Saturday, October 31, 2009

Don't Forget the Give-Away!

Be sure to go back to this post to enter my little give-away, if you're interested, and if you haven't had a chance yet. Wednesday morning I'll draw the winner, then let you know of the excitement I am looking forward to.

You probably are aware by now that this is one crazy place for weather. The 21- inch snowfall we had last Wednesday here in our town is almost entirely gone. It got up to 60 degrees F today, and tonight was a gorgeous moonlit night for the kiddoes who were out trick or treating.

Do you want to know one of the most annoying things about these drastic weather changes? Constantly having to change the straps on the twins' car seats to accommodate coats or not!

Before - Wednesday, October 28

After - Saturday, October 31

So tonight was our big function at church called Light in the Night. We have lots of games and booths, candy galore, a chili contest, prizes. People come from all over the neighborhood and have a great safe place for their families to spend the evening.

DC won a prize, and I picked it out for him as he manned the popcorn machine. I had spotted something I REALLY wanted, so when his name was called, he asked me to go pick out something for him. I brought the envelope over - it was a half hour therapeutic massage - which I talked him into giving me! It wasn't too hard! The massage artist is a friend from our church - I have been privileged to enjoy her services one time before, and it is something I could stand to have at least once a month - she is fabulous. And she comes to my house! Who ever heard of house calls these days?? So I'm looking forward to taking advantage of that gift.

I wish I could have a chance to take pictures of all 4 girls, but only got the littles - and they weren't too excited about it. But they looked adorable anyway.

See you Wednesday!


Hootin' Anni said...

Well, first, I must comment on the sweet, innocent jack o lanterns. How precious!!!!

And yep, I believe it...'cause I lived in this. And the air is now so tantalizingly fresh after the snows and warm days.

Sounds like a blessing if you ask on EARTH did you talk DC into giving your the 'prize'? I wanna know your secret. Bud would've just laughed and said 'uh huh' picked it out for me! YOU GO girl!!!

Thanks for popping by. This daylight savings switch back in Fall is worse for's gonna get dark now, way too early. Oh well.

Have a grand evening.

Hootin' Anni said...

your=you, of course. Geez.

Linda said...

The little ones make very cute pumpkins!
I think you'll really enjoy that massage Dawn. DC is a great guy!
Have a blessed week Dawn.

Midlife Mom said...

Oh how I love a good massage! I have one booked for next week and can't wait. I used to have one every other week but it got to be a bit expensive so now I just go occasionally and enjoy every minute of it!

I left a comment on your give away post too! That is a great prize!

The girlies look so cute in their costumes! My two wore rather scary ones this year and I didn't like them as well as the cute ones they usually wear but I was a good Grammie and kept my mouth shut! lol!

Needled Mom said...

Aaaw.....little jack-o-lanterns. They are so sweet. I had forgotten that your church has their big Light the Night event on Halloween. It sounds like fun for all.

I know you are going to enjoy the massage. Such a shame that your sweet husband was so busy that you had to pick the gift?????!!!!! ;)

I hadn't thought of the frustration of having to adjust the car seat belts. Those buggers are a nightmare too.

Have a good week.

nancygrayce said...

Nothing like a good massage! typing one handed so overlook typos.....the little ones costumes are so cute!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Adorable little pumpkin girlies. Smart thinking with the massage...I think you have earned it :o)

grammy said...

Of course I go through all the same weather stuff you do. So crazy! The little ones were cute. I had a hard time getting anyone to stand still long enough to get a picture of mine. Glad you had a fun evening. Our church didn't have anything this year so we went in their neighborhood and that was a lot of fun.
Pretty tricky about the massage (o:

Jess said...

Don't worry they will get excited next goodness was Emmy excited.

I have been away from the computer so long it seems like...LOL

So sorry about the crazy weather changes...goodness.

Love, Jess