Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Thank you for your concern and comments and questions about the disgusting ganglion cyst. It is now bigger than it was before I had it aspirated. I have looked up several web sites on the subject. Today I read comments from 26 people who had done various things to rid themselves of their cysts. Some had aspirations that worked, most had aspirations that didn't. Some had surgery that worked, others had it come back after surgery. Some were out of work for weeks after surgery. Some were in terrible pain before they had any treatment. Mine has begun aching recently. Some were unable to even carry a pop can because their hand was so weak. Some actually used the Bible treatment and it worked - only most used a heavy book other than a Bible. The reason the Bible is suggested is that it used to be the heaviest book anyone owned - the old Family Bible, you know - not the one you read for your devotions.

So - my plan is to talk to a surgeon and find out what it would cost. And if they think it's a good idea. I'm quite confused at this point.

Changing the subject to something more pleasant - here is one of the reasons I love Hobby Lobby - their full page Christmas and Easter ads. In case you can't read it, it says, "Son, I want you to Build a Bridge - here are all the tools you will need. See you soon. Love, Dad." And then it quotes I Peter 3:18 from The Message. I just love it.

I mentioned the rainy day we had for Easter - rain, not snow. Yesterday and today have been what you call spring-like. We're looking at more rain and/or snow the rest of the week. What usually happens here in Colorado is that sometime in May, the ridiculous spring weather stops abruptly and it turns into summer instantly.

But - this morning my eyes jerked open at 6:15 and I saw this glorious sunrise. It was hope for a lovely day.

Then I was sitting here in my comfy recliner, getting ready to have my devotions. I looked out the window and saw the cutest little squirrel playing all by him(her)self in our big ash tree. We have a really big squirrel who loves to raid the bird feeders, but this little one hasn't discovered that restaurant yet. I wish I'd had video, but it was such fun watching it. It was just all over that tree - I wish I had caught the part where it was balancing on the end of the slimmest branch possible. I love how you can see the reflection of the eyes.

All the rain and snow has really made the flowers happy. They're really resilient.

I love the abundance of grape hyacinths.

Some regular hyacinths are new this year.

The very cheerful yellow and orange tulips.

Does anybody know what these are?

I just finished the latest Jennifer Chiaverini book The Lost Quilter. Have you read it yet? She is an amazing writer - I say she quilts a really good story. What I love is the way she intertwines the present with the past. But the past almost always involves slavery - and I have to say that every time I read something like that, or watch Roots, I get very distressed. It is a blight on our history.

I just have to end with a great story Kristen just told me. It seems Miss Katie is having a hard time getting to sleep tonight. Kristen was watching the DVR of American Idol. When Adam Lambert (the wildly popular, but really bizarre young man, IMHO) came on, she jerked up straight and clapped through the entire wild performance. She has amazing rhythm and kept time with her body through the whole song. She has even clapping with her hands over her head, as the audience was doing. I wish I could have seen it!

Well, Jess, I did it again - a long, very wordy post. But I have lots of words in me. And they just have to come out!


nannykim said...

HI--I just posted the easter cookie recipe on my normal nannykim blog for you.

Concerning the ganglion, as I have said, mine took 3 surguries but it was definitely worth it for me because it removed it finally and I have free painless movement. I have been without it for 20 years now.

Concerning the squirrels--they drive me bonkers. I have 4 feeders. One I made squirrel proof , but the other 3 they take over. I have one on my window and I have a time keeping the squirrels off of this one--they have no fear of me banging on the window!!! My cat can sit right there and the squirrel can care less.

There will be a blogger outage I think it said Wed or Thursday. So if you can't get to my recipe you eventually will be able to!

Sherry said...

love the flowers. Spring and summer just can't seem to get here any sooner huh? Cute story with the girlies. Can't wait to see them!

nannykim said...

Hi again, my daughter's reply to your question on the cookie:

You just put everything in the same bowl stepwise. The beater would be why hers didn't work

PEA said...

I think it's best that you should talk to your doctor about the ganglion since the aspiration didn't work, he'll most probably suggest what you should do next. Personally if mine got that big, I would have the surgery to have it removed and just hope that it never comes back!! lol

Such a beautiful sunrise picture you took! I can't get over how many flowers you have in bloom already, all so gorgeous. I went to check out my faerie garden today to see if the rose bushes had survived...hard to tell when nothing is growing yet.

I love watching the squirrels and chipmunks at play:-) They can be quite entertaining! lol

Loved reading the story about Kate dancing and clapping to Adam Lambert, that's so precious:-) xoxo

grammy said...

We have to use our words somewhere because our hubbies can't always take it (o: Mine says, "Have you had coffee?" Silly man. Have you heard Susan Boyle sing? Google her on utube. It will make you smile.

nancygrayce said...

My MIL had surgery for one in the same place yours is and she did very well and it has not come back!

The flowers are absolutely beautiful! What a display of God's glory!

Nadine said...

I pray that your cyst will be healed and that you are guided to the best way to handle it.

Those flowers are very pretty.

Morning Glory said...

I really like those tiny purple and white flowers that look like daisies. What are they?

Hootin' Anni said...

Personally, I LOVE the 'wordy' blog entries. They're much more thorough and don't leave the visitor hanging with the 'unknown' as to an ending. You did GOOD, I think! The longer the better.

I do hope you and your surgeon can come up with something that will get rid of it and the pain soon!!! That, to me would be so bothersome. And your sky photo? Absolutely gorgeous. I have a few sunrise photos I'm going to share with my post tomorrow.

And the flowers?!!! Whoa, so Springy. I so love flowers. And working the soil. It's always a thrill to see just what we can produce with our toils and pampering the good earth.

That squirrel is adorable, I love watching them.

Have a great day Dawn. I hope no snow for you, but you never know there...the foothills make their own weather fronts, and it can build up and drop in nothing flat. Think RAIN!!!

Robin said...

Hi Dawn- I don't know what those little flowers are called but I have them too and I love them - they are just so happy looking!
Your beautiful sunrise pictue was gorgeous!
I hope you find some conclusion to that pesky cyst. The Bible treatment sounds like it works - maybe it only hurts for a little while? It looks like it would really be a bother to you.
I wish we had squirrels. I put some squirrel feeders out but no one ever comes to visit. I guess a cat and three dogs might have something to do with that!

Needled Mom said...

That ganglion is really a problem, isn't it? Too bad that there isn't one answer that would take care of it once and for all. I pray that the surgeon will have an idea for you that will provide some help.

The sunrise was glorious. What a wonderful way to start your devotion! And your little squirrel is so sweet. My MIL used to consider squirrels "rats with tails" which I always thought was a dreadful description of such cute animals.

I would have loved seeing Katie doing her happy dance. Too bad it wasn't on video.

Your weather does sound crazy, but the flowers are gorgeous. Our friends in C.S. wrote they were expecting snow this week too. It has been such a long winter for so many.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

kpjara said...

I love all those colorful flowers!

When I worked at the Hand Surgery Clinic the 'allowable' cost of a ganglion cyst removal (at least here in OKC) was around $350.00, so whatever co-insurance or deductible, figure around that amount. We did ours in the office, so there was no surgical suite fee, just the procedure.

I hope you can get it taken care of!


Midlife Mom said...

Your flowers are so gorgeous! I will be so happy when some of mine start coming out. We need some color here so badly, at least we are getting a little grass here and there.

I have a ganglion starting on top of my left hand. It isn't growing very fast yet........nowhere near as big as yours......yet......I think I would go for the surgery if it does grow more.

How is Kev doing? Is he liking Maine?

Jest got back from my second wake this week with one more to go. It's been a really sad week here in the neighborhood.

Loved all your Easter pictures. The table looks so pretty all set up. I didn't get any pictures, don't know what was wrong with my head!

We love our squirrels and buy unsalted peanuts for them. Their antics are better then television!

Must go put grain out for the deer. They are waiting at the edge of the woods for me to bring it out!

Take care Dawn! xoxoxox

Linda said...

Hi Dawn,
Your pictures are wonderful - the sunset is amazing. Don't you just love flowers. I can't imagine a world without them.
I'm sorry about the cyst. I'll be praying you get some good advice.
They are predicting some rain for us. We still need it desperately, so I hope they're right.
Have a good week Dawn. Praying for all of you.

Sharon Lynne said...

I love the bluish purple color of the flowers. I wish I had those cute daisies.

We have squirrels too. It's pretty noisy when a fat one runs across the roof!