Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winter, Books, and a Giveaway

Another crazy week around my town. I guess experiencing unusually bad weather is kind of like child birth - you forget the pain after awhile. I learned after this storm hit that we experienced one in October of 1997 that was even worse - more snow, wind, ice, stranded people at the airport and out on the eastern plains. But this was enough for me -- I love how you can detect the flakes if you look closely.

In the middle of the snow falling yesterday, I went to get the mail on my way home from some errand - the roads were really not treacherous at all yesterday. A little while later the doorbell rang - it was a neighbor that I don't really know. He had a package in his hands, along with his own mail. We have cluster boxes and each requires a key. There are also boxes for packages, and the mail carrier leaves a key in your box if you have a package. It seems that I must have brushed the key to the package box into the deep snow when I got my mail. This kind neighbor trudged all the way down to my house at the end of the cul de sac to deliver my package.
And what a fun package it was! My dear friend, Robin of Robinznest, sent me a surprise. She knits beautifully and I have told her more than once how adorable I think her little granddaughter looks in the hats she has made. So - she sent me FOUR of them - one for each of my grandgirls.

Care Bear chose to pose without her glasses

Feisty posed with her typical big grin

Katie allowed me to put the hat on her long enough for a picture. Emma wouldn't keep hers on - it's the same, except a darker pink. Adorable!!

Robin also included a book - you know me and books! This one is called
The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall. I have not heard of this author before, but it looks like a good story about an Amish girl. I'll look forward to reading it.

I finished
The Perfect Christmas this morning - Debbie Macomber's annual Christmas story. It's cute.

When I went to Women of Faith, I bought this wonderful bag full of books -- I am a sucker for a nice bag - I love bags so much that I have nickname "Bag Lady" by a lot of people.

And you KNOW my love affair with books -- never ending. I got 5 books in this bag, written by the speakers. One is missing because I loaned the one by Sheila Walsh to my daughter-in-law Sema to read first. It's not like I don't have anything to read! You see a book by Lisa Whelchel (remember Facts of Life? If you are in your thirties or have girls that age, you will). She was the rich snob in the girls' school. She has a great testimony. One is by Patsy Clairmont. She's a tiny little bundle of energy who has you laughing one minute and crying the next. The third one is by Marilyn Meberg - she's the psychologist of the group and the book is called What to Do When the Roof Caves In. I am anxious to read them all. And the one by Sheila.

The little book on the right is by Steven Curtis Chapman - yes, there were actually men on the program this year. This little book was written by Steven and his wife in honor of their daughters. It goes along with the song he wrote, Cinderella. This was before their little Maria was killed in that horrendous accident last year. So it is even more poignant now.

I have decided to offer this little book and the accompanying CD as a giveaway. Just comment and indicate your interest and I will draw a winner next Wednesday, November 4.


PEA said...

Oh Dawn, you guys sure did get a good dumping of snow! We've had two snowfalls so far this month but nothing like what you ours melted within a couple of hours! lol It sure does look pretty, though, doesn't it. We finally had sunshine today and a high of 46F so I was able to get started on my Halloween display at the front of the house.

We have those cluster mailboxes as well with each our own key. How kind of that neighbour to bring you your package and I can well imagine how thrilled you were to receive it:-) The knitted hats are absolutely adorable and the girls look so cute wearing them.

I certainly do remember Lisa Whelchel in Facts of Life, I used to watch that show faithfully:-) I had heard she had written a book, you'll have to let us know what you thought of it. You do have some wonderful reading material to look forward to!

I would love to win that Steven Curtis Chapman book & you say, how poignant it is now!!

Take care and once again I've so enjoyed my visit with you:-) xoxo

grammy said...

Count me in. I followed that story for a long time. Did he speak at the WOF, or just sing? The hats and the girls are adorable. I am also a Bag Lady. It is a crazy thing (o:
I don't think that big snow in 97 was in Oct. I will have to google it, because, like I have a good memory...not (o:

Nadine said...

Sweet - I love giveaways and books. Count me in.

The hats are adorable and so are your girls.

The snow is unbelievable. We have not had any yet. I'm not looking forward to it.

Nancy said...

I just love the hats and what a nice surprise for a snowy day. It looks like you made the most of your snowy situation and the girls seem happy too which is a blessing indeed.

I would love to participate in your drawing so count me in! Stephen Curtis Chapman is a favorite of mine.

Enjoy the rest of your snow days.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow, look at all that snow! I apologize for not stopping over. I have misplaced a lot of blog addy's lately, so when I got your email, it reminded me. THANKS! The girls look ADORABLE in their hats! So cute!

Have fun reading all of your fab books!

Denise said...

So sorry I have not been around much.. BUT winter will bring me back to the blog....... I am looking forward to the winter for a change. Not sure why but I think I just need time to sit and read... Winter will afford me that....

The gals look too cute in their new hats...... That was a sweet gift...

Gigi said...

Good heavens - look at all that snow! We left upstate NY to move back to VA in early February 1987 and we had already had over 90" of snow at that point and the winter was barely 1/2 over. I do not miss the "mess" that snow brings!! It's pretty to look at, until the first car drives through it and then it's just dirty! But kids to seem to enjoy it... ;)

Your books sound wonderful and I know you'll enjoy them.

I had actually given my Dad the single "Cinderella" for Father's Day a couple of years ago. It reminded me of dancing with my Daddy when I was little...such a wonderful song and I'm sure the book is just as sweet!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Your snow pictures are lovely...just hope they stay at your house for a little while longer ;o) The hats for the girls are adorable. I have been looking around for the right one for Olivia, but haven't found anything I really like yet.

The book giveaway sounds lovely, count me in. Thanks

Amy said...

The hats are adorable!

I love to read and love a giveaway!

You can keep the white stuff that fell from your sky though. It's awfully pretty in the pictures but I'm sure glad we don't get that here!

Susan said...

I've been hearing about your snow on the T.V. Ouch is all I can say!!!

Please add my name for the lovely give away.

See ya Friday :o)

RainyD's said...

that is way to much snow!!! I get chilled just looking at it! but with those hats, the snow might just be worth it :)

I love the bag that you got as well, whom ever wins this contest will be very blessed. I would like to be entered into it as well

Sioux said...

Wow, I had seen the snow from one of Raf's cousins. I wish we had snow here! But, thank God, it has rained so much all the lakes are full!!

The hats are wonderful!

Please count me in on the giveaway!

Love to you and yours!!

Sharon Lynne said...

It looks like Christmas! And you even got presents! The "hat maker" is very talented and creative. The girl's look so cute.

I am going to say "don't enter me"--I'm not being a's just that the book should go to someone with daughters, and I have sons.

I finally got my newest Kauai post up.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

You're having snow and we're flooding here, literally.

The hats are so cute! I wish I could knit, but apparently crocheting is my forte, not knitting.

Put my name in the hat for the giveaway, please. If the book isn't my cup of tea I'll regift it for Christmas.

Thanks for hosting the giveaway, and thanks for emailing me to give me a heads up.

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

Wow - loads of snow! It looks like Switzerland did 10 days ago! Count me in for the givaway - I love books too. My Amazon list is reaching epic proportions! I am hoping the new Debbie Macomber will be out here soon too, but we usually have to wait a while. The confusing thing is when they change the titles in different places!
And the girlies look too cute with their new hats. Just in time with all the snow!

Needled Mom said...

Your snowfall looks just magical. The first ones are always the best. To get that in January or February would not be nearly as exciting. Would it? I remember a really bad storm in the late 68 or early 69 as my grandparents had come out to visit us. They could not get home because they had a connection in Denver and everything was closed down.

The girls look so darn cute in their newly knitted caps. I'm sure they will keep them warm too. What a considerate neighbor it was for him to come down with the snow to deliver the package to you.

I expect reviews on all those books so I know which to read after you. They all sound interesting.

Please toss my name in the hat for the giveaway. It sounds like it will be a good read.

Have a great weekend.

jmckemie said...

Good morning, Dawn. Count me in for your drawing! Been watching the weather there closely. I do remember that snow in 97. It was the first snowfall after we moved there and made us wonder what we were in for! It was gone so quickly, though, which was new to us. Here it stay around for so long and gets so nasty. I know it is difficult for those who need o travel and be out in it but how beautiful it is to see. The beautiful colors here will soon be coming to an end and if the rain ever stops there are inches of colorful leaves on the ground to be raked up. The snow there just looks so clean and fresh.
The girls and their hats are adorable. Bought Elliette two, one with its own little pigtails, and so far she is leaving them on. Daddy and Pop think they are silly but what do they know about fashion! :-)
Have a wonderful day.

Robin said...

Oh Dawn - the hats DO look good on the girls - I hope they love them - they were just a joy to make for them.

Do you know that Women of Faith has only been to our area ONE time. They go to Portland and Seattle and I have met up there before, but they never come here :(

I have been hearing so much about your weather on the news - how unbelievable. We actually have snow in McCall already this year! Back when we first got married that was the norm but for years now we haven't had much snow until after Thanksgiving. It's kind of exciting to see it like it used to be this year.

I would love to be in your drawing. I love Steven Curtis Chapman - he looks like my brother!

grammy said...

I did google the snow storm and found out it was a biggie in 97. Why on Earth don't I remember that. Well, there are a lot of things I don't remember (o:
Thanks for the info you sent me.

Andrea said...

i'd LOVE to win! are canadian participants allowed? :)

ps: that's A LOT of snow for october!!

Christa said...

My daughter in Colorado posted pictures that look just about the same as yours, they live just outside of Boulder. Fun, hopefully it won't spoil halloween for them.
The hats are so cute, wish I could knit.
I'd love to be counted in the give away. Since I have retired I have had more time to read, as I am no longer doing lesson plans, assessments, etc.

Linda said...

Just stopping by to keep in touch Dawn. Your snow looks so pretty. I admit to not missing it, but I wouldn't mind a snowfall for Christmas.
The hats are adorable. The girls are so sweet. You will have a wonderful Christmas this year.
Thank you for being such a dear friend.

Judith said...

Dawn, How neat that you are doing this, but I will pass on it. Am so busy keeping my place all nice and neat, for showings, am sure I won't have time for another book right now, so will give someone else a chance on it. But thanks for offering it.

The winter storm you mentiond may be the one I was almost trapped in, trying to get home from work in Boulder.

The roads were getting really bad, with white outs blowing sideways. I had just traded a safer car for a smaller light weight one, to save on gas. It may have been a Dodge Neon. I know it wasn't automatic, and it had been a long time since I used a clutch. I found a place to turn around, and drove back to the nursing home where I worked, and slept on a couch in the lobby two nights, before I could get home.

As soon as the storm was over, I took that little car back, and got myself a Jeep. Car dealers love it when I show up.

How sweet about the girls getting those caps, and it's refreshing to learn about a gentleman bringing them to you. I always love seeing little ones so happy, and they sure are.

Did you see the sweater and cap my daughter, Bev made for her next grandchild. She decorated them with tiny dragonfliy buttons, and they are so pretty. Bev's at "Scratchin' The Surface", or "Life Of Grits".

Hootin' Anni said...

Yes....yes! Enter my name for the drawing please, purdy please dear "Bag Lady"!!!!

I was just coming over from my comment box to ask you if it was still snowing there?!! My sister called me and told me that the Eastern Slope was really getting bomb-blasted with blizzard like conditions. Whoa. Early. Yep, yep...I remember that 1997 storm. We were back in Colorado at the time from AZ. And de-icing the plane to return to AZ...what a scary feeling that morning at the airport.

Anyway....hope you're feeling better as the day progresses. And if you do go out to your church....dress warmly!!!

[the snow photos are pretty 'cause I'm not IN it!!! LOL]

I just had to check the temps in Colorful CO----dang, cold. It is here too, for south Texas anyway...the low is 45 degrees. Not good. roflmao

And ya....I remember Boulder and those 'crazies' there. They're all insane in that town. On any given NORMAL day. [insert wink]

groovyoldlady said...

No snow here...yet.

I am interested in the giveaway. Looks wonderful! Besides, I love getting those packages in the mail as much as every other blogger!

Less than 2 weeks...


Coe said...

I would love to win the Steven Curtis Chapman book and c.d. I was able to hear him at a concert at the Rockies game last year. It was one of the first concerts that he did after his daughter died. It was wonderful. See you tonight.

Midlife Mom said...

I was wondering if you got a lot of snow and you sure did!!!!! You have us beat, we just got a dusting a few weeks ago.

What a lovely surprise to get the four hats! Bloggers are the best aren't they?! The girls look adorable!

Would love to be in your give away! I love Steven Curtis Chapman! I know God always has a purpose but was just devastated when I heard the news about his little girl. My prayer is that many people become believers due to the testimony this family has had during this time.

I can come down on Monday, just name the time you want me to be there! If we could meet at the Senator that would be easy for me to just hop off the turnpike and I know how to get there. Which Monday is it? E-mail me your cell phone too and I will send you mine just in case there is a hitch. Can't wait!!!!!!!

Maine Mom said...

We have the crazy weather in common, although no snow here yet...yay! I really don't like snow before December.

I would love to win the book and CD. :-)

Chappyswife said...

Hi, Dawn! Where do I start? This post is loaded with good stuff. You know I love the snow pics, such cute hats on such cute babies! I am also a fan of bags and books ~ what a great combination ~ as well as Steven Curtis Chapman. I haven't heard of the book What To Do When The Roof Caves In. I definitely need to check that one out!

Thanks for hosting the giveaway and letting me know about it! :0)

Jess said...

Did I miss the deadline???? I hope not....LOL