Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mouth of Third South

That crazy thermometer took a huge plunge overnight and didn't get over 45 degrees today - after being in the 70s and 80s for several days. As Care Bear said the other day, "That's Colorado for you!" I am feeling a bit better tonight - have been fighting this crazy cold (or perhaps sinus infection) for a week now. I was supposed to sing in church with DC and his sister tomorrow, but it is a duet, due to lack of voice on my part. I will accompany them on the piano instead.

I'm reading Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street series and enjoying it very much. In between knitting books, I had to read one that is due Monday and someone has put a hold on it, so I can't renew. I read most of it today. I saw an article about it in People Magazine recently. It is called Living Through This by Debra Gwartney. It's an amazing story of two young teens who got into the street life and eventually hopped on a freight train, disappearing from their mother's life, one for 3 months and one for a year. It's a gripping story of the mother's journey to knowledge of her part in the story, and of love and reconciliation. I highly recommend it.

Friday, as you know, is library day - we first go to baby story time, which as I mentioned before is an hour of chaos full of fun. It's pretty hard to do all the finger plays and song motions with two babies, but they're both getting into it and soon will be able to do them on their own. I thought I'd share a bit of the action with you. They LOVE the music.

One of the twins is framed by the easel.

The moms (and grandmoms) get a real workout, trying to keep the little ones from being stepped on by the toddlers. I don't really need to go to the gym on Friday morning.

Now to the title of today's post. Linda, one of my good blogging friends, is such a beautiful writer. I keep telling her she should try to get a devotional book published with just the posts she has written. They bless me and inspire me and challenge me. The other day she wrote a wonderful piece on the subject of wisdom. She was transparent about her struggle with her tongue and talking. This is a verse that all of us who have this issue in our lives to memorize:

"Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut they seem intelligent."
Proverbs 17:28

Oh, my goodness, she couldn't have hit a subject closer to home for me. I can't remember when I became a jabberwocky. I keep meaning to ask my mom if she can put her finger on when I became so verbose. I can say with some certainty that I never was in trouble at school for talking when I should be listening to the teacher. I don't remember being a huge conversationalist in junior high or early high school.

But I definitely must have had a breakthrough there somewhere between 10th grade, when I went to a huge school in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and when I graduated from high school in a small school in Nebraska. Here is my senior picture and what the yearbook staff decided to put beside my picture for posterity.

I think they got it backwards, though. It should say, "Speaking generally, she's generally speaking." I am always editing - I should have been on the staff!

The reputation followed me to college, where I was known as the "Mouth of Third South," the moniker given to me by my RA on the floor where I lived. I fear that not much has changed and I struggle with the same issues that Linda so beautifully addressed in that post last week. Thank you, Linda.

This will be a very busy week. My mom's 80th birthday is Friday. Many family members are coming to celebrate, and we'll have a big party at church on Sunday afternoon. My sis and I have a lot to do this week. I'll share more as the week goes by.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Hootin' Anni said...

I so love your high school photo. Aren't year books awesome? And the caption under your photo...well, I don't know just how perfect it is, fitting you that is, but from what you say about all the jabberwocky...maybe they hit it right? I can't even remember what they said about me.

I loved reading this today Dawn. And the photos of library day. Super.

Sammy said...

I also read about "Living Through This" in People. Then I heard the girls and their mother speaking on the program This American Life on NPR. They told their story and I was almost crying as I listened. Perhaps I'll read the book. Especially if you recommend it!

I love your high school photo. And the photos of library day. I've got to start taking Khai to the babies program at our library. He's almost 6 months, so that seems like a good time.

Susie said...

Our weather has been on a roller coaster ride this week too.
I love all the Debbie Macomber books and I think I'm caught up on all her most recent.
That storytime does look like fun and a good workout to boot.
Well, we just had my Dad's 80th bd party yesterday and it was fun, but I know how busy you'll be planning for your Mom's. It's all worth it though, and aren't we blessed to see parents reach this age!

Linds said...

I can see why the library visits keep you fit, Dawn! It looks like good fun though.
How wonderful you are able to have a great family celebration for your mum's birthday. I am sure you will be very busy this week, but we will be waiting for the photos! Have a lovely time with your family!

nancygrayce said...

Don't you just love the high school senior pictures?? I look like I'm posing for a mug shot. The caption is so funny...I'm going to have to look at mine to see what is there....sort of scary! I really can relate to the mouth! I, however, was always in trouble for talking. I think I may actually talk less now, although I'm not sure hubby would agree! Love the pictures and I'm going to look that book up! :)

Midlife Mom said...

All kinds of good things in this post! The libray visit looks like such fun for you and the girlies! I just love how they have all these things available for the little ones.

I have read some of Debbie Macumber's books too and I like them. I will have to get this one as I have not read it yet. Living Through This sounds like it would be a very powerful read!

Oh, I so struggle with this mouth talking when I should be listening! I pray so often for the Lord to bridle my tongue when I get to crabbing, gossiping and being less then grateful for all I have. Is this a woman thing? Do men crab and whine as much as women do? I think not. Thanks for the verse in Proverbs, I think I need to write it down and look at it every morning!

Happy Birthday to your Mom! Aren't we blessed to still have our Mom's in our lives? My Mom will be 85 on her next birthday and my Dad 86.

Love your high school yearbook picture! I'll have to hunt mine up and post it. I can't remember the caption under mine, I shudder to think! :o)

I've had that nasty cold/sinus infection too. It's better now but was a real bummer for about two weeks. My doctor put me on an antibiotic that had less then favorable side effects so I stopped taking it after three doses!

Time to go to bed. I am helping a friend get ready to move tomorrow. We have a lot packed up already but there is still more to do. Having lived in that house for 56 years she has accumulated a lot.

Take care Dawn! xoxo

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hope the birthday celebration went well and your Mom felt loved and appreciated, as I'm sure she did. :o)

Believe it or not, I was really shy all through my school years until about my sophomore year. I came out of my shell and have never looked back.

I can barely imagine trying to keep up with ONE toddler at an event, much less TWO of them. I don't imagine why you're worn out after a library session with them!

Hope you have a great new week, Dawn.

Love and hugs,


Chappyswife said...

Hi, Dawn! Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. I appreciate it so much.

We've been waiting on storms for 3 days now. Hopefully today it will rain.

I've heard Debbie Macomber is good. I need to give her books a try. I always keep the books til the last day and recheck them if I can. It's always a letdown if someone has a hold on one, and I have to give it back before I'm finished. I usually put a hold on it ASAP after that!

I love your Senior picture and the cation. Of course, I knew right away what they meant. I am always editing, too! Always. I would love to edit for a living, but I would need to brush up on my skills a bit.

Linda is right on the money, as always. I'm with you. She could publish a book!

Happy Monday to you! :0)

Sharon Lynne said...

I hope you get well for your mom's birthday! I like the fact that you talk a lot. It makes for interesting blog posts. (You're just talking with your fingers)

We (in Southern Cal) are having similar weather experiences to your scenario in Colorado (only warmer).

About a week ago we had a 3 or 4 day hot streak (95 to 104) We couldn't believe it! just recently dived...and we are having 60 to 70 degree days. (These cooler days are normal April weather.)

Last week I was wearing my summer pj's. Now I'm back in my flannels.

Grammy and Olivia said...

I have never read any Debbie Macomber, sounds like I need to start. Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday! Enjoy your busy week.

Mary said...


Enjoyed your post. The photos of the kids are adorable. I can see why you wouldn't need to go to the gym on Friday mornings.

The grandsons, especially Brandon, who is not much of a conversationalist wonder how I can talk to anyone. It is a trait that I learned from my maternal grandfather. I blame it on him. LOL

Take care and enjoy your week.

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, have you been busy and I know chasing on little almost 3 year old around gives me a pretty good workout.

Love the photos. Arent' they fun to go back and look at.

Your weather sounds like ours. 78* one day and the next we had snow!

God does keep us on our toes! Hugs!

Needled Mom said...

Such cute pictures of the library day with all the bubbles, etc. It does look like a fun and hectic time.

I have not heard of the "Living Through This" but it sounds like it would be a very interesting read. I will have to check it out.

A jabberwocky??? That was a horrid thing to put in the yearbook. I so agree with the quote as I know of so many people who could be assumed so much wiser if their mouths were closed more often. I am sure we can all relate to the quote in some way.