Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from LOVEland!

This is a bit of a re-wind from last year, with appropriate changes.

Way back in 1946 an idea came to Postmaster Elmer Ivers, Chamber of Commerce President Ted W. Thompson, and his wife Mabel. They had a vision - a vision to share the romantic name of our town of Loveland with the whole world.

So it came to pass, in the February of 1947 the Loveland Valentine Remailing Program was born. Since 1947, literally millions of valentines have touched the heart strings of loved ones with Cupid's message hand stamped and remailed from Loveland, Colorado.

Since 1962 a high school senior girl has been chosen to represent the program and the city as "Miss Loveland Valentine". Personal appearances representing the City of Loveland take this ambassador around the state of Colorado. An appearance at the Colorado State Legislature and a personal visit with the Governor are just two of the highlights in her busy schedule.

In 1964, a specially designed Valentine card was produced to offset some of the expenses of this costly program, and the Official Loveland Valentine's Cards continue to touch the hearts of people around throughout the world. Loveland Valentines can be purchased through the Chamber of Commerce , from their Official Loveland Valentine web site, or through any of the participating Chamber merchants. Every year there is a contest for the card's design, for the message on the inside, and the cachet that is stamped on the envelope. Here is this year's winner, front cover, inside message, and the cachet on the envelope:

Heart-shaped messages on the light posts around town can be purchased by anyone who wants to leave a very public "heartfelt" message to someone they love. It's fun and a bit corny, but is the "heart" and soul of town. It does represent somewhat of a hazard as you drive and try to read the messages!

Loveland's "Valentine Sweethearts", Ted and Mabel Thompson have now passed away. The Loveland community feels their absence. To commemorate their vision and love of Loveland, their memory lives on through the annual Valentine Remailing Program. A bronze relief of the Thompsons is featured in Thompson Park on 4th Street in Loveland. (portions copied from the Loveland Daily Report Herald).

An average of 200,000 letters are stamped each year with the cachet and with the postmark from LOVEland. I read that Oprah even sent her cards here one year for the Valentine cachet. People from 110 countries send their cards here for remailing. The valentine program is so popular that there is a volunteer waiting list of 45 people.

And now for the announcement of the winner of the book by Marilyn Meberg, What to Do When the Roof Caves In. Our friend, Miss Pea, is the winner. I'll look forward to hearing what she thinks of it. So, Pea, just send me your mailing address and I'll get it to you.

Valentine's Day, oddly enough, has been overshadowed in our family ever since Kevin was born on the 13th in 1977. Happy 33rd Birthday Saturday, my dear son.


Gigi said...

How sweet!!!!!

And a very Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Brenda said...

That is so neat! I grew up in CO and never knew this. Learn something new everyday!

Needled Mom said...

I always enjoy reading this, Dawn.

Happy birthday to Kev.

Mary said...


Happy Birthday to Kevin.

What a wonderful Valentine's program. I love the new card. I didn't know this could be done. Glad you are spreading the word.


Mary said...

PS. Congratulations to Miss Pea for winning the lovely prize.

Robin said...

What a fun story! Happy Valentine's Day to you to my friend. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that your posts pop up in my reader once again?!

PEA said...

Oooooh I won, I won, I won!!! hehe Thank you so much, dear Dawn, I will send you my address right after I comment on here:)

I always enjoy reading how Loveland became so famous as THE Valentine capital of the world:-) Have you been saving the cards they come out with every year? Imagine the collection that would be!

I want to wish Kevin a very Happy Birthday!! I know you wish you could be there to celebrate with him but hopefully you'll be able to call him. xoxo

Dawn said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to think of buying one each year - whenever I did buy one, I sent it to someone special. Brilliant! What a good idea that would have been!

Hootin' Anni said...

Happy Birthday, first of all, to Kevin!!! How fun to have a near "Valentine Baby"!!! And of course the history behind your fair city. I used to call it a I'm sure it's becoming quite a metropolis...tho, still small enough to be a comfortable living space. And you can't beat the view to the West either!

Have a glorious Valentine's Day Dawn.

Linds said...

Happy Birthday to Kev, and yes, he and my Diana share a birthday!

Sammy said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin!

I love the Loveland story!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Sharon Lynne said...

Happy Valentine's Day to Loveland!
Your town is famous for a day!

Happy Birthday to Kevin! Prayers will continue.

Christa said...

I love the detail of the story. Our local news station runs a story about Loveland. However, they leave out all the detail you have provided. I think it is a great story. Happy birthday to Kevin.

nancygrayce said...

That's a great story!

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Nicoolmama said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin!!

Thanks for posting all that info. I never knew all that.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!(early)

Midlife Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Kev! I bet he is enjoying the milder weather that we have been having here. I think about him each time we have a cold snap or snow storm! Those LL Bean boots will keep him warm!

I love that story about your town. I wish I had my wits about me and planned ahead to have my Valentines stamped there! Remind me next year please!!

Congrats to Miss Pea! I'm happy for her and know she will be really excited about winning.

We have a mess on our hands here to deal with for the next few months. Our pipes burst at the lake house and it looks like a tidal wave hit it. We lost close to 95% of everything in it. Oh well, things can be replaced and better there then here at home!

PEA said...

Just dropping in to wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day:-) xoxo

nannykim said...

Yes, I found this post. That is so interesting. what a name for a town!!!