Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

The air was so great as I headed into the gym this morning - at least I think the air was great. I couldn't actually smell it. Care Bear had the same problem the other morning when she called me and told me, "My nose doesn't work."

DC is hard at work on his list. He doesn't take many breaks when he is on a mission. Feisty is having a good time helping Grandpa - she seems to have inherited his interest in all things yard and garden related.

She planted her own little garden all by herself - dug the holes, filled the watering can. She will be so excited when the beans start coming up.

This was the first really warm day and the babies were feeling their oats - seeing who can crawl the fastest and reach the other one first.

Picture perfect.

I just love the two little off-white daffodils among the white and purple windflowers.

DC had an unplanned break yesterday. He and his best friend from his previous job have been skiing and hiking buddies for years. Yesterday John called and asked him if he wanted to go fishing. I can count on one hand with fingers left over the number of times I can remember DC going fishing.

I had a flashback to our first date. We took a long Sunday afternoon drive - in fact it was in April 37 years ago - and had a great time getting acquainted. By the end of that ride, he had pretty much planned our summer together. He would ask me if I enjoyed a certain activity and I said, sure I do. I knew I would enjoy it with him, no matter what it was. Then he asked me if I enjoyed going fishing. I was very honest with him and said I wouldn't want to fish, but I'd love to go along for the ride with a good book!

But it hasn't happened very often. But he went yesterday - now that he can have a free fishing license. By the end of the beautiful getaway day, DC had caught 7 rainbow trout and John, who fishes regularly, had caught one. I don't know how John felt about that, but he ended up with 4 fish, because the limit was 4 and DC had to give him 3. They cleaned the fish, packed them in some of the abundance of snow, and transported them home in plastic bags.

We had a quick change of dinner plans - I'm not crazy about eating fish any more than catching them, but DC grilled them while I fixed baked potatoes and veggies. It was good - grilled trout seasoned with Mrs. Dash is good.

I'll close with this little bit of something to cheer up your day -- don't worry, I'm monitoring the situation carefully!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Here to catch up on all your latest posts and events.

Good luck with your basement project. I tend to be like you when it comes to decluttering and cleaning: I don't just blindly toss things. I have to think about it and then make my decisions. It's not been too long since I did that, but I have a few problem areas that need it again.

Your anemones and other flowers are beautiful! My iris are blooming now, along with my shamrocks and star of Bethlehem.

The girls are so cute! I can't believe they're not walking everywhere yet, but it surely won't be long now.

Have a great rest of your week.

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

Your garden is looking beautiful, Dawn, and how sweet that DC has a little helper there! I see from Kristen's facebook status, that a twin is RUNNING!!! Oh boy, now tyhe fun starts! They have got so big!
I love fish. But fishing is not on the list of things to do! Eating them is just fine though!

Susie said...

Your garden is lovely Dawn!
So glad you hubby had a chance to get away and have some relaxing time fishing. I'm not really crazy about fish or fishing either, but love the scenery and quiet time together.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Love these pictures Dawn, they are priceless. Fiesty with Grandpa is so sweet!! And the twins crawling around outside is great. The outdoors brings out the best in children. Clears out the cabin fever they get:) Have a wonderful day Dawn and know that I continue to pray for Kevin these days. I love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Hootin' Anni said...

Great post!!! I love the little gardener. She's my kinda gal. Do keep us posted on her beans. And that photo with the two little ones in front of the purple and white flowers IS picture perfect for sure.

The asterisk on my blog today referred to #13. There is an * there, behind the word [the beetle].

Glad to hear it's sunny there in your part of the world. Here it's breezy [we almost always have a sea breeze which makes it so yummy outside]...and not hot. Bud started working on the house siding in the back so we can get that painted now that the patio junk has been torn down.

Have a super afternoon.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh, and the upside down answers is an image I made in the paint program...just flipped it and mirrored it.

Kathleen Marie said...

What gorgeous photos...a gorgeous day! And you are planting! wow! You must be several weeks ahead of us. And the twins... so adorable!

Linda said...

It looks like such a lovely day.
I think it's wonderful when children begin to find the things they are passionate about. It will be great to have another little gardener in the family.
I must admit, I love fishing. My Dad used to take us all time. My Mom always brought a comfortable chair and her Good Housekeeping magazines to catch up on. Lots of fun memories.
Have a blessed weekend Dawn.

Sammy said...

Hi Dawn,

I certainly hope Feisty's nose starts working again soon! Poor girl! :-)

Would you believe I've never been fishing? Honestly, I have no desire to go. I do not eat fish and I don't really like to touch slimy things. I'm a bit of a wimp, really. :-)

The Littles are so cute! Love the last photo! They're all such beautiful girls.

Thinking of you and hoping you're well.

kpjara said...

The girls are all growing up so fast!

As the pics!

Coe said...

Katy has a new post on her blog.

Mary said...


Loved the photos of the girlies. They look lovely sitting in the purple flowers.

I love to fish and plan on getting my license early this year so I can take the boys. We only got to go a couple of times last year. We need to find a new fishing hole because the one we've used for years is better suited to younger kids.

Glad you enjoyed the rainbow trout.

I don't know if they gave Dane a sobriety test. The paper didn't say. I do know he refused to let them smell his breath, so possibly he refused the breathalizer as well.

The police overstepped their boundaries when they didn't allow him the one phone call that is his right. I'm glad their conduct is being investigated. Thanks for your interest.


nancygrayce said...

Oh, how sweet! The girls are just so precious.....makes me long to see my grandchildren!

Christa said...

Sounds like he had a fun day.

Needled Mom said...

The little ones look just as beautiful as the flowers that they are planted within.

I'll bet it feels so good to get out in the garden after the long winter months. We just do not appreciate that enough here as our gardening never stops.

I love the fresh trout. My mouth was watering as I read about dinner. I'm glad that he had such a good time with an old friend. I'm also glad that you enjoyed your time at home.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Judith said...

Dawn, I am so far behind here. Much to say, but these are the top three. The babies in the flowers is just more than beautiful.

I would encourage that little rising Star every chance you can,

and Amen, again and again, to old time revivals. More of them would greatly improve the sad state of our country, and our worrying hearts.

Becky said...

They sure are growing. Your flowers are spring-happy. And seeing those babies crawl on the grass makes me smile.

Mary said...


Near the bottom of tonight's post, I addressed the questions asked about the young autistic man who was arrested in Newfoundland. I also addressed your description of the young man who killed his mother.

Thanks for participating in the discussion.

Sammy said...

Hi Dawn,

After reading your comment I decided to look around the internet to find out more about the Ramona movie. A young actress named Joey King is playing Ramona. I've never heard of her, but I have such fond feelings towards Ramona and such strong ideas of who she is that I'm worried. (You and I both know that Feisty would make a perfect Ramona!) But also, John Corbett is playing Mr. Quimby. I'm not sure about that at all!

The movie is due out in 2010. I really hope they do right by our beloved Beverly Cleary.

Wouldn't it be fun if we could go to the movie together! :-)

Nadine said...

I love that last shot - so cute - what a look in her eye.

I think it's great your hubby gardens with his granddaughter. That is something she will remember always.

Mary said...


I can relate that the mother might not want her son in a group home. Autism is such a strange disorder because it goes hand in hand with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which Brandon has some signs of and Bipolar. Thank goodness there's been no sign of that.

Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

PEA said...

Awwww look at Feisty planting her own that is precious indeed:-) These are all wonderful memories that she will have of time spent with grandpa. I wish I was there to see her face when the beans do start to sprout:-)

Good for DC for taking a day off to go fishing with his buddy! He really did well catching those fish. Like you, I'm not one to enjoy fishing or eating fish but once in a while if it's prepared right, I do enjoy a good old fish fry!!

The twins seem to be loving the summery weather:-) We had a beautiful sunshiny day yesterday with temps going up to us that was a heat wave for this time of year! lol Today it's supposed to reach 70 but it's also supposed to rain!! xoxo

grammy said...

I still have some trout frozen from our last fishing trip (o: We have it all worked out...he fishes and I walk and like (o: I walk more than read now that I have relearned the skill of being healthy. The babies are so cute. My youngest is almost two!!! How did that happen??