Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday Musings

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood (did your kids watch Mr. Rogers??) The reports you heard of the horrors of Colorado's weather this past week-end happened mostly in Denver, Estes Park, and Colorado Springs areas. We got so much great moisture, but nothing that prevented events or caused accidents. This was what I saw when I got up yesterday - I love how the sun is creeping toward that one remaining little patch of snow, to gobble it up soon.

DC and I jumped in the pick-up (me still in my robe and slippers) to chronicle the beauty in the foothills and mountains before the sun changed locations. I'm surprised nobody stopped to take a picture of me taking pictures in that condition!

I love the panoramic view to the south.

DC says this is Round Mountain

Longs and Meeker Peaks

Closer view of the same

What is so great about this view of snow peaks is not only the beauty, but what it means to us this summer. The Big Thompson River and the Poudre River will be running full, which then fills up our reservoirs, and we have water for our needs. We also have water for the tourists who come to go fishing, swimming, boating, water-skiing and white water rafting. All important to our economy and existence. But the beauty is the most important to me.

We've been passing the germs around here again - it has been a winter full of minor illnesses for all of us. I have another cold, and Kristen and the twins have not felt their best this week-end either. I am not hitting the gym this morning, because I don't think it's good for me at this stage of the cold. We're pretty tired of it - I think this is my 4th cold this year.

I know a lot of churches have quit having what we call "revival services," but our church still has them twice a year - spring and fall. Our latest series began yesterday, and though I didn't feel very well, I didn't want to miss the services. So I went and am so glad I did. I need to be revived spiritually. We'll be going to church the next 3 nights. It used to be two weeks, then one week, now mostly it's 4 days. Turns out that our evangelist this week is Denise's former pastor. He's a great speaker and he and his wife sing beautifully together. So it will be a good week.

The company DC works for is a family company. I've written about them before - the big Family Reunion they did last summer for anyone in the world to come and visit, whether they were a product owner, distributor, sales person, or creator. Then we also have a Hymn Sing on the grounds there every July. It has been a great place for DC to end his working career after he was forced to retire from his 27-year position at a much larger company. He has enjoyed his last 7 years there. It has been a company that has risen to heights beyond anyone's expectations, very popular in countries worldwide.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn finally reached them. Two weeks ago they announced layoffs and a furlough. So everyone has an unexpected three-week "vacation." They have always shut down for 3 weeks in the summer, but this summer it will be 5-6 weeks. DC has been trying to decide when and if to retire, or whether to go part-time, so he is using this time as a kind of trial retirement. He is not one to sit around and wonder what to do. His list of things to do is long.

The rhythm of the day is so different. For so many years, we have had a pattern - you know how it is. The way of getting ready for the day is set. Changing it up is a challenge. I have always heard that retirement, where both are home, is a time of adjustment. I'm getting a sample of that right now. Not complaining - just saying, you know.

DC is a very methodical person, as indicated by the list. Cleaning the basement is on the list. I mentioned before that I've begun down there. I can only stand an hour or so at a time. I can't do it, obviously, when the babies are here. And I don't WANT to do it on the days they're not. So we have a conundrum. This morning, bright and early, DC asked me to set a day to do the basement. Here's the thing - I don't want him down there alone, because he'll throw stuff away at will. I take a lot of time deciding what to pitch and what to put in a bin for safe keeping - for whatever reason. I have this fear of him pitching something that I think should be saved, you know??? He's probably right, and I probably would never miss it if he threw it. But it's a control thing with me, I think. Maybe I need therapy!

The good news is it is supposed to be a beautiful week. The bad news is that I will probably be spending one of these beautiful days when I don't have the kiddoes - in the dungeon! I know, I know - it'll be great when it's done. But the process is very painful. Yuck!

Well, on that lovely note, I'll bid you all adieu for now - have a fabulous week!


Mary said...


When hubby had his heart attacks and couldn't work, I had a lot of trouble adjusting to the new schedule. I was not used to having him home and it made it difficult for me to get things done. It still does at times.

I can understand you wanting to be there when the basement gets cleaned. It will be over before you know it and things will look great.

Enjoy your week, my friend. It is going to be rainy here after the beautiful weekend and cooler too, but no snow is wonderful.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh I hear you on the cleaning and parting with things. ~sigh~ I need to get started doing this exact thing in every room of my house. I hear you on needing the revival of the spirit too. Mine has been low and I really don't know why. Well, I kinda do but it is about me and how I feel about myself these days. I love your pictures of the mountains and all things beautiful Dawn and am so happy for your water to be supplied this year. Our weather has been gorgeous too and it keeps drawing me outside to just enjoy. I will be praying for DC in his "trial" retirement right now and for adjustments to be good and gentle:)
I love you and thank you for checking in on me. It means so much.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Hootin' Anni said...

G'day Dawn!!! Oh yes,.......yes!!! I love to remember the glory of Long's Peak from way out near Sterling looking's majestic to say the least.

groovyoldlady said...

Oh Dawn... I feel for you! My hubby only works three 12 hour shifts a week. The rest of the time he is HOME. Now he has his music to help keep him busy. Before that he drove me crazy. CRAZY.

He wanted to sort through every thing we owned. He wanted to pare down, get rid of, sell. He questioned what I did and how I did it.

Hobbies are a GOOD thing for busy men!

PEA said...

I thought I was the only one who went out in my housecoat to take pictures! lol Oh Dawn, such gorgeous pictures of the mountains, how truly breathtaking they are with their snow capped tops. One tends to forget that the snow is needed for water supply!!

I don't blame you for wanting to be there when it's time to declutter, I'd also be worried that stuff I'd want to keep would be thrown away. I guess you'll just have to take a deep breath and join DC in the dungeon! hehe

It's cold and raining here today and supposed to be like that all week...yuck! xoxo

Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
Love the beautiful pictures of the mountains. The water from that snow is a true blessing.
We had some adjustment issues when Bill retired. He likes to stay busy and would always be looking for something to do. We got lots done the first 6 months! As he adjusted, he found other things to keep him busy (like his machine shop business)
It's a job, but also relaxes him and he can do it at home.
You'll be glad when the basement is done!

nancygrayce said...

I had enough trouble when I retired figuring out what I was supposed to do suddenly being home all the time. I can't imagine both of us being home. I'm thinking Russell would have me doing lots of "projects". I'm not sure he understands that I have to have a nap every day! :)

The pictures are so breathtakingly beautiful! You live in a beautiful place.

A Hint of Home said...

I hope your cold is better real soon and you get to enjoy your revival meetings. We all need those meeting every now and again. I know I do.

grammy said...

Cleaning the basement. I know! I have projects like that but have trouble getting started. Sometimes once you start it is easier to just keep going. Good luck.

grammy said...

I forgot to tell you I agree about the mountains...they are absolutely breath taking today. I didn't take a picture because I am always disappointed in my Mountain pictures. Yours are great (o:

Christa said...

The pictures are beautiful.

I work part time, so I am home by lunch time. My husband retired 3 years ago and is home 'waiting' for me when I walk in the door, most days, if I am late she says so. It has been an adjustment getting used to having him home all the time. At times I have had no time to myself, but have worked on that one. I hear you on the cleaning part. But then again, there will be things you couldn't do before that you will have chances now to do. God bless

Susan said...

I laughed as I read the "basement cleaning story". I'm one of the ones in the court of "how great you'll feel when this is accomplished"!!!!

Having been 24/7 with my husband for over 30 years now, first working together and now as retirees I have to tell you it's the absolutely BEST life ever. When I'm away from him for more than 1/2 a day I miss him.

Becky said...

You speak of places I recognize. Longs Peak. Poudre River. We camped in Poudre canyon one summer, the one summer we lived in Fort Collins. I love the mountains. I wish I lived near them now. I'd give up the hot and humid summers for some mountain snow in a heartbeat.

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear, Dawn, I can so relate to your "control" problem. We need to dig out the garage (in CA we don't have basements or attics) in the worst way. I just do not want my husband doing it alone as I know what will happen. Been there....done that. TIME....I just need more hours (and energy) in my days.

Retirement is definitely a change. E has been taking more days off to work his way into it and it is different, for sure. I know that I should love the fact that he wants to go and do things with me, but then I have everything here that doesn't get done.

Your photos were beautiful with all the snow. We look at the snow the same way in CA. That snowmelt will certainly help somewhat with our water problems come the summer.

I hope that you will enjoy your revival meetings and get a lot out of them. It is always nice to grow spiritually.

Have a wonderful week.

Nadine said...

It's not easy deciding whether it's time to call it quits at a job.

Hubby's and throwing out trash is a common problem I believe. Why is it they are okay with dumping stuff we are attached to?

The view was very pretty. Lovely part of the country you live in.

Sharon Lynne said...

Great post about real life. I know how you feel about wasting a precious free-day by working in the dungeon. Hmmm. I'm thinking...I wonder if you'll find some surprises down there and this whole dungeon-thing will end up being a lot more interesting and fun than you thought!

Jess said...

I do hope that the dungeon cleaning goes quickly and smoothly.

I also hope that this transition goes well for you and hubby.

Hope all is well and that you feel better.

Have a great rest of the week
Love, Jess

PS Great pictures...I love them!

Linda said...

Big, big smile here Dawn. When my husband had to retire over twenty years ago because of medical problems, it was a HUGE adjustment. There were days I wondered if we would make it. The kids were all still fairly young and it was just adjustment.
All is well now,although just between you and me I treasure those rare days I'm all on my own here at home. In fact, I've been known to do a litle "happy dance".

SentimentsbyDenise said...

I can relate to your dilemma with the basement. My hubby and I went through the same thing with the garage (we don't have a basement, so everything gets stored in the garage!) last year. I finally relented and went through things because I knew if I didn't he would toss them. I realized that things I hadn't looked at or thought about for years probably weren't worth hanging onto - I had to be in the right mindset to get to that point, though!
Wonderful photos on your posting - I would love waking up to the glorious mountains every morning!
Enjoy your day!