Friday, April 17, 2009

Here We Go Again!!

We don't often describe our weather in Colorado as "soggy." But that is what we woke up to this morning after rain most of yesterday and all night long. It felt so good to hear and see a nice, gentle rain watering the earth. God does so much better at watering than we do!

As the day proceeded, the rain turned into snow. It was a very wet, slushy snow which covered the ground for a short time. The tulips I showed you yesterday decided to close up as tightly as possible to stay warm.

I can hardly wait for the sun to come out again (forecast for Sunday) to see what beauty we will behold. In the meantime, Care Bear's big state-wide fun day for the kids in our denomination has been cancelled, because it's so much worse in the Denver area. She's sad. She is quite the social butterfly and was really looking forward to this all day event.

On one of the spring-like days that we had sunshine earlier this week, the girlies got to wear their outfits they got from their other grandma in their Easter baskets. They looked adorable. I fixed their hair - I could only get pictures of Emma.

Today was library day, and I talked Grandpa DC into going with us (I'll explain why he was home in my next post). Lately we've gone to baby story time first, then Feisty's story time. At the early one, there are all kinds of little ones and it is a bit of chaos. But fun chaos. I wish I'd taken my camera. They do lots of interactive stories and songs. There's lots of activity. Katie especially is really getting into the action, clapping and jumping to the music. I wanted DC to go with me, because it's hard to do the activities with two at the same time. But he didn't really get into it - he said he was too shy. It sort of amused me - I told him nobody would be watching him.

The twins enjoyed their first spaghetti dinner (at least at my house). I love the little piece of hamburger on Katie's nose!

Did I tell you you that the last time they weighed, a couple of weeks ago, that they are up to 16 and 18 pounds? And that Katie has taken 4 steps two different times? I haven't seen it yet, but I can hardly wait!

I have to tell you one more cyst story - this one is so cute. Feisty was pushing on it today, apparently the first time she'd noticed it. She asked me what it was, and then asked me if she would have one when she was a grandma. I told her I didn't think so, and I hoped not. She said, "I think I'm going to ask Jesus about that right now." She put her face down on my lap and began praying earnestly. She said, "Dear Jesus, please help me to not have one of these things (while she opens her eyes and points to the cyst) when I am a grandma." I then asked her to pray for me. She closed her eyes again and said, "Dear Jesus, please help Grandma's thing on her arm to go away right away." She opened her eyes, looked at it, and pronounced, "It's smaller!" I love it - there is nothing like the faith of a child.

One more thing that's been marinating in my mind - about Susan Boyle. Did you see her face when two of the three judges made remarks about their reactions to her before she sang? She didn't have a clue that everyone was making faces of derision that immediately changed the second she opened her mouth and began to sing. Oh, what a fickle world we live in. I hope her life isn't ruined by all of this notoriety.

Have a wonderful week-end!


Becky said...

Awwww ... that was the sweetest prayer. It would be just like Jesus to take the thing away overnight, just for her.

And that snow! Your poor tulips.

I didn't know Jennifer had a new book. What's the title? I love her books too. I don't want to miss a new one :)

Have a great weekend.

Maine Mom said...

I hope the rain stays away from here for awhile. I am enjoying the sunshine!

I hope you figure out how to get rid of the cyst for good...without spending lots of money.

I just watched a clip of Susan Boyles' performance. Amazing! It was interesting to watch the change in the judges and the crowd.

A Hint of Home said...

Children's faith is so refreshing. Susan Boyle's life is definetly about to change. I hope it's going to be for the better.
Have a good weekend.

nancygrayce said...

Nothing like the prayer of a child. They have such simple faith. It's beautiful weather where we are! I went outside to take the dogs before bed and looked up and just gasped at how I could see the stars! They seemed so close. I can only really pick out the big and little dipper but they were both there in all their glory!

I hope you get a simple solution for your cyst!

I saw that lady sing and I never watch that show. She was just incredible.

grammy said...

Isn't the green gret that is showing through the snow (o: Loved the pics and stories of your girls. I hope you find a way to take care of your cyst. Have your Granddaughter keep it will keep shrinking. All of America is talking about Susan Boyle. I wonder if they are talking as much over there?

Nadine said...

That's so sweet. You are so sweet.

I can't believe there is snow in those pictures.

Twins - off the chart cute as usual.

Linda said...

I love that child-like faith too Dawn. I wish we could hang onto it always.
The pictures are so cute - love the spaghetti ones. I think all of our children have had those spaghetti faces at one time or another.
We've had rain too and everything already looks so much greener and brigher. No matter how we try to water, God's watering system always works so much better.
I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. My Dad gets easily frustrated too. We just have to try to patiently work through it with them. I'll be praying for both him and your Mom. Caregiving is really an exhausting job.
Looking forward to sunny days too Dawn.
Have a blessed weekend.

PEA said...

It's pouring rain here today and cold...I just knew we were going to pay for the week of sunshine we've just had! lol They are saying snow flurries here for Tuesday. At least we know that even if it snows, it will melt right away this time of year.

The twins are really growing well and I loved the pictures of them eating spaghetti for the first time:-) Lily was 5 months old on April 3rd and still doesn't quite weigh 10 lbs...she was 7 lbs 2 oz when she was born so she really should be heavier right now. I wish Wendy would supplement her breast milk with formula and pablum but her doctor doesn't believe in feeding them that until they're at least 6 months old. At least she looks healthy so I guess she'll just be very petite!!!

Feisty's prayer about your ganglion was the sweetest ever...children sure can teach us a lot about faith. xoxo

Susie said...

I loved reading Fiesty's prayer! Out of the mouths of babes!
So sorry that cyst is still giving you problems. Sounds like there's a few ways to deal with it, but what to choose?
You have rain and we have the heat that is really hot! (trade?)
Once those twins start walking, you'll be running to keep up. I don't know how you do it with 4!

Jess said...

Children are so precious.

Sweet memories.

Hope you have a good weekend

Love, Jess

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh yes....the faith of a small child!!! Indeed, that is the purest of pure.

And Susan Boyle....what I heard on a video with her town-mates, she is the sweetest ever. I just wish that people as a whole would not 'condone' the different looking. It really irks me. And in an interview, she's always wanted to be a professional singer and was held back by taking care of her aged maybe her dream will now be realized.

As for the snow...well, you know my thoughts. I bet you've never had to scoop tons of mountain snow out of your driveway that is miles long and then, when it's all back out and you're blocked in because the county piled MORE snow several feet high just beside your drive? I'll take humidity. LOL

Have a glorious Sunday Dawn.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL...first off, I was born in the blizzard of '48 and '49 where the county road crew in Nebraska had to clear the roads to the hospital for my mom....the drifts were over 7 feet high...I had posted a photo of it on my blog This is my folks yard And then, each and every winter after that....blizzards like no other kind. We moved to Colorado...more snow. Bud and I had a home built in the Foothills north of Denver [I've said this before] and the drive to get to our mountain home was over a mile...we had a tractor to scoop it all out, but the drifting was terrible. We had to get up around 3 a.m. to start the work...and by 6 a.m. we were then socked in again by the county graters, and couldn't get out 'til I called them to come clean it out....waiting for hours, sometimes a day to get out.

Yep, like you said...those of us who leave makes it all the more yours. LOL

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh wow! I am always so surprised when I see the twins! Have they grown!

Our weather is like yours - SOGGY! A little flooding. Our creek and pond are overflowing. I love it. The ducks and blue heron are back!

I even saw a wasp today. Have a fabulous week!

Mary said...


Children have the deepest faith. I'm glad she was able to pray for your cyst. I'm sure that God heard her prayers.

Beautiful photos. The girlies are sure growing up fast. Seems like yesterday that we were praying for their safe arrival.

Hope you had a great weekend. I saw on the news where parts of Colorado were really hit with that snow storm.

Susan Boyle has a magnificient voice. Looks mean nothing. I wonder when people will begin to realize that.


Nadine said...

Hi Dawn. I was checking email and I wanted to answer your question. We lived in WV for 8 years, but our friends in SC were from our old church. They moved down there. I guess we have many friends from the south. Thanks for asking.

Have a great week.


RainyD's said...

Brian has a cyst like that on his wrist too - the doctor has looked at it and sent him to a surgeon. The surgeon said it wasn't a huge hurry but it would need to be removed.

This is such a crazy year for weather. It appears as though it is not just us dealing with strange weather.

I love her prayers - both of them - the faith of a child is a powerful thing.

Sharon Lynne said...

I had to laugh at Feisty. So cute!

I was wondering the same thing about Susan Boyle. Would she be ruined by all the attention. Let's hope not. I like her just as she is now!