Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Musings

February is half over - how can it be? We woke up to a cold, crisp sunny day in northern Colorado - 8 degrees.

Valentine's week-end was fun, except for some who find it difficult to watch those who have someone special in their lives, when they don't. It's another one of those fun little holidays that's been taken over by the media and those who benefit financially from such days. I have to say, though, that DC really outdid himself. He took Kristen, Sema, and me out for a lovely dinner at Mimi's. He had made cards for each of us with his computer, creating a poem for each of us, plus all 4 of the girlies. I was impressed!

Last night we took a trip to Denver to the "big church" for a wonderful concert. The occasion was the final concert for Jerry, who was celebrating his last service as a staff member, after almost 37 years. Jerry is one of the most talented musicians I know or know of - a pianist beyond comparison, an arranger, and a producer. He is responsible for the CD the men's quartet made (which, by the way, should be completely ready soon - long after anticipated date). It was a great way to round off the week-end.

I chose my new look in honor of the PRISM program, which is the program I am on to change my health and appearance. I love the analogy in one of the lessons in Week Three (we're on Week 6 and will be able to weigh next week-end). The title of the lesson was "The Change That Transforms . . . "

"Have you ever watched a caterpillar eat? It goes from meal to meal, clinging constantly to its source of food. It always eats, rarely stopping for a break. On the other hand, the butterfly appears to stop for a meal only on occasion. It seems the butterfly enjoys other activities more than eating. Flying around the beauty of flowers is its favorite thing to do. It eats of the nectar of the plant, the lightest and most energizing part. The caterpillar eats the most bulky part of the plant. The butterfly cannot be weighed down by its meal, but the caterpillar must always feel stuffed. What do you think would happen if the butterfly began eating bulky food all the time? More than likely, after a short time it would not be able to fly. What would a 'grounded' butterfly be? Food for a predator?"

Reminds me of the children's book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Also makes me want to be more like a butterfly than a fuzzy, slow, rather homely caterpillar!

Guess who joined Girl Scouts??

Guess who had to support the program??

I have to say I am very excited to have this opportunity to test my endurance and perseverance - and resolve!

There's nothing more fun than watching a baby develop into a real little person - unless it's watching two! The littles are singing and talking (though still more their own language than ours - getting better every day), and just generally making life more interesting. For some reason, Katie likes to wear her bib Even during diaper changing time.

The other day Katie went for a walk with Grandpa - a neighbor had a pile of concrete beside the driveway, which Katie apparently decided to explore- i.e., climbing. The header was not in the plans, but she's tough and hardly cried. The nose, cheek, and chin looked pretty bad.

The more it improved, the worse it looked. Add in an encounter with a door, tooth going through lower lip - poor kid looked like she'd been in a boxing match! Still very few tears.

Emma was having a tough time on the way to church - finally settled down in the nursery.

Changing the subject drastically - many years ago, when DC and I were talking about marriage, we visited a small jewelry store to "look at" engagement rings. We decided to choose a loose stone to have put into a design of our choice. We chose a beautiful stone with a slight flaw - purposely to remind us that nobody's perfect.

I never thought I'd have my hand photographed for my wedding album, but I was convinced to do so --

Several years ago, when I was having the stone checked to be sure it was secure, the jeweler advised me to change from a four prong "basket" to six prongs. I loved the new look - it set off the stone even better.

Friday I was sitting here in this same chair when suddenly I realized my ring didn't feel right - I looked down and in horror, saw this:

The entire "basket" came out of the hole where it was fastened - not just the stone is gone, but the entire device. Ironic, isn't it? I changed to that device to keep the stone safe and now the entire thing is gone. I can't help but feel the jeweler should hold some responsibility. I will take the ring up there tomorrow so they can see what it looks like. It doesn't look like it just broke off at the surface, but there is a definite hole there.

I know it is only a possession and not something that will be with me in eternity, but it is a very sentimental possession. DC was looking up the paper work on the ring - I had totally forgotten the old-fashioned typed letter I received from the diamond mining company in South Africa, congratulating me on the excellent choice of stone.

I have heard from so many people who have lost their stones and found them miraculously. This will take a miracle to find. But I do believe in miracles.

I'll close with another book recommendation - or series of books. Last fall I won a drawing at Tammy's place, Lattes and Lollipops. Tammy doesn't blog any more, sadly. But this is the book she sent me - an author I not heard of before.

I really enjoyed it, so read the next one in the series. Then I got sidetracked and just now decided to pick up on the rest of them - only to discover that there was a prequel. I am almost finished with it --

If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you will like these - clean romance and suspense, with the added bonus of the redemption story very prominent in the story lines. I have 4 more to read in this series and am looking forward to every one.

Well, I guess that's enough rambling for today - have a great week!


Gigi said...

You and "your girls" Valentine's Day sounds like it was a winner...kudos to hubby/Dad/Grandpa!

Still praying that you find your stone...believe in miracles!!!

grammy said...

I never remember what I was going to comment about... because you cover so many things (o:
Nose dive...poor baby..I always say, "take your hands out of your pockets!" Still last week on a daycare walk...3 year old boy had his hands in pockets and tripped and skinned nose and forehead. Yikes
It would take a miracle to find my stone because it is small and I am blind. Did you say you were reading J.A.Jance a while back? I want more Joanna Brady books. I haven't started the new gal.
No the reception is at a hotel in Broomfield called the Aloft. Thank heavens it is not here. #2 son and his girlfriend will be staying here though. We have never met her. I may have only gained 2 ponds...but tummy is just so out of control (o: Our favorite restaurant (I think you asked) in Estes is out of town towards the is Daves Barbecue or something like that. I love the sweet potato fries.

AMANDA said...

Sorry abour your ring. I can totally understand being sick over it- I would be too. Sentiment matters and what it represents matters too!

Robin said...

I'm so sad for you about your ring. I worry about mine doing that all the time. I hope there is a miracle in your future.
I love your new butterfly look along with the parable. You should be really proud of yourself!
I know the Jerry you are referring too. We went on a cruise three years ago and he and his group were
the entertainment. I will never, ever forget watching him play the piano upside down!

Susan said...

Oh I'm so very sorry for the loss of your diamond. Yes, they are only possessions but some are so very special, and that one is super special. I had a small diamond & ruby ring I'd given my mother as a birthday present one year and I lost it. I still miss it. My new daughter-in-love has a July birthday and I was thinking yesterday, "I wish I had that ruby ring of mothers I'd give it to Deanna!!" I hope whomever found it enjoys it.

Nadine said...

Sounds like your had a lovely Valentine's Day.

Your new look is lovely.

My heart is sick for your loss. That happened to me once and I prayed and my little son found it. It was a miracle. That's when I got 6 prongs. It looks different but it's secure. I pray you find your diamond.

Anonymous said...

Aw Dawn, so sorry about your ring. I woke up one morning and found my diamond in my sheets. The setting was on my hand. I have since had my diamond reset and I often feel to see of the diamond is actually there.

Dee Henderson is a good author. I have read some of her books including the one you won from precious Tammy (love that girl!) Hope you enjoy the rest of your reading! I'm knee deep in Beth Moore's new book and really learning much!

Needled Mom said...

Your Valentine's outing sounds like it was lovely and so well thought out. He's a keeper ( already knew that).

Ouch...she does look like an abused child. Better watch it before someone reports you! ;)

Loosing the stone must be so disappointing. Isn't it ironic that you had it changed just to prevent such a happening. Keep the positive thoughts going. I always say a preayer to St. Anthony who is patron saint of lost items. He is pretty good to me, but he is still searching for a ring that I have "put in a safe place." I'll ask him to find your stone.

Linda said...

So nice to visit with you Dawn. I'm really hoping you find your diamond. My Mom lost her's once while traveling. She eventually found it in her suitcase!
Your blog design is beautiful. I'd like to be a butterfly too, but I'm afraid I've been a bit of a caterpillar lately. I've decided to do something about that.
Your Valentine's Day sounds so sweet. It's wonderful to be with the ones we love best and do the things we love best too!
Have a blessed week.

nancygrayce said...

That was the sweetest thing a husband & father could do! I know it's hard for Kristen and I'm so sorry about that!

I hope you do find your stone! I agree that the jeweler should take some responsibility!

Sammy said...

I'm so sorry about your ring, Dawn. I will certainly pray that it turns up. And I hope the jeweler takes some responsibility.

The girls are as cute as ever. Looks like Care Bear got a haircut! I hope she loves the Scouts.

Your husband was so thoughtful on Valentine's Day. What a kind, giving thing to do for all of you.

Brenda said...

Yep, my little Brownie is doing the same thing, delivering cookies. And, of course, we had to support her and buy some. This was the one thing I wasn't looking forward to when she signed up.

I loved reading that Dee Henderson series and I enjoy Mary Higgins Clark for the very reasons you mention--good, clean suspense.

Brenda said...

Oh and btw, sorry about losing your stones in your ring. I do hope you find them. I lost my first wedding set that belonged to my mom and dad (who died and mom remarried). They weren't fancy but they meant a lot to me.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I read about your ring on FB the other day. I hope and pray that the stone and mounting is found soon!

Emmy's much the same with her injuries. She carries on about a hangnail, but the more serious things she rarely even cries. She's a tough little scudder, as the old timers say around here.

Happy new week!

Love and hugs,


Gigi said...

Good morning, Dawn! Please stop by my blog today...

Maine Mom said...

That was so sweet of DC to make cards and take you gals out to dinner! I'm jealous. :-)

I love your new blog look and the story behind it.

Poor Katie! I hope she heals quickly. I'm glad she's a tough girl and wasn't too bothered by her injuries.

I am wearing a replacement wedding band since I lost my original wedding band years ago, so I know how it feels to lose something so special and meaningful. I hope you are able to find the missing stone to your ring.

A note about the potty training...I find that being at home for a week and refusing to use diapers or pull-ups during the day is the key. Being consistent and expecting accidents are other key factors. I also think waiting until age 3 makes the potty training go quicker. :-)

Hootin' Anni said...

Y'know...I'm still not seeing your new posts in my reader. I know I was a follower before, but then maybe I didn't afterall. I'm gonna redo the 'follow your blog' and see what happens! Or or the other.

Love the photos Dawn. The nose dive. The cards your DC made. The trip to Denver. Sorry to hear about your ring tho.'s the marriage that counts!!!

And......supporting the Girl Scouts...chocolate mint for me...always!!!

Now, I gotta go redo the follow Dawn! Hope it'll work for me again.

Hootin' Anni said...

...well, I clicked 'follow'. It tells me I already am....hmmmm.

Hootin' Anni said...

Dawn....did you change your settings for blog feeds when you went back to 'public'?

Go to your dashboard, settings, click on site feed, and make sure you either have "short" or "full" in the "Allow blog feeds".

Maybe that's the ticket to ride!

PEA said...

Yup, DC done good:-) Your hubby is such a sweetheart for remembering all his favourite ladies on Valentine's Day!! I was hoping Steve could have come up for the weekend but it didn't work out. At least we were able to have a long phone call:-)

I love your new blog look, it's gorgeous and such a wonderful analogy between the caterpillar and the butterfly.

Omigosh, Girl Guide cookies, I haven't had any of those in years. I don't know when's the last time we ever had a Girl Guide come to the door. I was a Girl Guide for 3 years, when I was 9 to 12 years old:-)

Poor Katie, she really does look like she went for a bout of boxing! hehe She's a tough little one if she hardly cried!! I love how they each have their own character:-) I called my son Shawn on Sunday and he put the speaker phone on so that I could "talk" to Lily...she says hi now and giggles. lol Obviously my DIL wasn't home but at work:-)

Oh dear, what a shame about your stone. My sister in law Belinda, married to my youngest brother Guy, had lost her engagement ring one summer and felt just terrible. Can you believe it...two years later, one of her new neighbours comes over for a coffee and shows off her ring, one that her daughter had found on the was Belinda's engagement ring!!! So yes, miracles DO happen:-)

Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo

SentimentsbyDenise said...

I hope you find your stone for your ring! That can be very disconcerting!
I have read that entire Dee Henderson series - loved it! I wish she would write again. I miss her work.

kpjara said...

I absolutely LOVE Dee Henderson! Wonderful writer.

So sorry to hear about your treasured ring...I hope the jeweler will 'make it right'.

Nicoolmama said...

It's amazing how much the twins look like Kristen! Sorry to hear about the diamond.