Monday, May 03, 2010

I Love Mondays! And Blogging Buddies!

I'll bet you don't hear that often (the Monday part)! I'm a person who needs solitude on occasion, and Monday is my "all alone" day. It was a sunny day most of the time, I got a lot done, and enjoyed some reading on the patio.

I finished Jennifer Chiaverini's latest book today,
Aloha Quilt. It takes place on Maui, and I have to say, I've been homesick for Hawaii all day! Jennifer includes a lot of history in most of her books, and this one was no exception. I learned a lot about Hawaii that I don't think too many of us know. I Googled some of the things she wrote about and now want to spend time reading more.

I had such a nice surprise on Saturday. One of my blog friends, Sharon from California Breeze, came to Colorado to visit her brother and his family. She called me Saturday morning to chat, and said it would be fun if we could get together, but they were heading in the opposite direction for a day of sight-seeing. About 3:00 she called again - her nieces decided she needed to meet her blogging buddy and they love to drive - so they hopped back in the car and headed north. They picked up pizza and arrived at my place around 6:00.

We had such a nice visit - Sharon is one of those cyber friends that I met when I first started blogging - we had a common life situation that brought us together and we've kept in touch by e-mail as well as blogging. She said when she drove down the culdesac, she knew immediately which house was mine, based on pictures I've posted. She enjoyed checking out my back yard as well.

The girls spend Saturday nights with us, so they were here for the fun. They had a great time entertaining Sharon with songs and games. Sharon enjoyed reading to the big girls before they went to bed. They want her and her nieces to come back again soon to play some more. (The twins are noticeably absent - they were in bed early because of their new favorite words - "No Nap!" They resist sleeping in the daytime with all their little spirits no matter how long we leave them in their beds - thus, early bedtime!)

The quiz meet finally took place this week-end in Colorado Springs. The kids left Friday right after school, stayed in a nice hotel, swam in the pool, worked hard at the meet, ate at a fun restaurant on the way home, and arrived home around 5:00 Saturday afternoon. Care Bear is very proud of her bronze trophy --

Earlier on Saturday, we had a wedding at our church - the couple is in their 80s. What fun! The flavor was western - the groom wore a black cowboy hat and the bride wore a beautiful western-styled ensemble. I wish them all the happiness possible!

The flowers in our yard are out in profusion - they have really loved the wet weather we've had lately, even if we humans haven't. We're due for more of the wet stuff again later this week - just in time for our visit from our Cambodian friends - they're coming Friday through Monday. What fun!

I know I post way too many flower pictures, but I just can't resist. I love the traditional daffodils, but I really love the different varieties --

Which one do you like the best?

Then there are the primrose showing their smiling faces --

Last year I gave DC a variety of bulbs for his birthday - I didn't think they were going to make a showing this year after all, but suddenly they are everywhere - They are literally bouncing in the breeze - the sun shining through them is luminiscent.

When these are all gone, we're planning to put in lots of impatiens - we have so much shade that we have to put in something that can grow in the lovely shade.

Next up - hopefully all those iris we transplanted last year from my friend, the Iris Lady.

Have a great week!


Amy said...

Glad you got a chance to meet your friend.

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

Sharon Lynne said...

I'm glad I got to see your beautiful yard!

My post is up about our visit.

I loved meeting the girls. I felt I knew them well...and it was so fun to talk and play with them.

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwww, how sweet a photo with C B and her trophy!!! I bet she's so proud.

And your flowers? Whoa girlfriend, do I ever love 'em all. The all white unique. It's the best I think.

It's neat you met a friend, and I loved the fact she knew your house right away driving down the street. That goes to show you you post great posts on your blog...why, we'd know you anywhere if we saw you. You know that tho.

I'll go visit with Sharon now just to say hi.

Becky said...

I am so glad you post "too many" flower pictures. I don't think you can ever have too many flowers. And I love seeing that spring is springing in Colorado.

We are about 6 weeks past the tulip and daffodil stage here in central NC.

By the way, I like the all white daffodil the best. Never seen one like that.

And a wedding for 80s. Aren't they just wonderful. What a good looking couple. We should all be willing to celebrate life at that age! Or any age for that matter! Congrats to them and many, many years of happiness together.

nannykim said...

Oh, I am glad you get a day off!!! We all need one! I love the wedding picture and I have never seen such a pretty "cowgirl" type outfit. That is such a neat story!

Glenda said...

How neat that Sharon was able to visit with you! Love all your flower pics; you can never have too many! Your yard must be really beautiful now!

I'm glad Care Bear enjoyed her quiz meet; that's something she'll always remember. And I love the wedding picture of the cute couple!

Have a good rest of the week!

Robin said...

Lovely post Dawn! How fun to meet a blogging buddy - I think that would just be the most fun.
And give Care Bear a big congratulations from me - a bronze trophy is quite an accomplishment. Of course the best reward is knowing how she has hidden God's word in her heart. I love Children's Quizzing!
And your flowers are beautiful - tulips are my favorite. I had some very pretty ones this year but the horrible wind we have been having stripped them clean.
I am slowly working my way through those quilting books - I love them! I can't wait to get to the Aloha one!

Linda said...

Oh Dawn, I love your flower pictures (I post a lot of them too.).
I know what you mean about alone time. I don't get it often, but I find I really need to have an occasional dose!
What fun to meet your blogging friend. The thing I have noticed is that no one is ever disappointed. I think that is a wonderful thing.
Have a blessed week Dawn.

grammy said...

You do have lots of flowers
they are all beautiful (o:
that is so great that you got to see a blogging friend
I think that is great about Care Bears trophy...and the great time she had.
I love the outfit that sweet bride wore
how elegant...but still western

Needled Mom said...

Dawn, your bulbs are just gorgeous!!!! It would be tough to choose a favorite.

I am so glad that you got a chance to meet another blogging buddy. We communicate through our blogs, but it is always nice to have a long chat in person.

Love the picture of the newlyweds. My mom had a friend who married at 85 to a man who was 87 and it was quite the celebration.

Gigi said...

I LOVE your flower pix, so keep 'em coming! They are all so beautiful!

Hooray for Care Bear! BIG congratulations on her trophy, but what an accomplishment...she must be so happy!

Meeting an online friend in person is such a treat! Glad you had the opportunity to visit with your buddy in such a special way!

And that wedding...I'll bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house! May God bless the bride and groom with many years of wedded bliss!

jmckemie said...

Such fun to get to meet your cyber buddies in real life!
Your flowers are beautiful. I finally gave up here. Have the opposite problem - no shade at all and everything just burns up.

groovyoldlady said...

Wow, You are turning into a regular "real" person to so many of your bloggin friends. What a special blessing that you got to meet Sharon and she got to meet you and your family.

Remember us in July if you need a free "Hotel". :-)

Judith said...

I will try to not make this so long. The pic of the bride and groom helps restore our faith in humanity, and the bride's wedding gown is just beautiful.

My favorite of the flowers are the yellow ones. All are beautiful, of course, but those yellow ones really stand out.

It's so great that your blogging friend took time so you could be together. I am so glad she did.

And a short P.S., I tried sending you an email, but it would not go through. I have no idea what I may be doing wrong about it.

nancygrayce said...

What a great thing to meet your blogging buddy in real life!!! I hope we meet someday.....

The couple that got married made me say AWWWW!

And as always the flowers are beautiful!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I enjoyed my visit with you!

Midlife Mom said...

Don't ever think you put in too many flower pictures we all love seeing them! My favorite is the pure white one, just spectacular! We have things in bloom now and the lilacs are all budded, I love their fragrance!

The wedding couple is adorable! I love the western theme, her outfit is so perfect!

We are still fighting flu here. Mom is better but Dad came down with it this morning so I am the last man standing! We are supposed to go to a Red Sox game this weekend so I hope I don't get it!! Mom's friend passed away from her injuries. She is in a better place now but is missed terribly. They met in Florida at their church and have been friends for over 30 years. Mom was unable to go to the funeral as she had the flu. No her cd has not arrived yet but I keep watching the mailbox. :o)

Are Kev's sinus problems caused by allergies? Is he going to a doctor to help find some relief? I hope he doesn't have a sinus infection as that is the pits!

How nice you got to meet another blogging buddy! How many of us have you met? Yes, that is the sister that you met in Augusta. She did such a great job playing Rachel Linde! ha!

Is that an Awana trophy for quizzing that Care Bear won? It looks like the ones we gave out on Sunday night at church for the Awana closing program. Good job CB!!!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Hello again,

While visiting you, I remember we had a mutual friend/connection--Pat Stockett Johnson. She has just started a blog about writing. I thought you...and maybe some of you're blogging friends might be interested.

She is in our writers critique group which meets tomorrow morning!

Carol............. said...

Your flower photos are awesome.

Happy Spring!