Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Ramblings

My friend, Becky, calls it a Brain Dump. I have always called it Random Ramblings. Whatever you may call it, it means that I don't have enough brain power going on to write a post on one subject that would make any sense. It's hard to put cogent ideas together when you have little ones around all the time. Also hard to get the checkbook balanced, the refrigerator cleaned, and the laundry kept up.

So -- I'm going to try to clear the hard drive of all the trivia that is there, and hope you don't get bored stiff.

One thing that really frustrates me about myself is that I write wonderful phrases in my mind - and then can't remember a word of it when I finally get to the computer. I seriously need to get myself a mini recorder so I can capture my brilliance.

I had two semi-normal weeks - as normal as possible around here. Kristen's job schedule varies from day to day, so the old word "flexibility" continues to be a huge part of my life. But then sickness hit again, and we have again had the girls 24/7 for the last two weeks. I am thankful to say that Kristen is finally starting to feel better, so HOPEFULLY tomorrow they'll get to go home. The girls also have been sick at various times during this two weeks - remember how miserable Care Bear was during her school Valentine party? It got much worse after that, but she's finally on the mend.

My friend, Midlife Mom, recommended this book. I got it from the library last week and I can definitely pass along the recommendation - very inspiring. If you haven't seen the story on Youtube, Google "Team Hoyt" and you'll definitely want to read the book. (As you now, I do find time to read when I am exercising at the gym and the littles are in the gym nursery - oh, that reminds me of something cute. On the way to the car after exercising the other day, I asked the girlies if they'd had fun in the nursery. Emma says very matter-of-factly, "It's not the nursery, Grandma, it's the GYM." The nursery is at church, I am thinking).

Life with the little is more interesting every day - three years old is such a fun time - especially times 2. Listening in on their conversations between their Polly Pocket dolls makes me giggle - but I must do it sereptitiously or they are upset that they are being "laughed at." Grandpa is their special buddy and they were having devotions with him the other night, "reading" from their Gideon New Testaments.

Often we are amazed to realize they are doing things exactly as their older sisters did at their age - today they were making boats or cars out of this common item - interesting, since they have so many toys. (It's also interesting that they never have clothing on their dolls).

Lest you think they are always angelic and adorable, let me disavow you of that notion, unfortunately. Our new door between the kitchen and the garage is far too easy for them to open and escape from the safety of the house. We had some unusually spring-like days last week - this is not something we normally do in February!

Miss Feisty bought some horrible sparkly, perfumed, sticky nail polish with her W-Mart gift card - they love it! Their great auntie loves to give them manicures when they are over at her house, so they think they know how to do it!

I tried an interesting new recipe yesterday to share at our Wednesday night meal at church. I wanted people to guess the secret ingredient. The girls helped make the "from scratch" cake, and it was cooling way back on the stove when Feisty came running up with the news ----

I don't know how they got to it, but thank the Lord none of the burners was hot! I had to take the cake anyway, so I added this sign.

Oh, by the way - the surprise ingredient?? SAUERKRAUT!! Nobody guessed. Here's the recipe, if you're interested.

And I'm not going to prove this to you with pictures, but suffice it to say that the old carnal nature is alive and well - when they get really mad, they clench their teeth - and twice their teeth have been embedded in my flesh - I have scars on my leg and on my arm. Hard to believe, I know!

But mostly they're turning into bright, fun, delightful conversationalists that are a joy to be around.

I've had a "word of the year" for the last two years. The first year's word was "flexibility" and I'm still dealing with that every time I turn around. This year the word has been on my mind, and I keep bumping up against it, but I haven't formulated a post about it yet. This year's word is "CHANGE."

We're experiencing a lot of change in our church lives right now. We've enjoyed our new pastor so much and he's facilitating a lot of the change. We feel good about it, but it's tough at times. We know there's a lot more coming, and we've become a bit comfortable with what's changed so far, so it's a bit disconcerting to think of more.

I want to see change in my own personal life, and as God shows me what needs to change, I will ask Him to help me do it.

A change we're thrilled about is obviously the change in Kevin's life. We are hoping to do a sequel to the story we wrote when he came home from Teen Challenge the first time. If you were with me back then, I began blogging just at the time he came home and Diane of Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals threw a cyber "Welcome Home Party" which was so exciting and wonderful.

Diane and I have kept in touch all of these 5 years, and have met IRL in Minneapolis twice. (Here we are last summer when I went to Minnesota for my uncle's funeral).

What a blessing this friendship has been. She now has an on line ministry to parents of adult prodigals which is far-reaching. She has a weekly broadcast on Blog Talk Radio and she asked Kev if he would be willing to be interviewed for last Friday's program. This he did, and it was an amazing experience. I listened live as he was downstairs in my house talking to Diane on the phone. I have since found out that though only 35 people actually tuned in to the live broadcast at noon Central time, as of today, 550 people have listened to the archived broadcast. Wow! That is so exciting.

If you would like to listen to the broadcast, you can go here to do so:

Kev will be speaking at our church Sunday night, and then the next Saturday will head back to Maine to resume his work with the Teen Challenge center there. Angie will have at least one interview out there on March 25. Please pray for the Lord's will in their future. Exciting days are ahead for them. But it will be a big change for Angie, since she's lived here ever since she left Kenya to marry Kevin - almost ten years ago. Ten years ago??? How can it be??

Whew! I feel so much better now! Maybe my mind will work better and I'll be able to come up with a cohesive post one of these days soon.

Have a great week-end!


Maine Mom said...

Reading about the twins biting made me think of Eleanor biting Emily and losing a loose tooth while doing it. Unfortunately, it has become a memorable moment!

Zoe and Emily enjoyed the questions. They kept saying "I don't know!" "Huh?". It was funny.

jmckemie said...

Hope that things settle down for all you guys and that Kristen's health returns. I know that it would have been nice if Kev and Angie were able to stay in CO but there have been many people praying for them. I trust that He will carry everyone through this adjustment. What a wonderful testament to God's grace.
Several times I have sat down to listen to the interview and got interupted by a "little" on this end. Plan to find the time and space this weekend.

Midlife Mom said...

Just listened to Kev's interview, he did a great job on it. I certainly hope things get settled for him and his wife soon and they can re-begin their life together. Let me know how the interview goes in March as I would not be privy to anything about it. You know all about the hippa rules (probably not spelled right but my spell check is saying hippo! ha!).

Hope Kristen is feeling better. I have the cold and chest congestion mess that is going around here. Must dig out my nebulizer just in case. Everyone in my family has had it so I guess it's my turn.

That cake was a hoot and I loved the sign you put on it!

Glad you liked the book, Devoted. It is an amazing story. Now I am reading Luci Swindolls book and no I have never heard her in person. Would like to though!

Changes are hard in ones church as you and I have talked about on many occasions. I hope they continue to be positive for you. Our pastors wife has bre*ast cancer and is having a hard time of it right now with chemo. So sad but their faith stands strong.

Oh my, that IS gooey nail polish!

Yes, ten years can go awfully fast can't it? It just amazes me that my grand kids will soon be 8 and 9!!!

Must hit the couch again, this is the first cold I have had in about three years and I am grumpy about it! ha!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Fabulous post again Dawn. Love the photo of the girls' and their fingernails. And the cake?------I've heard of sauerkraut in recipes. I've been known to make zucchini brownies and they are 'to die for' good. So moist and fudgy. So, I imagine this cake was the very same.

Oh, and by the don't need a 'notebook' to jot down your're brilliant all the time!!

I've been darned busy this week, and this is now a time I finally set aside visiting my blogging buddies!!!

Hope your day has been filled with all kinds of good stuff! Thanks for visiting me this past week!

Becky said...

Back in the 5th grade the Gideons brought Bibles to our school (if you can imagine that!) and I still have my little Testament.

nancygrayce said...

I have those phrases go through my mind too! Then I go blank when I sit down.

I love all the pictures and I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud (and you know how badly I needed that!) about the girls biting. Neither of my boys bit, but they did everything else!

I hope you have a restful night tonight relishing the quiet!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

PS....Dawn, I just read your comment you left for me today. The 'scary stuff' isn't really scary at's part of the Weekend Funnies. You didn't click on the link?!! LOL, you should have.

Linda said...

Good to catch up on all your news Dawn. I think three is a delightful age, but I'm not sure how well I would do with two at once! You are remarkable.
I am so happy for Kev and Angie and will continue to pray for the Lord's leading in their lives. And for Kristen. It sounds as though she's had a rough time lately. I hope she is feeling much better.
It was fun to read about the twins. They definitely keep life interesting!
Blessings on the coming week Dawn.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I have no brain for a brain dump! LOL! Nice post.

grammy said...

I do love your long posts...but then i can't think of which thing i was going to comment on (o:
Sorry to hear about the sickness...we have been blessed to miss most of the stuff going around. (I almost said lucky... but I don't really believe in luck so I changed it (o:
I keep telling myself I should tell some stories about temper tantrums...just to keep it real... ouch...teethe marks.
Glad things are going well for Kev and his wife.
Little elves getting at the cake...that's a good one (o:

Sharon Lynne said...

Your post is like a letter to a friend. Letters rarely have one theme...but a whole bunch of news instead. I enjoyed your news. I listened to Kevin, and he did do very well. I admire him for his willingness to be interviewed. I liked the part where he said that change had to come from the inside....rather then simply changing your friends.

Take care. I'm praying for health for Kristin and the girls. May God bless you this week!

~Ginger said...

Those two are a hoot and a holler! Love it!

Laurie in Ca. said...

The twins are adorable Dawn and growing so much:) They sound so much like mine when they were young. So much energy and imagination wrapped up in these little people. I hope you are getting all the energy God can give you to keep up:) It was easier in my twenties than it would be now in my sixties:) I am back to my blog since I realized I need all the encouragement I can get these days. I hope to see you back. I've lost everyone it seems. Maybe something to do with being gone five months? :) I too am remembering to pray for Angie and Kevin as they start this new journey of their lives. I have enjoyed listening to his interview with Diane. So much sounds so familiar to me right now. Love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

groovyoldlady said...

Your life certainly runs the gammet of fun and frustration, doesn't it?

I love hearing about the Littles - makes me want more kids...almost.

I was listening live to Kev's interview. It is so wonderful what God has done in his life!!!!!!

Needled Mom said...

We all knew that those adorable little ones could not be angels ALL of the time!!!! They are definitely growing up much too quickly. I am glad you are finally getting a little break from the 24/7 duties. I am sure the girlies are too.

I will have to bop on over and listen to Kev's interview. I am sure that he did a fabulous job. I know that he must be excited about his new life in Maine with Angie. Ten years? Wow!!! Isn't that great?

Church changes are always difficult. Sometimes it is really hard to be open to the changes they make. I am sure it is all for the better...right????

PEA said...

There you go busting my bubble...I thought for sure the twins were angels ALL the time! hehe Loved seeing these pictures of them and what a...ummm...errrrr....great job they did on their nails! lol Too precious. I'm sure folks got a kick out of your cake and the sign:-) I've never heard of a cake with sauerkraut in it so I'll have to go check out that link for the recipe.

I do hope Kristen feels much better real soon. I guess when you work in the public sector and you have kids going to school, you're in contact with every virus out there!!

I wish Kevin and Angie all the very best with their future plans. They deserve to be happy. xoxo