weekend. No wonder you were tired. I was tired, and I didn't have little girls spending the night.

Care Bear is quite creative as usual. The little details she places here and there are so cute.

I liked the event at your church. Our church does the same, but we don't have the "Jerusalem" things. We also outreach to our community and many come. But I like how your theme brought out the true story of Easter--with learning about what it was like to live in that time.

Dear me. This is turning into a post.

I'm so sorry about your lump. But at least it's benign...right? That is funny...about whacking it with the Bible!

Well...let's whack it with prayer.

Were you able to talk to Kevin on the phone?

nancygrayce said...

What a great Easter! I know your heart is hurting about Kevin....mine is hurting too. But our only hope is in our Jesus!

The girls were all so precious and oh, i remember those I have to feed myself days! We didn't know those were the easy days did we??? :)

Theresa said...

I love how you love your family.

nannykim said...

I will have to get the recipe from my daughter and pass it on when I get it.

The other thing is the Benjamin Box book which you can find on Amazon--they have an old version and a new version.

Mary said...


Beautiful photos of the family. I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter.

Has your doctor suggested surgery? I will keep you in my prayers.

nannykim said...

ooops, I mean benjamin's box